mexicans think mexicans should be mexican

from the world values survey, in answer to the question* “In your opinion, how important should the following be as requirements for somebody seeking citizenship of your country? – Having ancestors from my country”

80.9% of mexicans feel it’s very or rather important that a person ought to have MEXICAN ancestors in order to become a citizen of mexico. americans at 39.4% come nowhere close to that (click on the charts to see BIGGER versions):

mexicans are in league with sub-saharan africans on this score, although people from mali win the prize for being the most “xenophobic”:

and indians are even LESS welcoming than the mexicans. 87.2% of indians think u should have INDIAN ancestors if u wanna become a citizen of india:

now, more power to ’em i say! but, next time some la raza advocate is annoyed when americans say they don’t want amnesty for all the illegal mexicans in the country — or the next time bill gates starts sayin’ we need more indians in the country — well, they oughta be reminded of these facts.

the rest of the asians surveyed also have pretty healthy “xenophobic” attitudes. the taiwanese scored kinda low, but i’m guessing they were thinking of their relatives back on the mainland when they answered that question.

middle easterners/north africans also don’t want foreigners becoming citizens of their respective countries:

and some europeans also feel strongly about the issue. whassup with the poles?! tired of being run over from both east and west?:

only the germans, norwegians, andorrans (who?), swedish and swiss scored lower than americans. but the swiss have shown lately (in their last few referendums on minarets, etc.) that they’re maybe finally getting a little fed up. even the laid back swedes voted in an “extremist” right-wing party last time round. and 13% of germans want a führer back. whoops!

the times they are a changin’…?

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update 12/11: see also “Is Ancestry Important for Citizenship? (World)” and “Ancestry for Citizenship? (USA)” @hail to you.

*question asked in: Andorra [2005], Argentina [2006], Australia [2005], Brazil [2006], Bulgaria [2006], Burkina Faso [2007], Canada [2006], Colombia [2005], Cyprus [2006], Chile [2006], China [2007], Egypt [2008], Ethiopía [2007], Finland [2005], France [2006], Georgia [2008], Germany [2006], Ghana [2007], Great Britain [2006], Guatemala [2004], Hong Kong, China [2005], India [2006], Indonesia [2006], Irak [2006], Iran [2005], Italy [2005], Japan [2005], Jordan [2007], Malaysia [2006], Mali [2007], Mexico [2005], Moldova [2006], Morocco [2007], Netherlands [2006], New Zealand [2004], Norway [2007], Peru [2006], Poland [2005], Romania [2005], Russian Federation [2006], Rwanda [2007], Serbia [2006], Slovenia [2005], South Africa [2007], South Korea [2005], Spain [2007], Sweden [2006], Switzerland [2007], Taiwan [2006], Thailand [2007], Trinidad and Tobago [2006], Turkey [2007], Ukraine [2006], United States [2006], Uruguay [2006], Viet Nam [2006], Zambia [2007].

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