linkfest – 03/06/11

Happy children make happy adults“New research links well-being in adolescence with life satisfaction in adulthood”

Binge-drinking is in the genes: Scientists isolate brain chemical that makes us crave alcohol – TLR4 gene

Skull in Underwater Cave May Be Earliest Trace of First Americans

Is Romantic Love a Western, Heterosexual Construct? from the neurocritic.

Science explains why humor turns women on

Men who glare angrily when someone spills their pint are ‘reverting to their caveman instinct’

Ape or Human? Fossils’ Link to Evolution Questioned“In a paper published Feb. 19 in the science journal Nature, two paleoanthro-pologists argue that some recently discovered primate fossils may not be as human as everyone thinks.” see also Ancestor Worship

Listening to music is biological

Factors influencing the temporal patterns of dyadic behaviours and interactions between domestic cats and their owners or The Science of Women and Cats: The Bond Is Real

the looney left vs. the ridiculous right

re. where do political beliefs|ideologies come from…

here are some comments by everett young of washington university in st. louis “who studies and teaches about the psychology of political opinion formation”:

“I think if you look at the political science literature over the last few decades, the burden of proof has shifted dramatically onto those who would deny a psychology-ideology link. Even without Jost, the evidence has grown into somewhat of a mountain. And Alford, et al.’s findings on genetics are only controversial insofar as people don’t like them. The evidence for a genetics-ideology link is also overpowering, even if we haven’t mapped out exactly how it happens….

“Chris [Mooney, Discover blogger] is right that some model must be proposed to explain HOW a cognitively flexible (rigid) psychology produces liberal (conservative) opinion formation. However, Jost and others (including me) have done exactly that. I agree more with some researchers’ ideas than others’, however, I don’t think it can be said any longer that the default assumption, against which we are Quixotically tilting, is that there are no psychological differences between libs and cons. The psychological differences are well documented, and the hypothesis that they are the RESULT of ideology rather than the other way around is by far the less parsimonious, more strained one.”

yup. culture (including political ideology) has GOT to come from SOMEwhere. it can’t just appear out of the ether.

read the whole thing over @the intersection.

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update: see also -> violent DEMOCRATS swayed more by extreme political rhetoric…

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