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anonymous asked if i could work up a bibliography (good idea!). here’s a partial list of some reading material on both altruism and human mating patterns (particularly for europe). please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments! especially if you can recommend some good stuff on reciprocal altruism — i’d like to read more about that myself. thnx!

you can also find more references related to specific populations down in the left hand column (down there ↓) under the different “Mating Patterns in…” series. and see also the “Everybody Does It!” series in the middle column down below (↓) for real world examples of altruism in action.

altruism | the evolution of altruism | inbreeding and altruism

Cousin Marriage Conundrum by steve sailer – good layman’s introduction to altruism, inclusive fitness and kin selection.

The Altruism Equation: Seven Scientists Search for the Origins of Goodness – read the chapter on bill hamilton … and then read the whole thing.

Human Biological Variation – if you don’t know anything about population genetics, chapter 3 — Population Genetics and Human Variation — is a good introduction. not too math intensive (*whew!*).

– The genetical evolution of social behaviour I and II [pdfs] by william d. hamilton – if you’re good at math, these are the papers for you! you can also find the papers in this volume (thnx for the link, luke!). there’s also this paper: Innate social aptitudes of man: an approach from evolutionary genetics [pdf].

Grandma plays favourites: X-chromosome relatedness and sex-specific childhood mortality – for an example of how relatedness affects altruistic behaviors even within families.

The Natural History of Inbreeding and Outbreeding – read the chapter by richard michod … and the one by bill hamilton just for fun! the rest of the book is good, too.

An Experimental Study of Kin Selection – if you like beetles, this is the paper for you! also deals with how inbreeding affects altruistic behaviors.

Effect of Inbreeding on the Evolution of Altruistic Behavior by Kin Selection – more math. important paper, tho (given the metatopic of this blog).

human mating patterns | kinship | family types

Family structure, institutions, and growth – the origin and implications of Western corporatism [opens pdf] by avner greif – greif discusses how the roman catholic church’s ban on cousin marriage in europe did away with kinship-based clans and opened the door for a more “corporate” society based on individuals rather than extended families.

The Development of the Family and Marriage in Europe by jack goody – never judge a book by its cover … except this one! offers great background on how the mating patterns in europe changed radically during the medieval period.

Why Europe?: The Medieval Origins of Its Special Path by michael mitterauer – especially chapter 3 — The Conjugal Family and Bilateral Kinship: Social Flexibility through Looser Ties of Descent — but the whole book is terrific, too.

A Millennium of Family Change: Feudalism to Capitalism in Northwestern Europe by wally seccombe – another terrific book summarizing the changes to mating patterns and family structures in europe from the middle ages until today. it’s so good, i might even read it myself! (~_^)

The Tribal Imagination: Civilization and the Savage Mind by robin fox – especially chapter 3 — The Kindness of Strangers: Tribalism and the Trials of Democracy — but the whole book is good, too.

Kinship and Marriage: An Anthropological Perspective by robin fox – a good introduction to all the different cousin marriage forms.

Parallel-Cousin (FBD) Marriage, Islamization, and Arabization by andrey korotayev – korotayev offers an explanation for why the highly unusual fbd marriage is found where it is found.

The Explanation of Ideology: Family Structure and Social Systems by emmanuel todd – some good stuff from emmanuel todd on how family forms affect ideology. i don’t think he got it quite right (the references to freudian ideas are really far out, for instance), but he still noticed something very interesting.

previously: european consanguinity bibliography

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european consanguinity bibliography

i have a somewhat extensive collection of articles/references related to consanguinity and/or inbreeding (yeah, i’m weird like that). i think pretty much all of them are in english (but now i’ve got a couple in french! thnx, m.g.!), but they include data from all over the world — mostly europe and muslim countries, though.

since a couple of folks out there seem to be catching the consanguinity bug (sorry!), i hate for you guys to have to reinvent the wheel and search for these articles all over again when i’ve already been there, done that. so, here’s a list of what i’ve got with links to where they are. i don’t have all the articles — sometimes (most of the time, it appears) i just have a reference with an abstract (*sigh*).

obviously, though, i haven’t found all there is to find, so feel free to do lots o’ googling, too! anyway — here’s my list for europe.

oh. first, have a look here’s their data page for europe [opens pdf] and here’s their bibliography.

now, my list of sources for consanguinity/inbreeding data for europe:

Geographic distribution of consanguinity in Europe [abstract] – pdf.

Évolution du taux de consanguinité en Belgique de 1918 à 1959 [whole article] – via m.g. (thnx, m.g.!)

Inbreeding and genetic disease in Sottunga, Finland. [abstract]
Inbreeding in Finland [abstract]
Consanguinity avoidance and mate choice in Sottunga, Finland [abstract]

Fréquence et répartition des mariages consanguins en France [whole article] – via m.g. (thnx, m.g.!)
An Estimate of the Mutational Damage in Man from Data on Consanguineous Marriages [opens pdf] – note: i think this article might contain the same data as the one above — not sure though, haven’t looked at it closely.
Parental consanguinity as a cause of increased incidence of birth defects in a study of 131, 760 consecutive births [abstract] – i’m guessing this is about immigrant groups since the study is from the ’90s. don’t know for sure though.
Parental consanguinity as a cause for increased incidence of births defects in a study of 238,942 consecutive births [abstract] – again, immigrant groups? don’t know.
Trends in inbreeding, isonymy, and repeated pairs of surnames in the Valserine Valley, French Jura, 1763-1972. [abstract]
Social structure and consanguinity in a French mountain Population (1550-1849). [abstract]
Evolution of consanguinity in a French alpine valley: the Vallouise in the Brianfon region (17th-19th Centuries). [abstract]
Relationships between consanguinity and migration rate from surname distributions and isonymy in France. [abstract]

great britain
(i haven’t included recent immigrant groups here.)
Marriage patterns in two Wiltshire parishes 1754-1914: geographical mobility, consanguinity and illegitimacy [link to pdf file towards bottom of page]
A note on the frequency of consanguineous marriages in Reading, England in 1972/1973. [abstract]
Estimating inbreeding from the Faculty Office Registers, 1534-1540 [abstract]
Estimates of cousin marriage and mean inbreeding in the United Kingdom from ‘birth briefs’ [abstract]
Cousin Marriage in Victorian England [abstract]
Kinship, demographic, social, and geographic characteristics of mate choice in Sanday, Orkney Islands, Scotland [abstract]

The occurrence of consanguineous marriages in Hungary. [abstract]

An association between the kinship and fertility of human couples [opens pdf]

The importance of population fertility and consanguinity data being available in medico-social studies; some data on consanguineous marriages in Northern Ireland. [opens pdf]
Consanguinity in Ireland [abstract]
Genetic structure of the Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland: evidence from civil registers of marriage 1840-1911. [abstract]

(i haven’t included sardinia here.)
– the cavalli-sforza data.
Inbreeding secular changes in the Riomaggiore and Silla Valleys, Italy, from 1565 to 1980. [abstract]
Consanguineous marriages in the Upper Bologna Appennine (1565-1980). [abstract]
Surnames in Ferrara – distribution, isonymy and levels of inbreeding. [abstract]
Temporal trend in marital structure and isonymy in S Paolo Albanese, Italy. [abstract]
Marriage trends in the Italo-Greeks of Italy. [abstract]
Inbreeding coefficients from the surnames of grandparents of the schoolchildren in Albanian-speaking Italian villages. [abstract]
Repetition of the same pair of surnames in marriages in Albanian Italians, Greek Italians, and the Italian population of Campobasso Province. [abstract]
Changes over 100 years in degree of isolation of 21 parishes of the Lima Valley, Italy, assessed by surname isonymy. [abstract]
Endogamy and inbreeding since the 17th century in past malarial communities in the Province of Cosenza (Calabria, Southern Italy). [abstract]
Biodemographic study of a central Apennine area (Italy) in the 19th and 20th centuries – marriage seasonality and reproductive isolation. [abstract]
Culture and biology – surnames in evaluating genetic relationships among the ethnic minorities of Southern Italy and Sicily. [abstract]
Marriage behaviour in the Alpine Non Valley from 1825 to 1923. [abstract]
Isolation and marriage patterns in four South Tyrolean villages (Italy) during the nineteenth century. [abstract]

Studies on Maltese Consanguinity [opens pdf]

Inbreeding in Norway [abstract]
The relationship between inbreeding, migration and population density in Norway [abstract]
Inbreeding and schizophrenia. [abstract]
Population Structure in Norway: Inbreeding, distance and kinship [opens pdf]

Inbreeding Load, as Estimated with Sib Control, in a Portuguese Population [abstract]

Genetic studies in Medzev, an isolate in south-eastern Slovakia – I – History, demography, marriage patterns [opens pdf]

(i haven’t included the basques or gypsies here.)
Population structure in the Western Pyrenees – social class, migration and the frequency of consanguineous marriage, 1850 to 1910. [abstract]
Inbreeding and matrimonial structure in a Pyrenean community (Anso, Huesca, Spain), 1712-1982. [abstract]
Consanguinity in the Archbishopric of Toledo, Spain, 1900-79. I. Types of consanguineous mating in relation to premarital migration and its effects on inbreeding levels. [abstract]
Sex linked versus autosomal inbreeding coefficient in close consanguineous marriages in the Basque country and Castile (Spain) – genetic implications. [abstract]
Inbreeding patterns in the Gredos Mountain Range (Spain) [whole article, html]
Evolution of consanguinity in the Archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) during 1900-1979. [abstract]
Multiple kinship in two Spanish regions – new model relating multiple and simple consanguinity. [abstract]
Evolution of consanguinity in the Bishopric of Lugo (Spain) from 1900 to 1979. [abstract]
Inbreeding in Gredos mountain range (Spain) – contribution of multiple consanguinity and intervalley variation [opens pdf]
Local differences in the Archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) in relation to the consanguinity structure, 1900-1979 [abstract]
Consanguinity in the Bishopric of Ourense (Galicia, Spain) from 1900 to 1979 [abstract]
Inbreeding coefficients and degree of consanguineous marriages in Spain – a review [abstract]
Inbreeding pattern and reproductive success in a rural community from Galicia (Spain). [abstract]
Inbreeding patterns in La Cabrera, Spain – dispensations, multiple consanguinity analysis, and isonymy [abstract]
Socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic variables affecting the diverse degrees of consanguineous marriages in Spain. [abstract]
Reproductive pattern in consanguineous and non-consanguineous marriages in la Cabrera, Spain [abstract]

The influence of past endogamy and consanguinity on genetic disorders in northern Sweden [opens pdf]
Genetical investigations in a North Swedish population – the offspring of first-cousin marriages [abstract]
The frequency of first cousin marriages in a South Swedish rural community [opens pdf]
The incidence of cousin marriages in a West Swedish rural community [opens pdf]

Kin Marriages: Trends and Interpretations from the Swiss Example [chapter 11, pg. 211+] – i don’t think there’s any hard data (i.e. numbers) in this chapter, but there is a general discussion of the mating patterns in switzerland between 1300-1900.

i know i have a coupla more references around here somewhere — one for switzerland and one for austria (iirc) — they’re book chapters, so i don’t know where they are right now. will rifle through my files here to see if i can find them….

update 11/18: ok. i’ve added the link for switzerland, but i’ll be d*mned if i can find the reference that i’m thinking of for austria. if and when i do find it, i’ll add it to the list. giving up for this evening.

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