linkfest – 02/06/11

He’s Just Not That Into Anyone“How Porn Is Affecting the Libido of the American male” (“sexual attention deficit disorder”)

Whites who don’t feel close to blacks are not more likely to vote Republican from inductivist.

Spring-Loaded Heels Gave Extra Step to Early Humans

Physiological impacts of homophobia“Individuals who experienced more LGB-related stress – arguments about sexual identity, bullying or discrimination – had higher internalized homophobia and showed increased production of the stress hormone cortisol compared to peers in more positive environments.”

Men are the real romantics – @vox popoli – “Men (31%) are a bit more likely than women (26%) to say that every person has only one true love.” see also Men Are Now From Venus, Women From Mars.

Vegetarian “Men” – from onestdv – “[V]egetarian men are seen as wimps and less macho than those who like tucking into a steak – even by women who do not eat meat themselves, research shows.”

Biology teachers often dismiss evolution – *facepalm*

Wild Chimps Outwit Hunters“Chimps in Bossou, Guinea, have learned to deactivate traps that can cause injury or even death.” see also No Mental Chumps: Chimps Decipher What Others Are Thinking

Polygamous Mice Are Better Breeders“After only 12 generations, mice brought up in a polygamous mating group developed stronger and faster sperm and had better mating success than their monogamous counterparts.”

Gene protects U.S. blacks from heart disease: study