finding hbd chick 2013

here’s a map of where this year’s visitors to the blog were located (unless you’re all using proxies!). still no visitors from turkmenistan! d*mn. gotta work on that…

visitors 2013 - map

and here are the top 20 countries in descending order. the difference between the u.s. and the u.k. is roughly an order of magnitude, so usa #1!:

– united states
– united kingdom
– canada
– australia
– sweden
– germany
– norway
– finland
– ireland
– france
– new zealand
– india
– brazil (hi gottlieb!)
– netherlands
– poland (hi szopeno!)
– greece
– spain
– belgium
– (uae – mostly proxies, i think)
– denmark
– czech republic

the top 10 referrers in order were…

– steve sailer
– chateau heartiste
– jayman
– mr. mangan, esq.
– foseti
– assistant village idiot
– vdare
– takimag (i think vdare & takimag are mostly john derbyshire)
– jewamongyou
– evoandproud

thanks, guys! (^_^)

and here are some totally relevant and/or…interesting…search engine searches via which people arrived on the blog:

– european tribes/tribes of europe (yes)
– hodor (hodor!)
– dark enlightenment (second entry here)
– black porn stars (don’t ask)
– hajnal line (yes)
– hajnal line in america (hmmmm…?)
– where does culture come from (good question!)
how to become a genius in physics
winter is coming
– human biodiversity (yay!)
– hbd chicks (there’s more than one?!)
– kessel run (oh, yeah)
– europe “hajnal line” (we got a professional here!)
– italians marry cousins (yes, they do)
– can i marry my father’s brother’s daughter in islam (yes, you can)
– girls without wearing any clothes (heh. no.)
– ax (ax?)
– where do clans come from (oh! oh! i know! i know!)
– game of thrones dragons (where are my DRAGONS?!)
– hungarian penis (??)
– can you marry your 7th cousin (sure!)
– dinosaur hat (hmmmm. will have to cover that next year.)

thanks everybody for all your thoughtful comments and input!

more next year! (^_^)

top ten list 2013

ok, so it’s not really ten posts but a baker’s dozen — and it’s not even thirteen posts but thirteen “themes” — so sue me! (^_^)

this “top ten” list was determined solely by me. ymmv.

clannishness – difficult to define, but i know it when i see it:
clannishness defined
where do clans come from?
where do emmanuel todd’s family types come from?
mating patterns, family types, social structures, and selection pressures

individualism-collectivism – a curious paradox?:
national individualism-collectivism scores
kandahar vs. levittown
universalism vs. particularism
universalism vs. particularism again

what a few hundred years of outbreeding might get you?:
archaic greek mating patterns and kinship terms

what a moderate amount of outbreeding (making you an in-betweener) might get you?:
the radical reformation

inbreeding, outbreeding, and democracy:
questions some of us thought to ask

inbreeding, outbreeding, and violence:
kinship, the state, and violence

why inbreeding or outbreeding?:
flatlanders vs. mountaineers revisited
consanguineous marriage in afghanistan
mating patterns in france and topography (and history)
the turkana: mating patterns, family types, and social structures
guess the population!

medieval germanic kindreds:
medieval germanic kindreds…and the ditmarsians
more on medieval germanic kindreds

the north sea populations – the anglo-saxons and the dutch:
the anglo-saxons and america 3.0
the saxons, the anglo-saxons, and america 3.0
the importance of the kindred in anglo-saxon society
the transition from shame to guilt in anglo-saxon england (and “core” europe)
going dutch
“core europe” and human accomplishment

the quakers:
random notes: 07/30/13
the myddle people
geographical origin of the quakers
on the topographical origins of the quakers
quaker individualism

the irish:
what’s this all about?
early and late medieval irish mating practices
clannish medieval ireland
early modern and modern clannish ireland
mating patterns, family types, and clannishness in twentieth century ireland

the arabs:
historic mating patterns on the arabian peninsula
hejazis vs. najdis (and vice versa)

on (political) witch-hunts and the nature of witch-hunting:
“to disbelieve in witchcraft is the greatest of heresies”
a loaded question
why human biodiversity is true…and why jason richwine is right
something’s rotten in the state of denmark

– this was also the year of the hbd chick interview @the hoover hog! thanks, chip! (^_^)

– and the year that i got my very own (awesome!) Heroes of the Dark Enlightenment trading card from Radish Magazine!! awww, shucks. (*^_^*)

hbd chick trading card

– and, finally, it was also the year that i asked: where are my DRAGONS?! (^_^)