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Seven Ideas You Can Never Discuss on Television


“Equality is a concept which nearly everyone believes but no one has bothered to prove.
 The unassailable notion of blank-slate cognitive and physical equality, despite all contrary evidence, is the fat stump rooted deep in the soil from which all the other modern taboo branches sprout. The sweetest fairy tale ever told is the one where God made everyone equal.
 It’s such a wholesomely peaceful notion, people will rip your head off your neck if you don’t submit completely to it. But if no two blades of grass are alike, how can any two humans be alike? If anyone thinks all men are created equal, they’ve obviously never been in a locker room or attended an interracial calculus class. All things being equal, there is no such thing as equality.”


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from thomas ligotti, horror writer (via boingboing):

“Everyone preaches to the converted. If I didn’t believe my thoughts were superior to and truer than the thoughts of people who disagree with me, then I would think something else. And I would think that was superior and truer. Even some scientists who can be almost conclusively demonstrated to be wrong still cling to their erroneous views. This is one of the running themes of The Conspiracy against the Human Race. Truth works within a very tiny, often self-reflexive framework. Three of a kind always beats two pair. Someone believes God exists because a book tells them he does; they believe the book is true because lots of people have told them that it’s the word of God. Plus they like what the book says–that’s the most important thing. If they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t believe it…. The essay [The Conspiracy against the Human Race] is essentially about how humans can’t handle unpleasant realities and what those realities are. But we’re predisposed not to think about those things in a way that will affect how we live, or to think about them at all in most cases.”

modern thought = thoughtlessness

from steve sailer

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“Except in God-given and constitutional rights, we are not equal. We are all unequal. The utopian promise of equality is but the banner of every power-hungry politician in modern history. And the rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.”

(…except for the god-given part, but who am i to quibble?)

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“If we suddenly become aware of our imminent death, and thus feel compelled to ponder the true purpose of our life, we might consider the possibility that we are simply an intermediate process that supports the replication of our genes. If this horrible fate is indeed true, it would be nice to have a brief chat with our genes, wishing them well on their journey throughout time. Unfortunately, such a discussion would likely provoke a rather disturbing reply: ‘who are you?’.

“So much for gratitude. For billions of years, these little ingrates have used life forms as a mere conduit for their compulsion to replicate themselves. They are responsible for the constant state of conflictedness in life: the never ending competitiveness of individual versus individual, group versus group, and species versus species.

“Just like the intelligent machines of ‘The Matrix’, these genes use life forms as their energy source for replication. And just like ‘The Matrix’, they have constructed a very elaborate and illusory world for us to live in: beauty, taste, sex, love, and even god are servants to these genetic masters, and constitute the genetosphere, or the neurobiology that has evolved to trick us into supporting genetic replication and waging their ugly and never ending wars of attrition.”

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