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weird al’s reddit ama. (^_^)


creating civilization as we f*cking know it! (in this case, the internet.)

geeks rock!

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The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

i’m so proud of red shirt guy! *sniff*

in case u missed it, an übergeek WoWer had to explain the developers’ own game to them @ blizzcon … then he got made fun of (in certain circles) on the intertubes … now he’s a WoW character. i love happy endings! (and, yes, he is an aspie. no surprise there!)

original geeky vid:

self-outing (nothing like being overly self-conscious):

wildhammer fact checker:

have an aspie day!

update: previously >> ass-burgery terrorists?

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because i want guys like this reproducing to the max…

…NOT guys like this (ewww!)…

(what the h*ll r u talking about, hbdchick? [more here])


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