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precision grip!:


previously: flying jellyfish robot!



see also: Four-winged robot flies like a jellyfish (if jellyfish actually flew that is…i suppose….)

previously: kirobo

first humanoid robot in space!: “Kirobo off from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan to be a companion for Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata aboard the ISS. ‘Mr. Wakata? Did you leave already, I can not wait to see you!'” (open the pod bay doors, kirobo…. (~_^) )


previously: robo ping pong!

from china, of course! (^_^) make sure to watch the last third of the video where the robot plays against a human. (i could totally beat that robo-guy on the far end of the table in a pick-up one-on-one game of table tennis! anytime, anywhere….)


previously: [terrifying!] small cubes that self-assemble

or THE TERMINATOR!! (O_O) h/t hillbillyodd!


previously: wildcat (here kitty, kitty, kitty!)

here kitty, kitty, kitty! (~_^) h/t r (thanks, r!)!


previously: strawberry-picking robot

i luuuuuv strawberries! (^_^)


previously: dragon-bot

where are my dragons?! oh…


h/t nelson! (^_^) (ok, ok — so this drachen is at least partly remote controlled and, so, maybe is not a true robot — but look! — i don’t care!)

see: The World’s Largest Walking Robot Is A Giant Dragon

previously: vladimir the fencing robot