– are you really a chick?

– yes, i’m really a chick, i.e. a human of the female persuasion.

– are you a scientist?

– no. my background is in history (bachelor’s) and anthropology (master’s), but i’ve had a long-standing interest in biology and evolution, and i did take some higher level science courses for my master’s (physical anthropology, for example).

– how did you get into hbd?

– well, i’ve always been interested in history/anthropology/human origins; it just sorta followed somehow. one day i googled something about genetics and found gnxp @seed magazine (now @discover), which led me to steve sailer, and so on, and so on ….

– not many girls are into hbd-stuff.

– well, i’m kinda geeky.

– but you’re into other girlie stuff like chick flicks, right?

– no (except, admittedly, for costume dramas!). favorite movies include: star wars (the original ones, i.e. the only ones), alien (one and two), spaghetti westerns, film noirs, etc.

– are you *sure* you’re not a guy?

yup. dos equis here. had ’em checked and everything!

– “the exception that proves the rule.” what’s that all about?

“The exception that proves the rule.”

– soooo, what do you look like? are you hot?

– thanks for asking, but i’m not in the market. (~_^)

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