1. Suspended?!?! hbd chick, you’re a treasure, for asking and sometimes answering important questions. People may not always be nice to you, but you are unfailingly polite and kind. You’re an inspiration, we need more not less of this combination.

    I wouldn’t even know who Hajnal is or what his line represents, if it wasn’t for you ;-)


  2. Noooo.

    Hi, HBDChick. Your twitter feed replaced your old linkfest for me. Now where am I going to get my fill of fascinating scientific papers and other tidbits? Along with your own musings of course!

    The only problem with your twitter feed was that I couldn’t keep up but had to read it all.


  3. About time to fire up the blog again, Chick. Marx didn’t have it quite right. We didn’t have that much to fear from monopolies over the social means of production. We have a lot to fear from monopolies over the social means of communication. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Malefactors of great wealth have arrogantly ignored the public welfare.” Time for some trust busting.


  4. Large numbers of people have been suspended, sometimes permanently, from Twitter.

    Time to return to blogging. So far, I’ve only heard of one person (a conspiracy theorist called Jay Dyar) who was kicked off WordPress.

    I really miss your blogging. I hate Twitter and rarely use it.


  5. I don’t do any Social Media so I too vote for more blogging Really enjoy your material. Is blocking you a conspiracy or stupidity?


  6. If you don’t mind, would you share the excuse they gave for the ban or the final tweet(s) that ostensibly precipitated it? You might also want to reach out to Jared Taylor’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, who has lodged a successful (sustained past MTD) breach of contract claim based on Twitter’s ideologically based bans. I don’t think it would be worthwhile for you to sue yourself, but you could provide evidence that would bolster JT’s case. Would require you to dox yourself to the court, however. (Ask Randazza if there’s a protective order — maybe the dox could be kept private in that proceeding).

    Sorry to hear about this. Wish you the best of luck.


  7. I can’t believe they banned you before they banned me! I guess they think a smart, cool chick who is nice to everyone while educating them is more of a threat than a shitposting primate. The Chick way is truly the path of righteousness that the soy-filled leftist bugmen & fat blue-haired feminists fear most.

    Have you appealed the ban yet? Did they tell you why (they say) you were banned?


  8. hey guys! no idea why twitter suspended my account beyond i’m “in violation of Twitter’s Rules.” *gulp*

    honestly don’t know what they, or someone, picked up on. sent them an email appealing the suspension, but i haven’t heard back from them yet.



  9. If they rebuff your appeal, don’t give up. I got suspended before, and “won” my third appeal. Write an earnest explanation saying you’re a student activist or something similar. Say (if true) that you’ve never been suspended or warned before, but that you have been the target of racist trolls and want to do anything you can to clear your name. Note the number of followers you have and how old your account is. Sound female and sound sincere.


  10. I’m on some kind of suspension or ban from twitter too. Sorry about this.

    I hope it’s temporary for you if you want to get that account back.

    Or maybe your fans will get treated to more blog posts now.

    (For what it’s worth Gab is a free-speech site and we even have a group there for hbd news and information.)


  11. I’ve started following people on Youtube.

    A wave of censorship has swept over various social media. For example, while returning to blogging is safe (so far), I wouldn’t recommend trying Youtube. You quickly be attacked.

    It appears that corporations like Twitter and Google are concerned with the social media attracting far larger and younger audiences than old-fashioned print bloggers.

    I can’t think of any reason why so many people have been suspended or banned on Twitter or Youtube, yet print bloggers like West Hunter and Steve Sailer have attracted zero attention.


  12. Will you go to gab instead? Or start writing that book on HBD maybe? (My offer to help out with stuff like proofreading still stands.)


  13. No doubt It Serves You Right for abandoning blogging, which is your forte. Twittering is for airheads.


  14. I’m so sorry this has happened. They will eventually give you the tweet. I think you’ll have to delete it. I can’t imagine what you did that would cause this.


  15. I’d say I’m sorry to hear this, but that isn’t the dominant emotion. Nor is anger. There’s probably a German word for it. I’m laughing with disgust.

    Gab has a rough reputation, but there’s also Mind. Unfortunately there aren’t that many ppl there.

    I will watch your blog for now. You might want to save everything serious you’ve written, though, on your own drives. This crap will get worse before it gets better.

    Yours etc.,

    PS I also can’t believe you got suspended before Pale Primate!


  16. I too have been shoah’d. I can’t get another account without a phone number, which I won’t give them.


  17. Just a random follower, but – you said you sent “an email” appealing your suspension. I was wondering if you’d also chosen to use the appeal system that Twitter has as part of its website. Hopefully (no bets) your account will be restored.


  18. […] hbd chick has been banned from Twitter. No word why. She might get her account back (who knows?) Her blog is still up. hbd chick has always been a sweet, polite person on Twitter, even to people who are hostile and […]


  19. I’m so sad this happened to you. I only checked out your Twitter a few times, but I liked it. Your blog was great, and I hope you return to it. Be sure to post the offending here.


  20. HBDChick,
    You were the first person I read about ancestry and you opened up so many new topics like the Hajnal Line and others. Thank you for introducing me to those topics and to commenters and links and much other elucidation. I look forward to your next steps.
    Kind regards and best wishes for some communication resolution!


  21. You may not realize how bad the social media has become.

    There is zero tolerance for HBD. It’s called “scientific racism.” Charles Murray tried to give a talk at a university and it became violent.


    Read the article. The writer savages Murray, saying he is both loathsome and wrong.

    Recall that James Damore was fired from Google for suggesting that women might have different interests and priorities and thus are not equally represented at Google. That sounds pretty timid (and accurate) to me.

    The leaders of Facebook, Twitter and Google are committed totally to political correctness. They fear the loss of advertisers, for one thing. For another, they really believe that Murray is wrong.

    There is also a political angle. The Democrats (who control all these companies, the mainstream media, the universities and Hollywood) are determined to win the upcoming midterm elections.

    Now I know you never blogged about politics but hear me out.

    The left has become paranoid over the election of Trump. They see plots everywhere. Look how much time and money went into the search for a non-existent Russian connection.

    A couple of weeks, a co-ordinated attack was launched on a conspiracy theorist called Alex Jones. I still don’t know much about him. I had never watched him or read anything by him.

    But within the space of a couple of days he was gone from: Facebook, Youtube, Disqus, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to name the ones I recall. Twitter axed him a few days later.

    I remember now: Paypal and Mastercard dumped him too.

    Getting at the small time contributors has also been a feature of the ongoing censorship.

    Presumably he was seen as a threat by some people. I don’t know why.

    I hope I can convey to you the paranoia out there. There was nothing like this until the election of Trump.

    It doesn’t matter a whit to Twitter if they are being fair or not. Somehow you’ve crossed one of their boundaries (or they think you have). The stakes for them are enormous. Your fate is of zero interest to them.

    But for some unknown reason (likely related to their small audience) print bloggers have thus far escaped the censors completely.

    Greg Cochran and Steve Sailer also keep low profiles. They don’t give public talks, for example.


  22. well today YOU GET TO BE GALILEO

    I seriously recommend that you come to gab…many of the gab-dwellers are perfectly nice, and then the rest of us are filled with passionate intensity


  23. Found you through anon conservative. Didn’t follow you previously. Now I will. Steisand effect.


  24. Guilty by association I’m afraid. The purges or going to be fierce leading up to the midterms. Take care.


  25. I suggest trying Mastodon. Interface similar to Tweetdeck; like e-mail there are many independent interoperating servers, so you can choose one with policies that suit you.


  26. I refuse to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. That means I’ve missed lots of your wisdom over the last couple of years. Now you know why I don’t use them. Stop driving traffic to your enemies. This blog is a great place. Come home.


  27. Well, your latest beau gives you the boot and you come running back to us.

    We’ll think about it.


  28. Why you even are on twitter? I was frequenting your blog in the past and I didn’t even know you are still active on twitter. Twitter is leftosphere…


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