the blog’s not dead…

…it’s just restin’. (~_^)

sorry for the lack of posting over the last few months. unfortunately, there’s been a lot of major illness in the immediate family lately (mom, for example), including my own (don’t panic – i’ll be fine!), so i just haven’t had the energy to sit down and blog. i will try to get back to it soon. promise.

in the meantime, it is pretty easy to press the retweet button while reclining on the sofa, so you can find me here most days. you don’t need to sign up to twitter to read tweets.

ok! back soon. i hope. (^_^)


  1. Just discovered the blog today and glad you’re still into it. Will look forward to reading more in the future.


  2. I hope everyone is better or getting better.
    I kinda miss this blog. I should check out that twitter thing.


  3. I love your blog and your insights have been missed! You’ve certainly earned a break though. I hope everything settles down soon.


  4. Thank you for the update, HBD Chick! I dearly loved reading your blog and have been sad that it seemed to be dead. I wish improving health upon you and yours, and hope to see you write/post again.


  5. Thank you for the update, and the news that you are still hanging in there. Sorry to hear of your difficulties, and wish you and your family the very best. I don’t know if you realize how sorely you have been missed.


  6. I’d be interested your opinion of the argument that “below replacement fertility rates in ethnic nation states show that ethnic nationalism is not adaptive.”

    In this one I post my response.

    It seems like an ethny has two choices, either a) guaranteed to be wiped out or b) previous the ethny, but at below-replacement levels. Anything is more adaptive than a)


  7. SOSO the blank slut are smurder cause the’y make less effort to think/higher I…Q than Heynow candies… ;)


  8. ”Science is universal, international, inclusive, nonpartisan, a-political, a-gender, a-race, & a-ideological. Don’t inject identity politics.”


    Michael SHERMER

    tell us Shermy what do you think about zionism, jewry, etc**

    And you too H..

    [ a-gender** ]


  9. Ok, thanks for your update. I thought you left the blog completely. Just a thing, before starting blogging again, check out the comments I have left in various posts.


  10. this may not be relevant to your situation but generally…

    i read recently that as a person gets older their digestion falls off leading to the possibility that eating the same food as they used to doesn’t provide the same amount of nutrients i.e. people get deficient in vitamins, minerals etc they didn’t used to be deficient in even with the same diet

    i’ve been applying this principle to various relative’s ailments with some success so i thought i’d mention it


  11. further to that – just noticed your retweet of Mangan’s about bugs in hospital so on the off chance it’s related

    i don’t know if you know but feeding people their own faeces is being used against c. difficile

    my (amateur) understanding is antibiotics kill off bugs causing an ailment *and* gut flora and the kill off of the gut flora leads to lack of digestion of nutrients

    this is doubly bad for older people because if they catch these bugs in hospital it adds to the age-related digestion / nutrition problem

    feeding people their own faeces adds back their gut bacteria

    it may be irrelevent to you but might be worth asking the docs about probiotics, gut flora and all that jazz


  12. Causss sycho-paths tend NOT TO BE IN ANY INSTANCE TRIBAL, they tend to be predatorily UNIVERSAL… and can see the defects of other people [and even their own def].


  13. You have done a wonderful job assembling this data over the past few years. You have started to provide some emperic evidence for some of the ideas that underpinned Huntington and Weber. Particularly your kinship and manoralism thesis. Have a look at this

    Mainstream academia, historians and sociologists are going back to the original data looking for the kinship effect.

    The quoted paper can be downloaded from Nottingham University. The requirement for outbreeding led to the “romeo and juliet” revolution of Huntington that was, in effect, the end of local clan behavior.

    Keep up the good work. Manorialism will be next!!!!


  14. You still there, chick?

    We need you at the frontlines in the war against political correctness.


  15. Just got kicked off twitter for good, le sigh. Maybe that’s a good thing and I get some stuff done… By for now.


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