this post is a companion piece to know thyself. you should read that post first. don’t have to, though! entirely up to you. (i score high on openness. (~_^) )

– i am female (although it’s hard to tell that from my writing style, apparently). i’m not a typical female, though. can’t stand romcoms (costume dramas are the exception), i’ve never read a romance novel (unless you count jane austen), hate gossip and gossiping, and my language skills are not very good. i do rather s*ck at math, though, so in that way i am typical female. and i like cute little fuzzy animals of all sorts! (^_^) did i mention that i knit?

(speaking of liking animals, i went missing on my grandparents’ farm when i was five. the adults couldn’t find me anywhere. eventually they discovered me sleeping in the field with the cows who were also sleeping. or chewing their cud or whatever they were doing. they were lying down anyway. (^_^) i still generally prefer the company of non-human animals. (~_^) present company excepted, of course!)

– i’m heterosexual.

– i’m so white i’m practically transparent. i’m some sort-of mix of irish and scottish — very much a creature of the british isles. so i come from a middling-“clannish” population that remained outside the hajnal line until very late. so you’d think i’d be clannish, and i do think that i express a few clannish traits (i probably possess more than i’d like to admit to).

one thing that i think is probably clannish about me is that i will very quickly, really without thinking, jump in to defend someone who i feel is part of my group. when i was a kid, these were school friends — the jocks could pick on me forever and a day, and i usually wouldn’t defend myself, but pick on one of my friends, and i’d turn into some sort of crazy banshee! even the teachers noted this as pretty odd, ’cause normally i was a real wallflower. (*^_^*) i think this clannish trait might account for some of my not-so-well-thought-out defenses here on the blog of individuals who have been watsoned. i jump into the fray to defend “one of my own” without much planning. like any trait, it has its pros and cons.

i’m distrustful of authority, which i think is possibly clannish. (although i’m not much of a lawbreaker. too square for that. is that the asperger’s? see below.) silly online quizzes keep telling me that i’m a libertarian, which again i think is possibly clannish. and i admit that my position against mass immigration could very well have something to do with my clannish nature (clannish people very often do not like The Other. i like other sorts of people/s, though. i do score high on openness — see below.). i used to not be against immigration of any sort, not until after i started reading about human biodiversity, so i really feel as though i’ve thought this issue through — it seems to make logical sense — but maybe it’s just my nature, and i’m fooling myself. i can admit to that possibility.

i think i might be less clannish than the average (native) irish, though, because one side of my family is originally from the lowlands of scotland. but maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part. (~_^)

– iq: 125? 130? not a genius, but not terribly dumb, either.

– personality traits? (see here and here.) i’m pretty to very open to experiences; low-ish on conscientiousness (have i not emailed you back yet? now you know why.); introverted, believe it or not (treat me gently!); low to average on agreeableness (does this account for my contrarian nature?); high on neuroticism/emotionality; high on honesty-humility. all in all, i’m a strange cookie!

my openness is probably my favorite of my personality traits. (or maybe the aspergeriness. close call.) i have always been open to new experiences and really curious about the world around me. and i LIKE being that way. (^_^) (and non-open people tend to bug me…which is not very open of me.) and i’ve been this way for as long as i can remember. kindergarten was soooo exciting because there was a mexican kid (i’d never met any mexicans before!) AND a kid who had chopped off one of his fingers! fascinating. again at age five i went missing (i must’ve gone missing a lot in those years!) when we were on a family vacation in the bahamas. they found me at the beach hanging out by the steel drum band. (~_^) and i remember being so very disappointed at age six or seven when the indian (native american) pow wow we were supposed to attend was rained out. (we were there, and we all had to leave! *sob*) i’ve always like The Different. (dad’s been to papua new guinea THREE times! WITHOUT ME!! hmpf. mom, too, will go anywhere, anytime. so there you go. runs in the family.)

my least favorite traits of mine are that i’m low on conscientiousness and high on neuroticism. just means that i worry all the time about all the things i haven’t gotten done yet. (>.<)

– i suspect i've got asperger's or am on the autistic spectrum somewhere. i certainly always score very high on all of simon baron-cohen’s “systemizing” (autism/asperger’s) tests. whatever the reason(s) for my high scores, whether i’m really an aspie or not, i think this part of my nature accounts for why i like reductionism so much. i like to tell myself that reductionism works — and in many cases it really does seem to! — but maybe it’s just ’cause i like it. (autists/aspies tend to like and be good at disciplines like engineering and the hard sciences, of course, being strong in “intuitive physics.”)

i also love science fiction (in case you hadn’t noticed), which is pretty aspergery. and i am socially awkward. or, rather, i have noooo idea what motivates people. (which i am sure partly drives my interest in hbd!)

i’m not sure, but i’m guessing some sort of combination of my aspergeriness (including the reductionism thing) plus openness plus my high scores on honesty i think, together, make me HATE political correctness. it’s just WRONG! oh, probably my contrarian nature, too. don’t like to follow the crowd. really don’t like to follow the crowd.

– how old am i? you never ask a woman her age! (~_^) (hint: i’m not a spring hbd chick.)

– i’m an agnostic. or some sort of athe-nostic. (i’m about as close as you could be to being an atheist while still being an agnostic. functionally, in everyday life, i’m an atheist.) been this way since i was fifteen. it just came to me like an epiphany one day. i don’t think i was even dwelling on the question at the time (i mean like that year or in those years). both of my parents are religious, and i went to catholic schools, but it didn’t stick. one of my grandfathers was an agnostic or atheist or something. i only found this out recently. nobody in the family wants to discuss it! hush-hush. (bad enough he was illegitimate! (~_^) )

– i’m not a full pessimist, but i do have pessimistic leanings. i was very much drawn toward the pessimists when i was younger (prolly still am, but i try to steer clear of them nowadays). couldn’t get enough of the existentialists when i was in my late teens (maybe that’s just all teens). true detective? i LOVED it! (except for the last ten minutes.) in other words, i’m a natural born conservative. (~_^) (dad’s always voted republican; mom, democrat. dad’s side of the family is the lowland scottish side; mom is soooo clannish, you would not believe!)

– i’m not a psychopath.

– my 2d:4d ratio is more like a guy’s than a chick’s: 96.9 (right hand). from what i’ve read, that’s pretty typical for female aspies. also, might be that inbred populations have lower average 2d:4d ratios. hmmmm. (also, and i’ve never seen this discussed wrt aspie chicks, i don’t have a very girly waist-to-hip ratio. i DO have a waist! i just never had an hourglass figure. even when i was at my thinnest. [98 pounds, if you must know. way back when!])

– according to only one short test (having only one question!), i don’t think like a westerner. that could be right. wouldn’t surprise me. (i still suspect that the “westerners” in these tests are western europeans from inside the hajnal line. could be wrong.)

– i am not eastern european and i DON’T like the idea of authoritarianism, left or right. not one. little. bit.

my politics? i dunno. as i said, pew and cato keep telling me i’m a libertarian, but they’ve never asked me my thoughts on immigration. i’d say i’m some sort of fiscal+immigration conservative but socially a liberal (i don’t care if gays marry or not). the closest descriptor is prolly classical liberalism.

there’s more to me that i’m aware of, and presumably a lot more of which i am not, but this is all i’m going to share for now. a girl’s gotta have some secrets. (~_^)

ok. now you try! (just do this at home. not asking for any personal revelations in the comments!)

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