spring break

star wars - legos - spring break

yes, i am taking off two three weeks over easter starting today. spring break! woo-hoo! (^_^) i’ll be around — gonna try to remain unplugged, though.

just to let you know, when regularly scheduled programming resumes, the plan is to first respond to kevin macdonald’s post from january(!), and then — hang on to your great helms! — the blog is going to go completely medieval for a few weeks, as i want to get going on my promised series on manorialism and take a look at some of the data/historical evidence for the decline of violence in europe during the middle ages.

so, that’s the plan. see ya back here in a couple of weeks! (^_^)


  1. Hey, hbdchick. Do you know anything about tribes in the Balkans?
    In a recent Vice documentary, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTrUG5EszmQ, the narrator keeps repeating names of tribes of the area – and their blood feuds. It is not a thing of the past either.

    11:21 11:38 Albanian Malisori Tribe
    Montenegrin-Albanian Kuchi tribes.
    She repeats this several times over the length of the documentary.
    I wonder if you know anything about this or is it just a mistranslation?


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