hbd chick’s three laws of human biodiversity

‌• there’s more to human biodiversity than just iq

‌• there’s more to human biodiversity than just racial differences

‌• there’s more to human biodiversity than just racial differences in iq


see also: hbd

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  1. I’ve always thought left-handedness v. right-handedness and whether you are a Morning Person or a Night Person are interesting HBD topics.


  2. Gee. Does that mean I ought to be open minded enough to say there is more to hbd than kinship based fertility? hmmp … hmmp … can’t bring myself to admit it. (~_^)


  3. As a person-of-left (POL), I’m deeply offended at how little attention is paid to the long history of oppression against left-handers. Calling something “sinister” is hate speech, doncha know?


  4. Readers, of course, the laws behavioral genetics being:

    1. First Law: All Human Behavioral Traits are Heritable

    2. Second Law. The effect of being raised in the same family is smaller than the effect of genes (actually, a whole lot smaller – indeed, essentially nil – here on that).

    3. Third Law. A substantial portion of the variation in complex human behavioral traits is not accounted for by the effects of genes or families. (But it’s not what you think. See here on that.)

    4. Fourth Law: A typical human behavioral trait is associated with very many genetic variants, each of which accounts for a very small percentage of the behavioral variability.


  5. Most psycho types, problematic people, are left handed or mixed handed (aka, confuse handed ones). Hell or heaven. Higher proportion of lefties in ashkenazim can help us to understand their behavior and genetic diseases.


    Iq measure part of quantitative-technical intelligence. Is important in a psychological and psychometric evaluation, but is not only it. Iq is not a concept of intelligence but iq express relatively well part of it. Give correct values to the ”things”.

    What people call ”cultural influences”, can be only ” collective phenotypical behavioral similarities”. Similar people in personality (extension of dynamic or interactive intelligence), intelligence (intrinsical and extrinsical motivations, call ”neurological culture”) tend to behave similar and in specific cultural environment, tend to react similar too, of course.


  6. Track and field is also fascinating to many HBD types, and if sexual orientation ever calms down as a social/political topic even a little bit I’ll bet that will be too. That’s because measurability is an enormous advantage in any scientific endeavor. Hence, IQ.

    Related: who one marries/mates with is also pretty measurable.


  7. For all those who say talent is a result of deliberate practice, prove yourselves if their beliefs is real or not. To those who are very bad in any classical music instrument… etc

    or shut up!! =)


  8. Nah the difference in IQ between people of the same race is greater than the difference in IQ between IQ of people of different races.
    What does that tell us? Our racial groupings are faulty. Not only that but there’s often more overall genetic difference within races than between races. So I say again, “racial” differences in IQ are meaningless because races are poorly defined.


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