happy st. patrick’s day!

st patrick's day darth vader guinness


  1. St. Patrick’s day was yesterday already here. Now I have a headache. Unfortunately these two things have nothing to do with each other. I didn’t know it was St. Patrick’s day until you mentioned it. Google had some dancing broccolis but I just thought it must be broccoli day. Now that I think of it they were probably clovers. I did not have a happy St. Patrick’s day, I forebore ending it all but this was about the limit of my happiness. I hope you enjoy St. Patrick’s day though.

    I would prefer it (like you care) if you would set it up so trackbacks weren’t included in the comment count.


  2. My favorite characteristic about St. Patrick is that he apparently didn’t oppose including cultural symbols into the Cross. With the pagan sun and insular decoration we have a powerful message that Christ can redeem any culture and not obliterate it. My understanding is also the C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien discussed this and included their British culture into the “Narnia Chronicles” and “Fellowship of the Ring”. Our cultural explanations of man’s nature whether embodied in mischievous faeries, hard toiling dwarves, intellectual and artistic elves did not compete with and were not worshipped as gods. They also incorporated our historical European vision of women roles as high status in contrast to the Mediterranean Culture found in the Roman Catholic Church.


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