update 03/08: couple of points added to the bottom of the post.

funnily enough, i get quite a few emails and direct messages (on twitter) asking me about my political stances on various issues. on the one hand, i can’t see why anyone on earth should care what i think about political issues — it’s just little ol’ me, after all! on the other hand, i guess i have this blog where i babble about topics that some people find controversial, so i suppose people might wonder what my agenda is (we all have some sort of agenda). so, in answer to the queries that i’ve gotten, here are my political opinions. (i’ll be examining why i hold the political positions that i do in a forthcoming post. ’cause i like to ask why! (~_^) )

first of all, to be honest, i’m not really much of a political creature. i think it was scharlach at habitable worlds who described me (and a couple of others like greg cochran) as being rather apolitical (it was in the hw post linked to here, iirc, but that post seems to be gone). that’s a pretty accurate assessment of me, imho. i’ve always been much more interested in the how does it work? questions rather than the now how should we organize the future with that knowledge? ones. can’t account for that — that’s just the way i’m wired. and, yes, my kitchen is a complete mess.

i’m not a monarchist — or any other sort of dark enlightenment/ neoreactionary revolutionary (unless i get to be queen! actually, empress. of the universe). i think europeans (especially northwest europeans) are made for democracy, so we (or *ahem* you guys) may as well stick with it. i think liberal democracy is probably not suitable for all populations, though, so we shouldn’t force it on others. the fact that not all populations are equally suited to democracy should also give us pause when designing immigration policies, but i know that that’s asking a LOT (more on my thoughts about immigration below). i quite like steve sailer’s ideas on citizenism, although i’m a bit doubtful we can get them to work all that well. it’s worth a try, though. it’ll be much more difficult to get citizenism to ever work if we continue with unchecked immigration, though (again, see below).

i’ve voted for all sorts of politicians: democrat, republican, independent. in all my years of voting, i can only think of ONE individual for whom i cast a ballot that i thought was trustworthy and would probably do a good and decent job. (he did. he was a republican party candidate for local sheriff.) as far as i recall, all the rest of the electoral choices i’ve made have been me trying to pick the least bad option out of a collection of absolutely horrible ones. in my opinion, nearly all politicians are crooks — most of them appear to be psychopaths — and the vast, vast majority work only to further their own, personal interests. needless to say, the older i get, the more frequently i exercise my civic right/duty by staying home and hiding under the covers until it’s all over. by not voting, i figure that people give up their right to complain — but i carry right on complaining anyway. and/or laughing/crying at the whole rotten deal.

pew and cato.org keep telling me i’m a libertarian, but that’s just because they never ask me what i think about open borders (see below). the reason these silly online quizzes usually flag me as a libertarian is because i like small government. i want the tiniest, most miniscule, itty-bitty government we can possibly have and still have a functioning nation. big governments are wasteful, inefficient, and mostly serve to line the pockets of the bureaucrats (most of them petty ones). i know. i’ve lived in europe. i wish we could go back to the good ol’ days when congress only met a couple of weeks per year. (i realize that’s not realistic.) and the lobbyists should all be thrown out of washington. they should be sent packing and k street should be bulldozed and turned into a nice park where little birds and squirrels and small children could play. (maybe charles murray could have a small annex near the white house. (~_^) )

i’m a big fan of the bill of rights. free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to a speedy and public trial — i wholeheartedly support all of these! the country may not always have lived up to these ideals, but i still think we should aim for them. the executive branch of the government has usurped too much power ever since lincoln (at least) — i think we need to stop and to reverse that. i also think more powers should be devolved back to the states (for example, see my comments on abortion below).

speaking of big government, obamacare was the absolute WRONG direction for the country to go in in order to make healthcare more affordable for americans. what we should’ve done was to break up the mini-monopolies that insurance companies had within states/regions (i.e. introduce proper competition to the insurance market), and we should’ve weaned people off using insurance to pay for regular checkups, etc. in doing so, people would’ve started to shop around for the best priced doctors, and prices would’ve gone down. what obamacare has done is just to create moooore bureaucracy which will enable moooore petty bureaucrats to line their pockets some moooore. (and don’t even ask me about my experiences with national healthcare systems in europe — i’ve experienced three. to sum them up in one word: lousy. maybe i’ll write a longer post about all that one day.)

having said all that — and contrary to what some people out there might think — i’m not a cold-hearted b*tch. i think the government should be in charge of distributing some amount of (minimal!) welfare for those who don’t manage on their own. we can’t leave it up to charities alone, i don’t think, because too many people would fall through the cracks. since i prefer really small government, this kinda oddly puts me in the camp of people who would be okay with a national wage. but i’d say just a national wage if your real wage is below a certain level — and it’d have to be a small national wage. no one should be able to take a trip around the world if they’re on welfare! oh, there’d have to be a one-child limit (maybe maximum two) for long-term welfare (national wage) recipients.

the only thing that i like our government spending lots of money on is our military and defense research. i like having the biggest military force around. i like having the biggest and baddest weapons. and i really like it that boston dynamics, and all those high-tech companies with government contracts, are busily working away on developing a robot army for us. (just hope it doesn’t turn on us.) our obnoxiously huge military budget is one of the few things in this life that helps me to sleep good at night. carry a big stick and all that. on the other hand, i think we should mostly keep our nose out of other nations’ affairs. no reason for us to be in iraq or afghanistan, etc. no reason at all.

those issues aside, pretty much the only political question that really gets me worked up at all anymore is immigration — specifically today’s mass immigration (a little immigration wouldn’t be a problem). because human biodiversity is a thing, i don’t think assimilation can be a thing — at least not how most people use the word. you only have to read Albion’s Seed to know that the assimilation of different populations to each other doesn’t happen — after three hundred years or more, the four subgroups from britain that settled in the united states have still not become like one another. and they were all from the same small island! introducing thousands — or millions! — of people from one population into another will not result in assimilation. it will result in change. now, i’m not principally opposed to change. i’d just like to know what sort of change we’re going to get before we make some irreversible decisions. (maybe we already have.) i quite like western civilization and the united states — i don’t mind the idea of them changing and/or progressing — but i think we should all think about to what.

there are also some secondary reasons why i am opposed to mass immigration, mostly related to the employment of americans, but, even though they are very important, they are secondary reasons for me.

i hate political correctness. hate, hate, HATE it! i don’t want to be politically or religiously or socially correct. i want to be CORRECTLY correct. and i want the world i live in to be the same. can’t see how anybody can possibly hope to solve any problems if they don’t know the actual, REAL facts of a situation.

i am not a racist. at least not according to the official, slate-approved definition of the word. if you have your own personal definition, well then, i’m sorry, i can’t help you out. i don’t have any problem with interethnic or interracial marriage or mixed-race people. however, if every single white person announced that tomorrow they were going to marry (and mate) with someone of another racial background, i would ask everyone to pause for a sec to make sure they all knew what might potentially be lost — and/or gained. (i don’t know the answer to that question!) i would also ask the same question if all my outbred, universalistic, core europeans decided to marry peripheral europeans — and peripheral includes the irish! on the whole, i’m a cautious creature.

i am not a feminist. never have been. i believe in meritocracy — if you can do the job, great. if not, cya. i don’t care one way or the other if there are female firefighters — as long as they’re able to lift the 165 pounds (or whatever the requirement has been in the past) in order to pass the firefighter physical ability test. the standards should NOT be lowered just to make us all feel warm and fuzzy ’cause there are equal numbers of male and female firefighters! i want to be rescued if my house is on fire, not get to enjoy the fruits of political correctness while i fry. i am not a feminist, but i don’t think that all us women should be sent back to the kitchen either (i was just in there!). but i do think that women who WANT to be homemakers and stay at home with their kids should be able to and should not be mocked for doing so! most of the women i know only work because they have to — in order to make ends meet. they’d much rather stay at home to raise their children. it’s too bad they can’t afford to do that. oh, and there isn’t a rape culture.

gay marriage doesn’t bother me. i don’t care at all if gays and lesbians marry (not each other, obviously!). the only thing that would give me pause over this issue is if it really resulted in straight men not wanting to marry. that’d be dumb. i think marriage is a good idea along with some pretty strict socially enforced monogamy — much more than we have right now. what i think is crucial, here, is that most men get a chance to reproduce and not just the “alpha” males. don’t want a world full of psychopaths. (polygamy is a bad idea for the same reason.) in other words, i want the nerds to reproduce, too. they’re the ones who are going to get us to mars, after all. my concerns might not matter much soon, though, once we start genetically engineering humans (but see my opinions on eugenics below).

i’m not religious. an “atheo-agnostic” would probably be the best description for me: i’m as close as you can get to being an atheist while still being an agnostic. i don’t think we can know whether or not there is a god, but my gut tells me there isn’t one, and i live my life accordingly. i almost never think about the god question, to tell you the truth. but, i know that most people are religious or spiritual in some way, and that’s ok! i also think that everyone needs to chill out about christmas decorations on the front lawns of townhalls. it’s festive, for chrissakes!

i am not a white nationalist, and i am definitely not a white supremacist. i do, however, think that white people are being unfairly depicted by the politically correct crowd these days, in particular white men. all peoples are capable of being — and have proven themselves to be, at one time or another — evil, not just white people. additionally, the vast majority of the comforts of our modern world — for instance, most of the things achieved through science and modern medicine — were invented by white men. white men deserve our THANKS, not our scorn.

i don’t think the jews have set out to destroy western civilization or europeans. there are, obviously, many very rich and very powerful jewish people in western society — i’m not blind — but i don’t think that’s a result of a group evolutionary strategy. instead, i think there’s some clannishness going on here. i’m not going to elaborate on this any further here (it’s complicated) — i will do when i respond to kevin macdonald’s blogpost about me — so, hold onto your thoughts and comments ’til then!

so, i’m not a racist, feminist or sexist, i’m not anti-gay or anti-semitic, i’m not anti-religion, and i’m not a white-nationalist or -supremacist. i don’t hate anybody. except when i’m hating everybody (i do have some misanthropic tendencies.) however, i AM for free association. if a christian baker doesn’t want to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple, that’s FINE. if a black women’s hbd group doesn’t want to admit white female hbd-ers, that’s also FINE. citizens should NOT be forced to associate with anyone they don’t want to. at the same time, NOBODY should be discriminated against by the government or before the law, etc., etc.

i also think that everyone (in the united states and the western world) should have freedom of opinion and speech. if somebody is a racist, that’s FINE. they are entitled to their opinion. if somebody thinks white female hbd-ers are evil, that’s FINE. more power to ’em! but people shouldn’t be hounded out of their jobs and polite society just because they say something politically incorrect. that’s lame. what? are we all still in middle school where everybody has to wear the same clothes and like the same music? “hate speech” is a bunch of baloney, too. the only speech that should not be legally permitted is incitement to violence, etc.

a few last points.

eugenics is a good idea, but certainly not any sort of forced eugenics (small government, remember?). there might need to be some regulations, though — like putting limitations on how much parents can select for “good leadership” genes. again, don’t want too many psychopaths in society.

i’m pro-legalized abortion, but i know that a lot of people feel very strongly about this issue (that it should not be legal) and that those people mostly tend to cluster in certain states. so, i think the abortion question should be something individual states decide upon. i think that about a lot of issues, actually.

i think evolution should be taught in schools — i think it’d be dumb not to — but, again, i say leave this up to individual states. people who don’t like it that evolution is not taught in their state can move to another state — or teach their kids about it at home. i’m also a big fan of home-schooling in general.

i haven’t got a clue about global warming.

someone asked me once why i link to amren in my blogroll. i link to jared taylor’s site for the same reason that i link to glenn greenwald — because i find a lot of what they both write interesting, and i agree with some of what each of them has to say. linkage does mean NOT 100% endorsement. (again, are we all still in middle school?)

i’m still a bit fan of the enlightenment, even though most of its lead characters got things hopelessly wrong (about human nature|s). the dark enlightenment is cool and all, but i view it as a continuation of the enlightenment, not a break from it. the dark enlightenment is a correction in the ongoing enlightenment. (at least the hbd side of the dark enlightenment is these things. some other elements might actually be a break from the enlightenment. and that’s okay! (^_^) )

no, i don’t think star wars holds any profound ideas for me or anyone else. (>.<) it's light entertainment! in fact, i always thought the whole The Force thing was stupid (you probably find my lack of faith disturbing!). if you watched A New Hope with me, you'd get to witness me shouting at luke, “turn your targeting computer back on, you idiot!!” the take home message that i took home from SW was “hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.” (~_^)

red m&ms are my favorite. i prefer chunky (skippy) peanut butter. and i only eat lindt 85% dark chocolate (unless i’m eating m&ms…).

there. i think that’s everything!

edit: no, that wasn’t everything. forgot a couple of points! (typical.)

i am pro-euthanasia, but there’d need to be some very strict regulations and checks in place to make sure no doctors or wives were able to bump off people for their money. i don’t think that euthanasia should be allowed AT ALL in europe or anywhere else where there’s a national healthcare system, because the state just has every (budgetary) reason to be rid of patients/the elderly at the earliest possible moment. (no, i’m not a very trusting person!) if (more) european nations decide to institute euthanasia, it would need to be completely divorced from the healthcare system.

i am also pro-death penalty in first-degree murder cases, but only in instances where it’s 100% (or very nearly 100%) certain that the person convicted really committed the murder(s). “beyond reasonable doubt” is just not good enough for the death penalty, imho. additionally, i’d much prefer to use the death penalty on psychopaths than non-psychopaths. (yes, i have a bias against dangerous psychopaths.)

speaking of criminals, there is absolutely NO reason that the right to vote should be withheld from ex-convicts (ex-felons). that is just WRONG! perhaps when a felon is actually serving his sentence (although i’m not even sure about that), but definitely not for any amount of time after the time has been served. the person has paid their debt to society at that point. the social contract is back in force, then.

speaking of voting, of course everyone should have to show a photo i.d. when voting. it’s the easiest thing in the world to get an official photo i.d. — just go to the dmv! — and most people need one anyway for other purposes. you don’t even have to get a driver’s license — just a state i.d.

in the main body of the post, i kinda hinted around that i like free markets (like when i talked about the insurance industry). i do. but, with limits. human biodiversity tells us that some people are naturally greedy sh*theads (again, often psychopaths), and they seem to gravitate to places like wall street or the real estate industry, so we do need some laws/regulations like glass-steagall to keep them in check.

now that’s it! i think. (*^_^*)

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