1. Bulldoze K street? How could you do that to all the young ladies who work along K street?


  2. Freedom of association is big on my list too. You can’t make people live together who don’t want to, at least at the very local level. A community is a group of people who feel that they belong together.

    OTH how do you deal with the problem, say, of a bunch of American Muslims who want to form a community under Sharia law, which violates the equal rights of women? The US Constitution mandates that all states have a republican form of government and I’m pretty sure all state constitutions mandate that municipalities and counties also have a republican form of government, including basic civil rights. So does that mean a local Muslim community under Sharia should be illegal? I’m afraid so — just like polygamy is illegal for Mormons. Violates certain basic liberal norms.

    Another problem I worry about is that African Americans, most of them, may not be capable of having thriving, self-governing local communities. There may be a few exceptions but I haven’t seen any. If that is the case you have to worry that there will be white or other than black communities that will take them in as a small (15%) proportion of the total. Maybe there will be plenty of Euro-Americans who will be willing to do that, as long as they are well-behaved!

    The penalty of exile may have to be reintroduced at the local level.

    These are just stray thoughts. Take them all with a grain of salt.


  3. There is nothing apolitical about your description of yourself. What you are saying is that you are a spectator, or, if you prefer, an observer.


  4. Quite similar to myself in politics. I too vote for the “least bad”. On the (political) blog I write on — I am just a co blogger, not the owner — I am in disagreement with the owner on a few points (generally stuff about gays and abortion, I’m liberal there). I just tend to skip the topics completely. As for evolution skeptics, don’t even get me started.

    I’ve tried to introduce the odd HBD post, and constantly remind people about about tribes and clans but I’m not sure it makes much impression. It seems too complex for most readers.

    I’ve found that many devoutly religious people are just as uncomfortable with HBD as your standard leftists. (Steven Pinker mentioned discussed how his ideas in The Blank Slate offended both right and left).

    I too worry about mass immigration (although it is more controlled in Canada than the free for all that seems to developing in the US). Still, we have an election coming soon and that could all change.


  5. As an Irish person living in Ireland the whole “Irish people are peripheral” thing bugs me, especially since it makes sense! What does this mean for how Irish society should function though? Would a benevolent dictator suit us better than a democracy? (Certainly feels like it)


  6. Great post!

    This is the only really bad idea that I found:

    “squirrels and small children could play”

    the kids are going to get their little fingers bitten!


  7. Squirrels? SQUIRRELS? The little bastards steal all our hazelnuts every year. Squirrels are proof positive that God doesn’t exist.


  8. I think that’s what I like about you HBD Chick. You’re apolitical. I grew up left-leaning, later flirted with some libertarians ideas in high school and college (basically, read a lot of Ayn Rand), and have been slowly back-tracking from my libertarian views in the past few years. But what I’ve realized is that I really could care less about politics. I’m fascinated by human nature and understanding why they do what they do, but for the most part I don’t trust politics or politicians, whether on the left or the right. Like you said, most politicians are psychopaths/low Honesty-Humility, power and money-obsessed, and really don’t give a damn about their constituents or improving the country.

    I guess I could still be called libertarian, although I think America needs severe immigration restrictions (only allow IQs above 130 to immigrate) and I support a basic income. Government interference can also probably be justified in running the military and most utilities. So I’m not sure if that still makes me libertarian or not, but I’ve never really given much of a shit about labels anyhow.


  9. Gay marriage is a distraction. The more questions to be ‘discussed’ ‘by’ ‘community’ ‘of purposeful nation, and especially if they are fools matters like this, the better. More distractions and more divisions. The same for adoption. The only thing that should be taken into account is the mental health and stability of the couple to adopt children. The rest is pretty simple, ” want, is not can ”.

    On racial miscegenation. Always happened and will always happen. The real difference is if, when an entire population of people with average intelligence or common, are deceived to believe in extremely simplistic factoids that most seem to have been written by a child of 10 years, not counting the massive media propaganda to miscegenation . A lie repeated a thousand times …. Whites are culturally uprooted by mainstream culture, which is not theirs. The mainstream culture is not a particular people.

    My biggest point of disagreement is precisely true concerning Jewish participation in the slaughter of the West. There seem to be no doubt that they, you know, how many% of Jews who are actively participating in all this primitive and stupid bullshit, were and are primarily responsible. Of course, they relied on the weaknesses, I would not say the white race, but of any individual with middle intelligence or above average and without instinct, tend to embrace these memes.

    I could not accept, but consider if you said ” there is a clear ‘participation’ them, but not seems to be purposeful, ” but I see in many parts of hbd, people denying any involvement. Sorry, but this is the same as calling a person as stupid.

    ” (only allow IQs above 130 to immigrate) ”


    In terms of psychology, I think most hbd blogges are weaker, because only by this text, since it notes that intelligence can not and should not be erroneously summarized by iq.


  10. @anonymous – “You sound like you would make a very good wife for the right person one day.”

    done! =D (errr…except the kitchen is still a mess, i’m afraid. =/ )


  11. @jayman – “I will add that readers should be aware (forgive me if it’s mentioned in the post, haven’t read yet – key studies are referenced there, though) that political orientation is highly heritable, and indeed, very stable in a given individual.”

    yes. (^_^) that’s going to be coming in a follow-up post!


  12. @jebby – “Typo? ‘linkage does mean 100% endorsement’…Does not, right?”

    yes! does NOT mean 100% endorsement! NOT! aaargh. (>.<)

    thanks! (*^_^*)


  13. “yes! does NOT mean 100% endorsement! NOT! aaargh. (>.<)"

    Serves you right. Guess I wasn't the only one challenged by middle school.


  14. “(only allow IQs above 130 to immigrate)”

    High IQ people have driven us to the edge of this cliff. I’m not sure we could survive an influx of so-called “smart people”.


  15. @luke – “…how do you deal with the problem, say, of a bunch of American Muslims who want to form a community under Sharia law….”

    no sharia law in the u.s. no separate/different laws for anybody living in the u.s. same goes for jewish (halakah) arbitration. there should be none of that.


  16. @jamzw – “There is nothing apolitical about your description of yourself.”

    well, i guess what i mean is that i don’t think about these issues very much anymore. i used to. in that way, i feel i used to be more politically-minded. now i try to avoid following political issues in the news if i can (except for the immigration one) — just a waste of my time, afaict. =/


  17. @john – “What does this mean for how Irish society should function though? Would a benevolent dictator suit us better than a democracy?”

    heh! possibly.

    to be honest, i could never make head nor tail out of irish politics (except the obvious “brits out!” in the north), but maybe it would make more sense to me if i looked at it now. there’s a good deal of patronage in ireland (just ask your county councilor to see if he can get that building permission approved any quicker, right? — just make sure to send his daughter a gift when she gets married, or himself a bottle of something at christmas), but not so much everyday corruption like in greece, so i think maybe ireland might do ok enough with democracy. maybe you need someone like our mayors daley in chicago to have a strong hand on the helm, running everything pretty smoothly, despite (or because of?) the patronage? the daley machine was kinda democracy + a benevolent dictator. (~_^) at least for parts of the city.


  18. @the lion – “…for the most part I don’t trust politics or politicians, whether on the left or the right.”

    EXACTLY!! same here. hmpf!



  19. Naomi Oreskes writes: (http://www.tomdispatch.com/blog/175873/)

    “anthropogenic climate change is a matter of basic physics: CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which means it traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. So if you put additional CO2 into that atmosphere, above and beyond what’s naturally there, you have to expect the planet to warm. Basic physics.

    And guess what? We’ve added a substantial amount of CO2 to the atmosphere, and the planet has become hotter. We can fuss about the details of natural variability, cloud feedbacks, ocean heat and CO2 uptake, El Niño cycles and the like, but the answer that you get from college-level physics — more CO2 means a hotter planet — has turned out to be correct. The details may affect the timing and mode of climate warming, but they won’t stop it.



  20. > Free trade would be great if every country were at the same level of development, or nearly so.

    Look at it from a civilization’s perspective. Within-civilization spillover of R&D findings are much easier than spillovers *between* clvilizations. Especially if those civs have large differences in average g.


  21. “in my opinion, nearly all politicians are crooks — most of them appear to be psychopaths — and the vast, vast majority work only to further their own, personal interests.”

    Yup. It’s basically a job requirement.

    “but i’d say just a national wage if your real wage is below a certain level — and it’d have to be a small national wage. no one should be able to take a trip around the world if they’re on welfare! oh, there’d have to be a one-child limit (maybe maximum two) for long-term welfare (national wage) recipients.”

    My view goes beyond that, and is in line with Gregory Clark. Since people on the bottom cannot possibly (by and large) hope to better themselves, it is best to give these people nice decent lives. There’s nothing wrong with people benefiting from the fruits of modern advanced society.

    “i hate political correctness. hate, hate, HATE it! i don’t want to be politically or religiously or socially correct. i want to be CORRECTLY correct.”

    Amen! Unfortunately, I’ve come to release that that is a precious gift to had only by a chosen few. Most people lack the ability to call things accurately. It’s the nature of the beast.

    “i don’t care one way or the other if there are female firefighters — as long as they’re able to lift the 165 pounds (or whatever the requirement has been in the past) in order to pass the firefighter physical ability test. the standards should NOT be lowered just to make us all feel warm and fuzzy ’cause there are equal numbers of male and female firefighters! i want to be rescued if my house is on fire, not get to enjoy the fruits of political correctness while i fry.”


    “i think marriage is a good idea along with some pretty strict socially enforced monogamy — much more than we have right now. what i think is crucial, here, is that most men get a chance to reproduce and not just the “alpha” males. don’t want a world full of psychopaths. (polygamy is a bad idea for the same reason.)”

    Historically, a significant portion of men have failed to reproduce (indeed, as much as 40% for much of human history). That fraction is about 25-30% for White American men today. On the whole, that probably has been a good thing. As long as the ones who are reproducing the most are the best ones, and vice versa. Even low (very low) levels of de facto polygyny might be neutral to beneficial for society.

    “were invented by white men. white men deserve our THANKS, not our scorn.”

    Hard to argue with these:

    “except when i’m hating everybody (i do have some misanthropic tendencies.)”

    I think all truly realistic people are to some extent.

    “if a black women’s hbd group doesn’t want to admit white female hbd-ers”

    No Golden Krust for you, huh?

    “eugenics is a good idea, but certainly not any sort of forced eugenics (small government, remember?). there might need to be some regulations, though — like putting limitations on how much parents can select for “good leadership” genes. again, don’t want too many psychopaths in society.”

    Only way to go.

    “i’m pro-legalized abortion, but i know that a lot of people feel very strongly about this issue (that it should not be legal) and that those people mostly tend to cluster in certain states.”


    “at least the hbd side of the dark enlightenment is these things. some other elements might actually be a break from the enlightenment. and that’s okay! (^_^) )”


    The Problem with HBD, the Dark Enlightenment, Neoreaction, Alt-Rightism, and All That Jazz | JayMan’s Blog


  22. I think it excellent that you have spoken about your politics, because so many people think that once they know a person’s politics they can dismiss their arguments (as being the sorts of argument people with those sorts of politics make!) In your case they will now have to look at your arguments without jumping to labels, and then (this is a big hope, but anyway) they might look at ALL your arguments without blanking you out by muttering to themselves “There must be some mistake in what she says, because she’s probably right wing, racist,” and so on. Anyway, hope you double your readership overnight.


  23. If you keep writing posts like this your fan club is going to become obsessively worshipful. I hope you’re open to cloning when it becomes available.


  24. @tom – “I hope you’re open to cloning when it becomes available.”

    h*ll! i’ve been wishing i could clone myself for the past few years! never enough time to get everything done, but i figure if there were more than one of me…. (~_^)


  25. @jayman – “My view goes beyond that, and is in line with Gregory Clark. Since people on the bottom cannot possibly (by and large) hope to better themselves, it is best to give these people nice decent lives. There’s nothing wrong with people benefiting from the fruits of modern advanced society.”

    i guess i should be more clear on what i mean by “minimal.” the people on my “national wage” (welfare) should be able to afford those things that are in today’s world “the basics.” nowadays that includes things like an internet connection, a television, a mobile phone. the lowest of the low in our society should get to enjoy those things, too. but such a household wouldn’t get to afford a tv for each person — just one per household. i just think there’s no need for people on welfare to have five bathrooms or be able to afford a trip around the world. or even a vacation in cabo every year. those things are for the lucky/fortunate.


  26. “i’m not really much of a political creature. […] i’ve always been much more interested in the how does it work? questions rather than the now how should we organize the future with that knowledge? ones. can’t account for that […]”

    I’m not very political either, it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I even had an idea about what left and right meant (and even now I’m not entirely sure). I too am interested in how things work, though only recently have I extended this interest to messy systems like societies, I prefer nice understandable things like type theory, the foundations of mathematics, etc.

    “[…] — that’s just the way i’m wired. and, yes, my kitchen is a complete mess.”

    my kitchen is also a mess, if I had any prospects of finding a wife I should probably do well to find a tidy one.

    “i quite like steve sailer’s ideas on citizenism, although i’m a bit doubtful we can get them to work all that well. it’s worth a try, though. it’ll be much more difficult to get citizenism to ever work if we continue with unchecked immigration, though (again, see below).”

    When you are in a hole; stop digging! As Sailer would say. The thing I like about Sailer’s citizenism is that it is not utopian. It does not try and force the world to make any sort of idealised sense. Unlike open borders proponents or strict ethno-nationalists. Beware those who try to make the world make sense! Sailer seems to think we should just make the best of things as they are, aknowledge reality, and try not to make things worse. This, as he likes to say, makes him an extremist.

    “pew and cato.org keep telling me i’m a libertarian,”

    They say the same thing about me. In fact evey test always says the same about me as they do about you. Reaction times: more or less identical. Psychopathy: I’m just slighlty more psychopathic. Presidents personality test: identical with the exception that I was a little less agreeable. I even took the hexaco test I saw you took recently when I had a quick look through your recent tweets to see if you had mentioned the Dalek relaxtion tape. Results: identical except, again, slightly less agreeable, and also slightly less emotional.

    Personality wise, I would seem to be the male version of you.

    “ they should be sent packing and k street should be bulldozed and turned into a nice park where little birds and squirrels and small children could play.”

    I am from New Zealand and I have only recently visited a squirrel inhabited country. I was amazed! There were these adorable squirrels running around everywhere doing adorable things and people were acting like it wasn‘t a big deal! And then I read in your comments that people don’t even like squirrels!

    “those issues aside, pretty much the only political question that really gets me worked up at all anymore is immigration — specifically today’s mass immigration (a little immigration wouldn’t be a problem).”


    “i am not a racist.”

    I am. At least according to the dominant way it is used in society. And so are you.
    I don’t think it is a good idea to deny being a racist, though you don’t have to affirm it. If accused of being a racist just state what you believe or ask what that you have said they think to be untrue and why they think that.

    “i don’t have any problem with interethnic or interracial marriage”

    The problem with interracial marriage currently, is that white people have been browbeaten and bamboozled (as Jared Taylor would say) into believeing their racial heritage is irrelevant and that it is a wicked sin to wish to preserve it.

    “i am not a feminist, but i don’t think that all us women should be sent back to the kitchen either but i do think that women who WANT to be homemakers and stay at home with their kids should be able to and should not be mocked for doing so! most of the women i know only work because they have to — in order to make ends meet. they’d much rather stay at home to raise their children. it’s too bad they can’t afford to do that.”

    Indeed. Recently I was at a wedding and I was sitting around with the bridesmaids whie they moaned about how they didn’t want to work and joked about their mothers’ generation having screwed them over. One of them talked about how much she had enjoyed being a homemaker for her boyfriend during some recent period. Maybe it helped that her boyfriend was a charming 6’3″ professional athlete who looked like a Nordic god. She was cute, I didn’t like him. Btw. I was the best man so it ought to have been my prerogative to hit on the bridemaids, but I couldn’t because every single one was at the time in a long term relationship. I suppose a better man than I would have hit on them anyway. Ladies: bridesmaids should be single. Not just unmarried.

    “gay marriage doesn’t bother me.”

    Doesn’t bother me either. I have no idea why so many, say, iSteve readers get so worked up about it. Certainly they have never articulated any compelling reasons that I have ever seen. Their reaction seems to be entirely emotional. (and possibly substantially genetically mediated)

    “eugenics is a good idea, but certainly not any sort of forced eugenics (small government, remember?). there might need to be some regulations, though — like putting limitations on how much parents can select for “good leadership” genes. again, don’t want too many psychopaths in society.”

    Ultimately nature will find a way for any species to use available resources to increase in number. The Japanese may be declining in numbers, but certain alleles within the population, those that increase fecundity (within the current environment) are, no doubt, increasing. Eventually when they reach a certain level of prevalence, the numbers of Japanese will again start to increase, and there is nothing to stop this process, left unchecked, but a Malthusian limit. At least, this would happen if the environment remained the same for a sufficiently long time, which it won’t. In any stable environment the only way to stop the increase in fecundity-increasing alleles leading to a Malthusian equilibrium is by controlling who can have how many children. If you don’t want your garden overrun with weeds, you need a gardener. These considerations suggest authoritarian government is a necessity, which goes against my instincts. This is all moot, of course, because humanity is not likely to see an environment which is likely to remain stabe, for any sufficient length of time for such considerations to matter, any time soon, if ever.

    Parents selecting for the traits of their children is another whole can of worms. Divergence anyone? Conservatives selecting for children without any icky liberalism correlated alleles and vice versa. If you want lots of grandchildren select those alleles which make your children want to have lots of children, and if those traits, in turn, make your children also want to pass on those traits…

    “i’m pro-legalized abortion”
    “i think evolution should be taught in schools”
    “i’m also a big fan of home-schooling in general.”
    “i haven’t got a clue about global warming.”

    Yup. Yup. Yup. Me neither.

    “i’m still a bit fan of the enlightenment, even though most of its lead characters got things hopelessly wrong (about human nature|s). the dark enlightenment is cool and all, but i view it as a continuation of the enlightenment, not a break from it. the dark enlightenment is a correction in the ongoing enlightenment. (at least the hbd side of the dark enlightenment is these things. some other elements might actually be a break from the enlightenment. and that’s okay! (^_^) )”

    Exactly. There is a lot of nonsense talked about the enlightenment. Modern dogma is a betrayal of enlightenment principles not a consequence of them. (I’d say more but this is already getting long)

    “red m&ms are my favorite. i prefer chunky (skippy) peanut butter. and i only eat lindt 85% dark chocolate (unless i’m eating m&ms…).”

    I also prefer chunky peanut butter and don’t be giving me any non-dark chocolate! Though sometimes I think if the cocoa content is too high the chocolate can lack sufficient creaminess. I don’t care what colour my m&ms are.

    “i am pro-euthanasia”
    “i am also pro-death penalty in first-degree murder cases, but only in instances where it’s 100% (or very nearly 100%) certain that the person convicted really committed the murder(s).”

    Yup. Yup.

    “speaking of criminals, there is absolutely NO reason that the right to vote should be withheld from ex-convicts (ex-felons). that is just WRONG! ”

    I thought I was the only one who thought this.

    In general, I pretty much agree with everything you said. I managed to hold my tongue about the Jews.


  27. It does not matter whether you accept it or not. You are a racist.


    ‘a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.’

    The view that Europeans were somehow built for democracy is outright racist.

    Given that quite clearly such view is also logically, historically, scientifically incorrect is for now a side issue. It is Racist. Coupled with your racist immigration views… This makes you a Racist.


  28. @aminthemystic – never said 1) europeans, nor 2) democracy. and even if i had said europeans, europeans are not a race, so your argument would be nonsensical. but i didn’t, so it’s even more nonsensical.


  29. @aminthemystic

    “It does not matter whether you accept it or not. You are a racist.


    ‘a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement,”

    If the definition of “racist” is tied to empirical matters – matters of fact, then that definition has little utility, and is certainly would not merit concern.


    1. I agree with JayMan that rational discussion should be based empiricism, not a priori judgments. Indeed, to make such statements and then berate those who do not agree with it on factual grounds is an example of pre-judgment, usually described as prejudice. Whether some groups are brighter than others, more inclined to consensual politics is an empirical matter, not something to be laid down by fiat.


  30. OMG you’re cool I wanna be your friend :P I’m a nerdy chick too, physics by training but getting interested in understanding my species more lately. They are very fascinating, I just had assumed they’re too crazy to make any sense out of, electromagnetic fields and their quanta are easy to understand compared to homo sapiens!

    Your blog is great. It will provide my brain much nourishment :D


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