chick of the year

d*mn! =(




  1. Probably you weren’t nominated because you are not ‘diverse’, third-world, or a victim.
    It seems that’s an essential these days, in addition to being a doctrinaire leftist.
    (Remember Rigoberta Menchu? Even the revelation of her dishonesty didn’t faze her supporters. She’s still up there in the leftist pantheon.)


  2. I admire the way she hasn’t been driven mad by the liberal sycophancy, but I suspect there will be a corruption scandal sooner or later in Ms Yousafzai’s career. I’m also sorry that she has to come and live in the UK to keep safe from all those white racists and misogynists in Pakistan. Here’s some HBD-linked stuff in her autobiography:

    The book comes to life when we see the multifaceted girl who obsesses about skin-lightening creams and can’t get out of bed in the morning.
    I Am Malala


  3. She’s very brave and deserves recognition, but she doesn’t have anything interesting to say. In that department you are definitely chick of the year.


  4. She is basically a puppet of for her father who was running a school. People said from the beginning that he was irresponsible hers being a non-anon blog , because where she was living in the Swat valley there was no way to protect her from the inevitable death squad. But I suppose everything worked out for as they now live in Birmingham.

    I feel most sorry for her two friends who were shot with her as they have to live in a part of Britain where indigenous children are still a majority: Wales.


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