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so, for those of you who haven't worked out my ethnic background by now (which is like zero of you, right?), here are my 23andMe ancestry results. note that the results below are what i get using 23andMe’s "speculative" interpretation, which has a 50% confidence threshold. with the "conservative" setting (90% confidence threshold), the results shift to where i'm something like 54% british & irish and 46% broadly northern european (pretty sure that's what it was — working from memory here).


all four of my grandparents were from the auld country (ireland), so these results were absolutely no surpise whatsoever. (i was born and raised in the u.s. yay! (^_^) )

two of my grandparents had surnames (clan names) that go way back in irish prehistory — pre-vikings, pre-normans, pre-scots, pre-anglos — so some of my ancestral background might stem from far back in the “native irish” populations. obviously there’s been quite a bit of mixing with the later arriving groups, though. one of these family names is that of a subclan related to the uí néill dynasty and, yes, analysis of one of my male cousin’s y-chromosome shows that we are descendants of the irish genghis khan, so…AWE SOME! (^_^)

a third grandparent had a surname most commonly found in scotland, and a y-chromosome analysis (yes, i do badger my relatives to do these things!) of a male relative from that lineage suggests that the family did indeed come from scotland (his y-chromosome is more like scottish men with the surname, not so much like irish men with the name). from lowland scotland to be more precise, although rumor has it that the clan originated in the hebridies (i.e. the highlands). no idea when this side of the family turned up in ireland. maybe riding along with ollie? the family is from an area of ireland where cromwell’s soldiers were rewarded with farmland, so…maybe. the y-chromosme analysis of this family member also suggested that there might be some nordic and/or anglo and/or dutch ancestry — these things are still pretty vague, obviously. my 23andMe results include a 2.1% figure for scandinavian. maybe that’s from this scottish side of the family or maybe that’s just from some vikings who settled in ireland. or both. there could also be some anglo-saxon and/or dutch ancestors in this line given that the family’s from the lowlands, but it’s not possible to know for sure (at this point in time). maybe! maybe not. who knows?

the last grandparent had a norman surname. woo-hoo! cool. (^_^) only thing is, that grandparent was illegitimate (*gasp*), and no one in the family knows (or no one in the family will reveal) if that surname was the actual name of that grandparent’s father or if my great-grandmother just pulled that surname out of a hat (it wasn’t her surname). so, maybe we’re not norman at all. dr*t!

so, yeah! probably quite a lot of fairly recent inbreeding as far as my ancestry goes (see the “mating patterns in europe series” below, the section on the irish)! (~_^) might be a bit saved here by the lowland scots ancestry (more outbred, i believe), but still…PLEN-TY of potential clannishness here, so make sure to stand well back when you’re reading the blog! (~_^)

(edit: i meant to mention that, thankfully, my paternal and maternal families are from different regions of the country, so…whew!…that might’ve saved me from some fairly close inbreeding there. (~_^) )

one cool thing that was a surprise to me from the 23andMe results is that my mtdna’s haplogroup (H13a1a) is rather rare in the british isles (not sure what the frequency is — haven’t found that info anywhere). it has a somewhat higher frequency in southern europe — somewhere between 2-10% — but is very common over in the caspian sea region in places like daghestan. (note that i am *not* from daghestan, although ever since obtaining these results, the d.h. has been referring to me as his daghestani wife. =P yes, i *did* marry him for his sense of humor.)

23andMe - mtdna

finally, i’m more neanderthal than the last time i checked! yay! (^_^) pretty much average for europeans, apparently. cool!

23andMe - neanderthal

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