tweets of the week – 12/07/14










  1. “Science confirms, smarter ppl are more likely to be hipsters.”

    Or what my aunt calls “naturally contrary”

    hence the last few generations creating an ideology of sheer nonsense as a reaction to what the majority used to believe

    until it becomes the dominant majority view

    at which point the next couple of generations of the contrary will knock it all down again.



    That’s got to be the most awesome surname in history. I wish they’d been famous like

    Gyldenbollockes the Terrible or Gyldenbollockes of Arabia.


  2. @grey – “Or what my aunt calls ‘naturally contrary'”

    i think the hbd-o-sphere is full of the the naturally contrary. we’re just not so interested in fashion or beards, tho. (~_^)

    one of these days i must look to see if there’s been any research done on contrarians (there must be!). interesting group, contrarians. (^_^)


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