stop creating a climate of fear!

ok. listen up political correct people! if you’re someone who reflexively calls others “racists” or “neofascists” without first checking into whether or not they actually are, you need to STOP it, because you’re creating a climate of fear in which people are afraid to do their jobs.

and now i’m not talking about some academics sitting comfortably in their ivy towers, i’m talking about governmental agencies like THE POLICE and child welfare services. here’s where your pc moral posturing has gotten us today:

Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN

• Report found 1,400 children abused between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham
• The figure is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale
• Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with fire
• More than a third of the cases were already know to agencies
• Author of the report condemned ‘blatant’ failings by council’s leadership
Action blocked by political correctness as staff ‘feared appearing racist’
• Majority of victims described the perpetrators as ‘Asian’ men
• Leader of Rotherham Council has stepped down with immediate effect
• No council employees will receive disciplinary action, leaders state

don’t believe me? read the report from the independent investigator: Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013) [pdf].

read about how girls (and some boys) as young as ELEVEN, many of whom were in care(!), were repeatedly gang raped, doped up, pimped out, sold out, trafficked, abused, and tortured (at least one girl was branded, although that may not have been in rotherham) — and then read how all of that was IGNORED by the child welfare(!) staff and police BECAUSE THEY WERE AFRAID OF BEING LABELLED RACISTS AND OF LOSING THEIR JOBS.

and if you’ve EVER called somebody a racist just because they said something politically incorrect, then you’d better bloody well read this report, because THIS IS ON YOU! this is YOUR doing! this is where your scare tactics have gotten us: over 1400 vulnerable kids systematically abused because YOU feel uncomfortable when anybody brings up some “hate facts.”

“hate facts” like this:

i don’t know what you want to do with that information, but you had better not even THINK about calling me a racist for pointing it out. enough is enough!

rotherham, the town in northern england where all this abuse has happened, is just the tip of the iceberg. the same systematic “grooming” of young girls and boys is happening in many other towns and cities in britain — we know this — the independent investigator knows this. and the authorities in those places are ALSO ignoring the problem for fear of being called racists.

this is YOUR fault, politically correct people — and i don’t care if you’re on the left or the right. YOU enabled this abuse thanks to the climate of fear you’ve created. thousands of abused girls — some of them maybe dead — on YOUR head.

think on that.


see also: ‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our age from ed west.

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  1. I don’t think you’ve captured how heinous this story is. Literally dozens (if not hundreds) of civilized adults turned their back on these horrific crimes against children, and did so rather than suffer some abstract social humiliation. That’s not just a character flaw, but an epidemic of evil.


  2. I’m generally skeptical of most of the hbd stuff and usually don’t care about the ethnicity of a criminal, but here the situation is REVERSED, with digusting crimes like these are undereported because of the people hiding it because of… I don’t even know how to word it without starting to curse at the end.

    Will try to try and get the information spread, specially among people I know who support some degree of censorship over racial sensitiveness (nowhere near this, but still). Thanks


  3. So funny.

    As if “reason” and “open and civil debate” or anything would solve the problem of the Prolesphere, that is Anglosphere, the white trash capital of the world.

    Both liberals and conservatives, HBDers and race-denialists in Anglo-America are ridiculous.

    Anglo-Ameirca = SHIT.


  4. This is very upsetting to read about. With this, and the Trojan horse school take overs, the fear of being called a racist or Islamophobe nonsense has crossed a line. Diversity is not a strength, it is destroying Western countries, rotting them from within. Especially when it involves Muslims. It was a terrible mistake to allow mass immigration of Muslims into the West. Sure, some of them are OK as individuals. But when you get a lot of them they seem to be aggressive and arrogant about demanding special privileges yet at the same time they seem to love being a victim and often take great offense at stupid things. They are over represented in crime and violence where ever they go. They bring nothing going but trouble. Please, no more Muslim immigration. The trouble is the damage is already done.


  5. Let’s not forget the role of those tireless world-improvers, Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, such as Sue “British as Bagels” Berelowitz, the expert who was worried that we might spot some kind of ethnic pattern in the abuse:

    Asked by the Education Select Committee whether she was aware of a reluctance to address CSE [child sex exploitation] because of fears of upsetting particular ethnic groups, Ms Berelowitz said : “That is not evidence that we’ve found anywhere.

    “I think the reluctance is ‘this is so horrible’… It is the most horrible, violent, sadistic stuff I have ever encountered.

    “I think the reluctance is just to believe that these levels of depravity are being enacted upon children.”

    Ms Berelowitz said it was dangerous to assume sexual exploitation was confined to certain ethnic groups, as this led to victims being missed.

    “People are bringing particular perceptions to their understanding of sex exploitation, that this is exclusively white victims and Pakistani perpetrators. It’s a much more complex picture than that.

    “There are victims from all ethnic groups and I’m really worried that too many are falling through the net because people are only looking for white girls and that other perpetrators are slipping away because people are thinking it’s only Pakistani males.”

    Indeed: it isn’t only white girls. Members of the vibrant communities also abuse their own, so they’re committing even more crimes than the official statistics show. And that’s true everywhere that has been enriched by them, from the UK to the US.


  6. I don’t get it. Aren’t these small town council jobs usually sinecure-like positions? What are they so afraid of?


  7. What’s fascinating to me that this seemed to have placed the authorities into a state of psychological meltdown. Reality was viciously contradicting their preconceived visions (or, I’m sure in some cases, putting many in an impossible situation), and this is what results.

    As I said on Twitter (here), Western attitude towards these various incompatible groups is not completely irrational. Think, if you truly believe you (your nation, your civilization) etc. is beacon of all that is right with humanity, and hence, it is your responsibility to uplift the world, and more importantly, if you truly believe all people everywhere are exactly the same – it is just “customs” and “institutions” that set them apart – then how can you justify restricting immigration (or other actions) out of national self-interest? It leads to a bit of mental distress…


    1. And the only rational response if you start with the assumption of equality/blank slate is that these people must be educated better. Obviously someone has forgotten to teach them not to commit these horrible crimes. The real question for me is how long must these things go one before people start questioning their assumptions in large enough numbers for anything to change?


  8. The people you’re talking to feel genuine regret and emotional distress over the necessity of allowing these things to happen. They feel honest compassion for the victims. They sincerely wish there were some way to have diversity without paying this price, but there isn’t, so they just have to be strong and accept it.


  9. This story is empirical evidence that no matter how normal you think your neighborhood government employee is, they can become an easy accomplice to the harm of others if their mindset has been corrupted sufficiently by politically correctness of thought.

    It should also be noted that the greatest mass murders of the past century (Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc) did not personally kill the tens of millions of their victims, but acted through state-created “security” forces composed of average citizens. Once you’ve gained control of the herd’s mindset, there is no limit to magnitude of the harm you can do.


  10. Headlines have a way of disappearing into oblivion after a couple of days. Judging by your post, you are clearly pissed off like I’ve never seen you before, which made me comment here for the first time although I am a long time reader, but what are the chances anybody would remember this in a week, let alone care?

    There’s not much that either you, or I, can do. It’s up to the British people, and they gave up long ago. Half of them live in their multi culti ivory towers while the other half, whose daughters are in fact the victims, are drunk, drug addicted chavs living on welfare who don’t give a shit what their sons and daughters are up to. Considering a lot of lower class British girls have their first child when they’re 15 or 16, this has been going on for three generations now if it started in the 80’s. Getting rid of Pakistanis, which definitely has to be done for various other reasons as well (more British Pakistanis are in ISIS than in the British army) is just one half of it. The other half is for the British people to get their own house in order. I would suggest you read the blog formerly known as Chavtowns and now known as ‘I Live Here’ ( to get an idea of how deep in the shites Britain has gone. By its very nature, its a pessimistic blog, but even if 10% of it is true, fixing Britain would take a lot of hard work that nobody’s prepared to do. You could also read Winston Smith’s blog (, although it’s not active anymore, but its archives are still there. What can we really do? We are of the HBDsphere, we are racist bastards, who’s gonna listen to us? By the time we get the chance to say ‘we told you so’, it will be too late, if that time ever comes.


  11. Mangan (under?)estimates that 7% of all girls in Rotherham were victims of this abuse.

    Rotherham population: 257,000. Mangan estimates 20,000 were girls between 11 and 18; I’d estimate fewer (7 years out of 80 in a static population pyramid, of half the population, closer to 13,000). 1,400 out of 20,000. Or out of 13,000 – more than one in ten!


  12. oops. “fagan” is a real surname. “fagin” is made up. my bad.

    are you wet yet?

    — BGI volunteer


  13. “I’m generally skeptical of most of the hbd stuff and usually don’t care about the ethnicity of a criminal”

    One aspect of this is a perfect match with one of hubchik’s recurring themes of clannishness. The Pakistani groups involved in this come from little villages in remote parts of Pakistan and Kashmir and people from each village moved to England en masse and settled en masse in the same street where they continue to inter marry just within the same village although both halves of the village i.e. arranging all marriages between the half in England and the half in Pakistan.

    They are a perfect example of small inbred groups having very high levels of altruism for their ingroup while at the same time viewing and treating outsiders as effectively non human.


  14. SD

    “but what are the chances anybody would remember this in a week, let alone care?”


    “And to think that the British media has been going on and on about Jimmy Savill”

    It’s *why* they have been going on about Jimmy Saville (but it didn’t work because the scale of this is too huge).


  15. @Anthony

    “Or out of 13,000 – more than one in ten!”

    Whether by accident or design it’s a stealth genocide.

    Ignoring this kind of gang violence forces the younger half of the native population to move away to protect their children. It doesn’t look like ethnic cleansing in the statistics at the time unless you look at the age distribution because the older half of the original population still remains. It’s only 50 years later when the older half have all passed on that this stealth ethnic cleansing becomes apparent.

    The cities are being cleared in this way one area at a time.


  16. This story appalls me, even though I have kept up with the continuing story of these attacks over recent years. It is so distressing, though, that I consider returning to blogging to address things like this, even though people on the dissident right are mostly voices crying in the wilderness, not allowed to be heard by ‘mainstream’ society.

    I am also sickened by all the schadenfreude on the part of so many Americans toward this story, motivated by sheer Anglophobia towards not just the UK but towards those few Americans who identify as Anglo-American. PS: we here in America are hardly in better shape as regards denial and as far as being politically correct lickspittles. Most Americans show hardly more ”spirit” than our counterparts in the UK. Criticizing the British or the English is the pot calling the kettle black. We have no room to condemn or gloat over their misfortunes when we have our own and when we are doing little to rectify them.

    Taking any malicious pleasure in the harm done to innocent adolescents and kids is just unconscionable. Especially when the motivation is seemingly petty ethnic grudges from many generations back.


  17. The climate of fear isn’t actually the main reason although it’s part of it.

    The main reason is the “big lie” effect of the decades long media blackout combined with the huge scale of the problem. If anyone who knew about the problem told someone who didn’t have personal knowledge of it themselves that second person *would not* believe it because the average person can’t believe the media would lie on such a massive scale. So people who knew give up trying to tell people because the people they told assumed the person saying it must be lying instead.

    It’s the size of the media’s lie that protects the lie.

    The only way to break through was if cracks appeared in the media wall and that took years for the problem to reach such epidemic proportions that it couldn’t be hidden any more – although they are still trying to minimize it as much as they can.


  18. Duke of Leinster wrote: Duke of Leinster 

    08/26/2014 at 10:49 PM

    So funny.

    As if “reason” and “open and civil debate” or anything would solve the problem of the Prolesphere, that is Anglosphere, the white trash capital of the world.

    Both liberals and conservatives, HBDers and race-denialists in Anglo-America are ridiculous.

    Anglo-Ameirca SHIT.

    If you hate the Anglosphere and think we are a bunch of white trash then why are you reading this blog which is written in English?
    Funk off and find a blog in some other language.


  19. Sorry Hbd Chick, but this news is a bit old, since I had read about this about two years ago, in some dark conspiratorial site.

    Just stay completely outraged (late, but anyway, it’s better than ever) with this unfortunate event, however, one must consider some facts and possibilities

    First, it seems to be a common landscape in very tribalist societies, see rabbis and child abuse, that ritual with boys in Afghanistan.

    Second, no, not all Muslims are like that, blablabla, this is true. Immigration to Europe has a considerably more negative geographic factor when compared to North America. Geographical proximity makes anyone among the surrounding countries, can immigrate to any country of the European Union.

    Third and most important, how Muslims and their camels were stopping at the largest European port ??? I wonder who invited these people ?? Jesus ??


  20. One problem:


    “Diversity” means being chased out of your neighborhood.
    “Diversity” means being chased out of your school.
    “Diversity” means being chased out of your job.
    “Diversity” Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.
    “Diversity” means White Genocide

    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


  21. “The climate of fear isn’t actually the main reason although it’s part of it.”

    Just to clarify – obviously that is important in a lot of areas but something like this where there are massive crimes being perpetrated against children there will always be people prepared to speak out but because of the media silence’s big lie effect no one would believe it so those people gave up and bided their time until cracks appeared in the media.


  22. The death penalty (painfully implemented) is the only acceptable punishment for those who rape children (and women).


  23. SD

    It is amazing, isn’t it?
    It’s like an alt-HBD chick.
    No more “just the facts, ma’am, this is science”.
    Name your enemies and hang them with the responsibility for something that is horrible and vile.
    I like it.

    SD, I looked at that 1st link and then no more. It was just too depressing. Yours was a good comment. Don’t give up.


  24. If you already understand that people will not change their minds, however rational, calm are the arguments.
    Should establish a people, as Ashkenazi or parsee.
    You guys already have their religion, the truth. It is also a belief, when we think we believe.

    The HBD people, culture, religion, philosophical principles, demography…


  25. This is very upsetting. I’m the only true neo-fascist and race-ist, but I never get the credit.


  26. I’m with Andrea Ostrov. I’m as fascist as it’s possible to be fascist, yet I never get inconvenienced. It’s always innocent people like these girls.


  27. It seems police departments have to bend over backwards (allowing child rape) to avoid providing evidence supporting racial stereotypes.


  28. Race = abstract collectivity (pseudo) timeless

    White Guilt =
    destruction of real temporal individuality (white people living today) and transformation of every white person in a official representative of a race, timeless and uni-body.

    So, allegedly, all white is guilty of slavery, the murder of pregnant Amerindian women in the South American Andes in the sixteenth century, the death of a Chinese (I thought it was the fault of a black butterfly Birmigham).

    However, the vast majority of whites are not to blame for any of this, only a powerful minority of psychopaths.

    The Western elite psychopaths invented white guilt for taking their crimes from his back and his ultra-privileged families, even if it consists of collectivization of the individual.

    Transformation of terms like ‘white race’ in noun substitute for psychopath. See the term ‘Nazi’.

    The biological similarity of all whites who committed terrible crimes against innocent, as well as all the evil on earth, has a clinical concept, is psychopathy.

    Some breeds may be defined by its physical attributes, other races can be defined by their mental qualities.

    There are numerous overlapping mental sub-races between physiological races. Psychopathy is one of them.


  29. Santoculto, I see you link to Sean Thomas he had a blog about a previous similar case in Oxford Oxford gang rape: did people ignore this sort of scandal because racist Nick Griffin was the first to mention them? “Sometimes, amidst the bleakness, it is important to acknowledge that a few people did the right thing. In the hideous example of the Oxford gang rape case, which ended yesterday in the conviction of seven Pakistani and Somalian men for “sexual torture” of girls as young as 11, one of those people is a Muslim prosecutor.

    When Nazir Afzal was appointed head of the Crown Prosecution Service for the North West in 2011, he looked again at the files of a case that had previously been dropped by the CPS. …
    Editor’s note: In the original version of this post, Sean Thomas’s copy was edited in a way that made it appear that he was blaming Griffin for the grooming. He did not do so, and the final paragraph now reflects his true opinion. We apologise to Sean for the confusion this has caused.”

    See? No matter what, whites are the problem.

    Thomas also writes thrillers. Entertainment is a good guide to real life. For example: Taken, the father takes huge risks and extra judicial measures that could put him behind bars for 20 years to rescue his daughter from sexual predators; every cop show on TV has a cop who gets involved and breaks the rules to get the bad guy despite his bosses telling him to lay off; sometimes the cop investigates an untouchable bad cop who has been going out his way to arrest blacks. Obviously real life is the exact opposite of entertainment . And in fact what people say they would do in real life is the exact opposite of what they actually do do in real life. For who has not heard men say (and apparently mean) that if their child was sexually abused they would ‘take care of it’ themselves.

    Re. dead. Two are known to have been murdered. According to evidence at a trial, the bodies of two victims may have been disposed of in kebabs sold to the public. Police knew but kept treating them as missing person cases for more than a year.


  30. Assistant Villàge Idiot- What? Wow, convince me that I have to stop playing stupid here and I’m gone, get in my world. I’m tired of this kind of comment.

    You could complete the comment, it does not matter if you are insulting me or not, but it will be infinitely better than leaving me curious and anxious.

    Never compose again this type of incomplete sentence, for a psychotic person.

    And I want evidence that I am incomprehensible to you. Maybe it’s because they do not use slang on vocabulary.

    Sorry Hbd Chick again.



    “Nearly quarter of men in Asia-Pacific admit to committing rape”

    UN study from 2010-2013 involving 10000 men & 3000 women aged 18-49 from six Asian countries.

    We hear a lot of talk from feminists in the west about so-called ‘rape culture’, however this alleged ‘rape culture’ in their deranged minds is only found in western countries among men of European heritage.

    Where does culture come from? Or in this case, ‘rape culture’?

    From a biological perspective, I would be interested to know to what extent longer-term inbreeding in a population vs. longer-term outbreeding plays a role in this.

    I have been speculating as to whether there is any possibility that longer-term outbreeding leads to higher average sperm quality in male populations, greater average height, higher average intelligence, but also lower average sex drive and lower average level of aggression [but also lower average tendency to rape?]; while longer-term inbreeding leads to lower sperm quality in male populations, shorter average height, lower average intelligence, but higher average sex drive and higher average level of aggression [and greater average tendency to rape?].

    Do hormone levels or brain-wiring/neurotransmitter receptor sensitivities vary between males in inbred vs. outbred populations?

    I recall that hbd chick provided a link to a paper about digit ratio in an inbred population a while back, maybe that provides a possible clue [androgens – linked to aggression and sex drive of course].


  32. I find it extremely difficult to read about this case without having to stop due to rage. How many sacrifices must be made for this mad social engineering experiment called multiculturalism? Why is it so important to flood Europe and the Americas with foreigners?


  33. @chrisdavies

    “I have been speculating as to whether there is any possibility that longer-term outbreeding leads to … [but also lower average tendency to rape?]”

    One thing that may be sideways related to that is if you have a culture of marriage choice including female choice then the women need to be free to move around which requires rape to taken seriously as a crime. I’ve known lots of extremely violent men from that culture who despite that had a particular thing about not being violent with women so I wonder if there was some specific selection by hanging going on in this area?

    On the other hand in a culture where women aren’t allowed any marriage choice then things which keep women at home are beneficial to the reproduction of that culture. In those cultures I’ve come across lots of men who I wouldn’t describe as naturally violent at all (in a general sense) but who have no problem at all being violent only with women with no sense of shame about it at all.


  34. An even more pervasive taboo that protects child RAPISTS and molesters from criticism or even recognition BEING A WOMAN! (people just cant handle that idea so they reject it to preserve their ideology)

    ***95% of sexually abused youth in correctional facilities reported being abused by female staff.

    From Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities, 2008-09;

    ***Among inmates reporting staff sexual misconduct, ~ 65% reported a female aggressor.

    From Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails Reported by Inmates, 2008-09;

    ***50% of homeless youth reported being sexually abused by a female.

    From It’s Not What You Think: Sexually Exploited Youth in British Columbia;

    There is essentially no media attention towards women raping/molesting boys and girls except the one almost fantasy like teacher-student scenario that draws less hate and punishment than a male pedophile.

    @hbd chick, could you please do a post on the phenomena of female sexual predators which seems to be foreign knowledge to hbd’ers and most people in general?


  35. @chrisdavies09

    We hear a lot of talk from feminists in the west about so-called ‘rape culture’, however this alleged ‘rape culture’ in their deranged minds is only found in western countries among men of European heritage.

    Feminists are very distorted when it comes to race and gender. The studies they cite tend to wreak of advocacy and lack scientific integrity. Any serious study on sexual abuse between men and women should include either as a victim or perpetrator. The definition of what constitutes rape can differ a lot so its absolutely critical to include both genders.

    The popular “1 in 4” phrase used by feminists and others came from a study that included being under the influence as rape (not incoherent or blasted, just under the influence). Naturally, the study did not include men. So presumably we should not be concerned about men and rely completely on their given definition of what is criminal.


  36. @Sally

    “It seems police departments have to bend over backwards (allowing child rape) to avoid providing evidence supporting racial stereotypes.”

    They do now. Obviously the police have become very culpable in this now but the root of it many years ago was the media not reporting crimes that had a racial element. Because the media wouldn’t report those crimes and would destroy the career of anyone who mentioned them they eventually trained the police (and politicians as well) to ignore those crimes also.

    The media are critical in this because the average person can be told what is happening by someone who knows but the average person won’t believe it because they can’t believe the media would cover up the gang rape of tens of thousands of children.

    But they do and have done for decades.


  37. Its good that these things can be exposed. Thankfully the report shows that child individual victims were not left unprotected due to political correctness or being called racist. Such concerns centered mainly on the outward surface reporting and interaction with the Pakistani, Slovak Roma and Kosovan communities on the problem. The mostly white bureaucracy did experience bouts of PC queasiness, including publicizing the problem in those communities, and relying too much on so-called “conservative” leadership elements in said communities, particularly the Asians that are hurting our culture. These unassimilable Asians , with their sex-trafficking activities as well, are the second biggest categories of offender after white men.

    But, as the report makes clear, thankfully, this did not translate into neglect of individual child victims. There was a PR problem to be sure. As the report says:

    “Within the Council, we found no evidence of children’s social care staff being influenced by concerns about the ethnic origins of suspected perpetrators when dealing with individual child protection cases, including CSE. In the broader organisational context, however, there was a widespread perception that messages conveyed by some senior people in the Council and also the Police, were to ‘downplay’ the ethnic dimensions of CSE.

    There was too much reliance by agencies on traditional community leaders such as elected members and imams as being the primary conduit of communication with the Pakistani-heritage community. The Inquiry spoke to several Pakistani-heritage women who felt disenfranchised by this and thought it was a barrier to people coming forward to talk about CSE.

    Others believed there was wholesale denial of the problem in the Pakistani-heritage community in the same way that other forms of abuse were ignored. Representatives of women’s groups were frustrated that interpretations of the Borough’s problems with CSE were often based on an assumption that similar abuse did not take place in their own community and therefore concentrated mainly on young white girls.

    As has been stated many times before, there is no simple link between race and child sexual exploitation, and across the UK the greatest numbers of perpetrators of CSE are white men. The second largest category, according to the Children’s Commissioner’s report, are those from a minority ethnic background, particularly those recorded as ‘Asian’.

    Several people interviewed expressed the general view that ethnic considerations had influenced the policy response of the Council and the Police, rather than in individual cases. One example was given by the Risky Business project Manager (1997- 2012) who reported that she was told not to refer to the ethnic origins of perpetrators when carrying out training. Other staff in children’s social care said that when writing reports on CSE cases, they were advised by their managers to be cautious about referring to the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

    Frontline staff did not report personal experience of attempts to influence their practice or decision making because of ethnic issues. Those who had involvement in CSE were acutely aware of these issues and recalled a general nervousness in the earlier years about discussing them, for fear of being thought racist.”


    So while the cowardly PC bosses worried about PR, thankfully, individual cases of abuse were handled correctly. It is also of note that the charge of “political correctness” is perfect cover for police and government officials not doing their jobs. One wonders if they are using this “cover,” for other stories show police downplaying child abuse allegations among white people as well. As one news story shows:

    “In far too many cases victims were simply not believed, as shown in Rotherham where the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary found that the police spent a ‘great deal of time’ trying to ‘disprove’ victims’ testimony instead of giving them the help they desperately needed. ”

    So it seems the white bureaucracy was doing white victims wrong as well.


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