1. Hard-pressed skeptic – some kind of left-leaning (white?) trash. Although here in Sweden I count as extremely conservative if not outright fascist. In China, I’m probably a libertarian…


  2. I also got ‘young outsider’. Although this test is for Americans it applies to people in Britain to a large degree.
    At what age does one cease to be considered ‘young’? Jayman’s poll classes me as middle-aged – (I’m 35).


  3. Off topic, but I just got a look at The Character of Human Institutions. It’s got a lot about hbd in it and also documents the English sending their children away at an early age, although they do not actually say “manorial system.” You may like it.


  4. I got ‘Steadfast Conservative’, which seems to be the Pat Buchanan slot. But

    >>You answered “Success in life is pretty much determined by forces outside of our control,” along with:
    9% – Steadfast Conservatives
    16% – General Public<<

    I feel I transgressed against the American civic religion there! Perhaps from reading too much HBD? :)


  5. Hmmf. Quit after 4 questions. Just could not choose truthfully. The question re protecting the environment threw me, and in almost exactly the same was as the question about whether regulation is good or not. How can any reasonable person choose either? Yes, we need to protect the environment, and yes, there are some really stupid regulations out there. I am basically a libertarian, with some non-libertarian views on human nature that keep me from going whole-hog. I vote republican, only because the democrats have become the insane party over the last two decades. Choice between venal/stupid and insane, I choose stupid.


  6. Young outsider too, and I’m from Belgium. I guess this test in old Europe would change the proportion, young outsider will become much more common. Your readers seems to fall in this category quite often too…
    Tom, love your comment: choosing between venal/stupid and insane…yep, fit the political spectrum in many countries…


  7. That was cool, although I hated several of the questions, many of them I agreed with both or part of both of the statements. I got:

    “Hard-Pressed Skeptic: Deeply financially-stressed and distrustful of government, Hard-Pressed Skeptics have reservations about both political parties, but more lean toward the Democratic Party. In general, they want government to do more to solve problems, but have doubts about its efficiency. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are among the most cynical about the ability of individuals to improve their lot through hard work. These attitudes may reflect their distressed financial conditions: Hard-Pressed Skeptics have the lowest average family incomes of any of the typology groups.”

    They are very wrong though, at least about me, I’m not financially stressed in the least. This was interesting though: “the most cynical about the ability of individuals to improve their lot through hard work” I do definitely have that feeling, begotten of HBD awareness. People who do well do so because they had a lucky draw from the genetic lottery in my mind, consequently I have little interest in awe or excessive adulation for uber achievers.


  8. Young Outsider here too, and I’m fifty-freakin-five. So I think it’s what we used to call a Philadelphia Punk in the 1970s. (See the now defunct but I think still archived blog InstaPunk and RF Laird’s /Boomer Bible/.)

    Funny to see what positions/views the Pewbot defines as “conservative.” Judging from the academies I observe (and have been part of), the real conservatives hold yesterday’s liberal/left perspectives and are today’s Establishment. In the academic, government, foundation, and NGO circles I’m most privy to, the most radical perspective one can hold is to close down immigration and pay the poor to get sterilized.


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