pew tells me i’m a “young outsider” which does seem to fit me better than their previous assessment of me as a libertarian (not!) — except maybe for the (*ahem*) young part. (*^_^*)

Your best fit is Young Outsider along with 13% of the public.

2012 vote: 37% for Obama | 48% for Romney

This relatively young, largely independent group holds a mix of conservative and liberal views. And while more lean toward the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, Young Outsiders generally express unfavorable opinions of both major parties….

d*mn straight!

They are largely skeptical of activist government, as a substantial majority views government as wasteful and inefficient. Yet many diverge from the two conservative typology groups – Steadfast Conservatives and Business Conservatives – in their strong support for the environment and many liberal social policies.

pew - young outsider - ideological placement

you can take pew’s political typology quiz here.

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