“can we genetically improve intelligence?”

coupla popsci (*cough*eugenics*cough*) videos for ya from AsapSCIENCE and Vsauce3. h/t emil kirkegaard (no relation)!




  1. “can we genetically improve intelligence?”

    The surest way would be for Ashkenazis to go forth into the land and impregnate as many women as possible. Seriously.


  2. special forces are well above average IQ plus they’re supremely healthy so if it came to that they’d be a better choice imo

    more practically it seems to me the key problem isn’t the top 15% breeding too little or the bottom 50% breeding too much it’s the 100-115 group in between whose reproduction is being artificially squeezed by the long-term destruction of the middle class.

    if that political process could be reversed things would go back to the pre-industrial hajnal line system which would be fine.


  3. when the ukraine parliament was empty for the day, I thought to myself, ‘now, if we could just air lift a bunch of Château Heartiste’s followers into the Ukrainian Parliament, maybe we could start the entire Indo-European cycle again’. Of course I wasn’t being serious, but reductionism has a habit of being strangely accurate.

    There’s a TV prog just now about how the physical environment of the West was a challenge to pioneers and how they overcame it – mountains, plains, deserts. I never fail to be amazed by what the pioneers did. Apparently 6% (20,000) died on the Oregon trail(s) (and not at the hands of natives).


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