“non, ego svm pater tvvs!”

h/t ed west! (^_^)

medieval star wars



  1. One can always have another son but a father is irreplaceable. I can’t remember who said that.


  2. tag: is that pig latin?
    No, it seems correct. Though my Latin is rather limited….
    it says:

    Here : Darth Vader:
    Holds light-sword:
    No: I am your father

    Here: Luke Skywalker:
    On the contrary: that is not true:

    Though my latin-hungarian dictionary only contains immo, not imo. Also, while Vader [wader?] can be traced to the stem vado (III.) (to go or hasten), I am not good enough at Latin to tell whether the verb-to-noun derivative suffix is properly applied [I would probably use “vadtor”]. Does Darth mean anything in English? It sounds like it was derived from dark – considering the character – but it is certainly not regularly done. Nevertheless dark is not from Latin, it probably should have been obscurus or ater.

    And also hope the tag was not rhetorical.


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