linkfest – 03/05/14

DNA USA*“[A]bout about 4 percent of whites have at least 1 percent or more African ancestry. Although it is a relatively small percentage, the percentage indicates that an individual with at least 1 percent African ancestry had an African ancestor within the last six generations, or in the last 200 years. This data also suggests that individuals with mixed parentage at some point were absorbed into the white population. Looking a little more deeply into the data, Kasia also found that the percentage of whites with hidden African ancestry differed significantly from state-to-state. Southern states with the highest African American populations, tended to have the highest percentages of hidden African ancestry…. Previous published studies estimate that on average African Americans had about 82 percent African ancestry and about 18 percent European ancestry. But in self-identified African Americans in 23andMe’s database, Kasia found the average amount of African ancestry was closer to 73 percent. Kasia found significant differences in state-to-state comparisons. African Americans in the northern and western states have more mixed ancestry than those in the southern states…. On average Latinos had about 70 percent European ancestry, 14 percent Native American ancestry and 6 percent African ancestry. The remaining ancestry is difficult to assign because the DNA is either shared by a number of different populations around the world, or because it’s from understudied populations, such as Native Americans.” – from 23andMe.

Common Variants in the CDH7 Gene are Associated with Major Depressive Disorder in the Han Chinese Population“Recent genome-wide association study also demonstrated that CDH7 was significant associated with bipolar disorder…. Our results support CDH7 to be a risk factor of MDD in the Han Chinese population. However, further studies with more markers and independent samples were suggested to validate our findings.”

Humans May Have Been Stuck on Bering Strait for 10,000 Years“In the new Perspectives article, published today (Feb. 27) in the journal Science, the researchers compile existing data to support the idea, known as the Beringia standstill hypothesis. Among that evidence is genetic data showing that founding populations of Native Americans diverged from their Asian ancestors more than 25,000 years ago. In addition, land in the region of the Bering Strait teemed with grasses to support big game (for food) and woody shrubs to burn in the cold climate, supporting a hard-scrabble existence for ancient people.” – razib is skeptical.

Was skin cancer a selective force for black pigmentation in early hominin evolution?“[D]ata on age-associated cancer incidence and lethality in albinos living at low latitudes in both Africa and Central America support the contention that skin cancer could have provided a potent selective force for the emergence of black skin in early hominins.”

Neanderthal Introgression at Chromosome 3p21.31 Was Under Positive Natural Selection in East Asians“Studies of the Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes demonstrate archaic hominin introgression in Eurasians. Here, we present evidence of Neanderthal introgression within the chromosome 3p21.31 region, occurring with a high frequency in East Asians (ranging from 49.4% to 66.5%) and at a low frequency in Europeans. We also detected a signal of strong positive selection in this region only in East Asians…. [S]uggestive evidence supports latitude-dependent selection, implicating a role of ultraviolet-B.”

Neanderthals challenge the origins of speech“Neanderthals, may well have spoken in languages not dissimilar to the ones we use today…. [I]n terms of mechanical behaviour, the Neanderthal hyoid was basically indistinguishable from our own, strongly suggesting that this key part of the vocal tract was used in the same way. ‘From this research, we can conclude that it’s likely that the origins of speech and language are far, far older than once thought.'” – h/t billare (who is 0.1% neanderthal)!

READ THIS (yes, there *will* be a pop quiz on the material later in the week (~_^) )!: Environmental Hereditarianism“[T]here is little evidence linking most ‘measurable’ aspects of the environment to human physical or behavioral traits…. Most of the solid evidence we do have for environmental impacts come in the forms of things that do physical damage (e.g., maiming limbs or traumatic brain injury) – a category which includes poisons; or are developmental deficits, such as malnutrition. Much of the rest of it (take your pick) is lacking.” – from jayman. – previously: it’s not nature and nurture….

Outliers – from greg cochran.

New evidence confirms link between IQ, brain cortex“Rate of change in the thickness of the brain’s cortex is an important factor associated with a person’s change in IQ, according to a collaborative study by scientists in five countries…. This study is the first to show the association between cortical thickness and development in full scale IQ, and has potentially wide-ranging implications for the pedagogical world and for judicial cases in which the defendant’s IQ score could play a role in determining the severity of the sentence.”

The Germ Theory of Democracy, Dictatorship, and All Your Most Cherished Beliefs“What kind of government do you live under? Who are your sexual partners? How do you treat strangers? All of these questions may mask a more fundamental one: What germs are you warding off?” – h/t jason collins! – but see this previous post: pathogens and consanguinity“the BIG outliers, though, are the arabs and all their middle eastern/north african/south asian muslim buddies. they are the ones throwing off the correlation completely…. these societies are amongst those that have the highest consanguinity rates, and yet some of their pathogen index scores are *very* low.” that part of the world also does not do well when it comes to (liberal) democracy. – see also jayman’s response.

Nicholas Wade Takes on the Regime – jared taylor reviews nicholas wade’s upcoming book on race. – h/t hbd bibliography! – see also this comment from jayman. – and see also Harmful, toxic equalism from the awesome epigone.

The Nature of Race – from karl boetel and john furest. see also here.

12,000 year old prehistoric art shows woman hunting – maybe. kinda/sorta. (not really.) – from adam benton.

Altruism and the Dark Side of Agreeableness“[B]eware of really nice people. If they seem too good to be true, they usually are.” – from staffan.

Forgotten fathers: paternal influences on mammalian sex allocation“A growing body of evidence suggests that the assumption that males produce an unbiased proportion of X- and Y-chromosome-bearing spermatozoa is not always valid with significant between- and even within-individual variation.” – a mechanism for trivers-willard? – h/t lars penke!

Digit Span: the modest little bombshell and What does IQ 70 mean for black and white kids? – from dr. thompson.

The paradox of the Visual Word Form Area“The VWFA functions differently in different human populations. The difference is striking between people who use alphabetical script, where each symbol represents a sound, and those who use logographic script, where each symbol represents an idea. Chinese subjects process their idea-based symbols with assistance from other brain regions, whereas Westerners process their sound-based symbols only in the VWFA.” – from peter frost.

The man who destroyed America’s ego“How a rebel psychologist challenged one of the 20th century’s biggest—and most dangerous—ideas…. Among the most egregious errors they discovered were those in the papers that focused on academic performance. A correlation had been repeatedly found between high self-esteem and good grades. So, the logic went, if you boosted self-esteem you’d also boost grades. But the authors had made one of the most elementary mistakes in science. ‘When they tracked people over time,’ says Baumeister, ‘the grades came first, and then the self-esteem. High self-esteem was a *result* of good grades, not a cause.'” – h/t matthew wygant!

Genetic Influences on Political Ideologies: Twin Analyses of 19 Measures of Political Ideologies from Five Democracies and Genome-Wide Findings from Three Populations“Here we present results from original analyses of a combined sample of over 12,000 twins pairs, ascertained from nine different studies conducted in five democracies, sampled over the course of four decades. We provide evidence that genetic factors play a role in the formation of political ideology, regardless of how ideology is measured, the era, or the population sampled…. We then present results from one of the first genome-wide association studies on political ideology using data from three samples: a 1990 Australian sample involving 6,894 individuals from 3,516 families; a 2008 Australian sample of 1,160 related individuals from 635 families and a 2010 Swedish sample involving 3,334 individuals from 2,607 families. No polymorphisms reached genome-wide significance in the meta-analysis. The combined evidence suggests that political ideology constitutes a fundamental aspect of one’s genetically informed psychological disposition, but as Fisher proposed long ago, genetic influences on complex traits will be composed of thousands of markers of very small effects and it will require extremely large samples to have enough power in order to identify specific polymorphisms related to complex social traits.”

Why Americans Are So Polarized: Education and Evolution“Improvements in learning — which correlates with stronger partisanship — and the tendency to choose likeminded mates may be helping to create divided politics.” – from avi tuschman. – h/t eddy elmer!

Conservatives generally more willing to take business risks, study finds

Paternal Age at Childbearing and Offspring Psychiatric and Academic Morbidity“In the study population, advancing paternal age was associated with increased risk of some psychiatric disorders (eg, autism, psychosis, and bipolar disorders) but decreased risk of the other indexes of morbidity.”

A Genotype-First Approach to Defining the Subtypes of a Complex Disease – h/t kevin mitchell who tweeted: “Increasing recog’n that ‘common disorders; like autism really umbrella terms for many rare diseases.”

Researchers look at boy-girl differences in autism“Boys, it seems, can develop autism from a relatively small genetic hit, according to a study published today in the American Journal of Human Genetics. It takes more of a genetic wallop, though, to cause autism in girls – so when they do get it, they’re worse off. The same explanation holds true, researchers think, for the gender imbalance in ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), intellectual disabilities and schizophrenia.” – see also: A Higher Mutational Burden in Females Supports a “Female Protective Model” in Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

China Cracks Down on DNA Testing – h/t jayman!

Epigenetics: The sins of the father – big story in nature today. – “The roots of inheritance may extend beyond the genome, but the mechanisms remain a puzzle.” – but swedish scientist on twitter says: “But Rando misquotes Swedish human data in his Cell paper on mice. Caution for epigenetic hype!” – hmmmm. =/

The Consequences of Natural Morality“Good and Evil are not objective things. They exist as subjective impressions, creating a powerful illusion that they are objective things. This illusion that Good and Evil are objects independent of the conscious minds that imagine them exists for a good reason. It ‘works.’ In other words, its existence has enhanced the probability that the genes responsible for its existence will survive and reproduce.” – from helian.

Digit ratio predicts eminence of Polish actors – this one’s for sisyphean! (^_^) – h/t ben southwood!

Sex differences in color preferences transcend extreme differences in culture and ecology.

In Academia, Women Collaborate Less With Their Same-Sex Juniors“‘Some older women treated us younger women almost worse than some men did,’ she says. ‘We called it the “Queen Bee syndrome.”‘” – heh. – h/t claire lehmann!

Women Can Keep the Vote: No Evidence That Hormonal Changes During the Menstrual Cycle Impact Political and Religious Beliefs – behind paywall.

Women ‘subconsciously outdo other females’ during ovulation“But what the researchers found really surprising is that ovulating women did not appear to want a higher standing over men – they became kinder to them. When playing the dictator game, non-ovulating women shared 45% of their money with men, while ovulating women were willing to share 60% of their money with men. These findings are unlike anything we have ever seen in the dictator game. You just don’t see people giving away more than half of their money,’ says Prof. Durante.” – (~_^)

Women Outperform Men in Ultra-Distance Swimming – The ‘Manhattan Island Marathon Swim’ From 1983 to 2013. – because we float better (because we have that extra layer of fat)? (~_^)

Sameness and the self: philosophical and psychological considerations.“[H]ow can a person maintain a belief in the sameness of self over time in the face of continual psychological and physical change?” – h/t neuroskeptic!

Young Children Can Be Taught Basic Natural Selection Using a Picture-Storybook Intervention – but not politically correct people, apparently. (~_^) – h/t stuart ritchie!

Study: Racial bias in pain perception appears among children as young as 7 – see also: Psychologists use baby-cam to study infants’ exposure to faces.

Mixed-race children ‘are being failed’ in treatment of mental health problems“Children of mixed race are at greater risk of suffering from mental health problems and are not getting the support they need, says a report.” – in the u.k.

Inferring Character From Faces: A Developmental Study.“This research suggests that the predisposition to judge others using scant facial information appears in adultlike forms early in childhood and does not require prolonged social experience.”

Los europeos no inventaron la desigualdad en Hispanoamérica – from eduardo zugasti.

Native American city on the Mississippi was America’s first ‘melting pot’carcosa cahokia. – “By analyzing the teeth of those buried in different locations in Cahokia, Emerson, state archaeological survey bioarchaeologist Kristin Hedman and graduate student Philip Slater discovered that immigrants formed one-third of the population of the city throughout its history (from about AD 1050 through the early 1300s).”

Two-hundred-year drought doomed Indus Valley Civilization“Monsoon hiatus that began 4,200 years ago parallels dry spell that led civilizations to collapse in other regions.”

HBD 101 – from malcolm pollack. (*^_^*)

bonus: A ‘Second Great Wave’ of immigration?“‘Once again, the country is approaching a percentage of foreign-born not seen since the late 1800s and early 1900s,’ the Census Bureau wrote on its blog this week.” – =/ – h/t ray sawhill!

bonus bonus: Muhammad’s birthplace to be razed – remember that the najdis hate the hejazis and vice versa.

bonus bonus bonus: Giant Virus, Awakened From 30,000-Year Slumber, Is Still Infectious – ruh roh (if you’re an amoeba)!

bonus bonus bonus bonus: Crawling Through The Brain Without Getting Lost“Do the wasps taste their way through a cockroach brain?” – mmmmmm! =/

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Australia: Snake eats crocodile after battle – WITH PICTURES! =o – h/t ed west!

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  1. Holy cow I’m going to have to read, like all of this.
    That said:
    “Digit ratio predicts eminence of Polish actors” Love it. Sadly they don’t say in the abstract which ratio predicted acting success but my guess would be female ratio. So many male Hollywood actors have female digit ratios it’s not even funny. I should start a list and post it.


  2. So where can I get a copy of that picture-storybook about natural selection? My kids are the right age for it.

    That self-esteem article! Having read some of Branden’s books, Baumeister’s results seem to match the understanding of self-esteem that I got from Branden. There’s probably a definitional issue, which is common when talking about anything a Randite has written about: when Branden says “self-esteem”, he’s talking about something which excludes narcissism. When everyone else says “self-esteem”, narcissism is part of the set. But idiots like Vasconcellos, and the whole “self-esteem” movement, didn’t notice that, and instead “systematically and repeatedly masturbated their self-esteem mechanisms”.


  3. “DNA USA* – “[A]bout about 4 percent of whites have at least 1 percent or more African ancestry..”

    Here’s some HLA data I found which relates to this:-

    HLA A*74 allele

    Kenya [N=144] 9.40% [Peak world frequency]
    Uganda Kampala Pop. 2 [N=175] 9.40% [Peak world frequency]
    Cameroon Beti [N=174] 8.30%
    Rwanda [N=280] 7.50%
    Kenya Luo [N=265] 7.20%
    Nigeria [N=258] 6.50%
    Ghana Ga-Adangbe [N=131] 5.34%
    USA African American Pop. 5 [N=2411] 5.22%
    Mali Bandiagara [N=138] 3.60%

    USA Caucasian Bethesda [N=307] 2.20% [Way above any European frequencies]

    Albania [N=160] 0.60% [Peak European Frequency]
    Brazil Parana Caucasian [N=2775] 0.50%
    Portugal Azores [N=1050] 0.40%
    Portugal Leiria [N=1847] 0.40%
    Portugal Madeira Pop. 2 [N=173] 0.30%
    Switzerland Lausanne [N=993] 0.27%
    Romania Pop. 3 [N=1469] 0.24%
    Greece North [N=500] 0.20%
    Portugal Lisbon [N=17420] 0.20%
    England Liverpool [N=1343] 0.15%
    Italy South Campania [N=1089] 0.15%
    France Lyon [N=4813] 0.12%
    England Lancaster [N=545] 0.10%
    Germany [N=11407] 0.10%
    Wales [N=39979] 0.10%
    Poland Pop. 3 [N=2907] 0.06%
    England Manchester [N=1640] 0.05%
    England Newcastle [N=2739] 0.05%
    England Sheffield [N=4755] 0.05%
    Italy [N=159311] 0.05%
    Ireland South Pop. 2 [N=17624] 0.01%
    Sweden Stockholm [N=1347] 0.00%


  4. Years ago I decided that much about the USA could be understood if you viewed Americans as a nation of salesmen. So I was taken by “It was the 1950s, and a nation of workmen was turning into a nation of salesmen” which is the first time I’ve seen someone else write it. Mind you I’ve moved on, having been attracted by someone else’s “a nation of hustlers”.


  5. “Women Outperform Men in Ultra-Distance Swimming”: did humans cross the Wallace line by pregnant women swimming?


  6. About “Women Outperform Men in The ‘Manhattan Island Marathon Swim’”, is a plausible result, given that women not only have more fat, but the fat is distributed throughout the body, while in men it tends to accumulate in the belly. That is, women is better insulated. However, the female advantage in average performance is not very significant, since the competitiveness of the proof is very low (usually with little more than 20 participants per issue. In some years, only one person finished the race. In September 2009, the winner finished the race at 11:44, and in June of the same year, the winner finished in 7:10) , and the price to participate is high , more than $2,000 per person (one sex could be more selected). But the analysis of the best annual perfonces is more significant, even with such a small sample. The other result of the study was that the average age of the top swimmers (in 2013) is 42 years for men and 38 for women! Evidence that a good amount of fat is required, or the price to participate is too high for the youngers… :p

    If this kind of marathon was more competitive, perhaps men would doping themselves with estrogen to accumulate more fat … :(

    In the olympic 10km swimming marathon, men have the best times.

    Written in Portuguese, translated via Google translator, and I hope you will understand something


  7. “Paternal Age at Childbearing and Offspring Psychiatric and Academic Morbidity – “In the study population, advancing paternal age was associated with increased risk of some psychiatric disorders (eg, autism, psychosis, and bipolar disorders) but decreased risk of the other indexes of morbidity.””

    It would be interesting to see what variables were controlled for. The highest HR by far was for ADHD, which seems like little more than the psychiatric term for impulsivity.

    “But what the researchers found really surprising is that ovulating women did not appear to want a higher standing over men – they became kinder to them. When playing the dictator game, non-ovulating women shared 45% of their money with men, while ovulating women were willing to share 60% of their money with men. These findings are unlike anything we have ever seen in the dictator game. You just don’t see people giving away more than half of their money,’ says Prof. Durante.” – (~_^)

    Just read that a big study (N=125K) in Sweden found that companies with female ceos had smaller profit margins. Soon they will keep track of when competitors are ovulating : )


  8. @Rodolfo

    “Written in Portuguese, translated via Google translator, and I hope you will understand something”



  9. re: self-esteem, I seem to recall reading that some of the highest self-esteem is found among people in prison.,367250,en.pdf – In this sample, in offenders, modesty is slightly (but not significantly) higher, social boldness is lower, and social self esteem is higher.

    The offenders seem to be less confident, less calm and stable, less fair, have lower self esteem, less intellectually curious and less diligent.

    Possibly we in the West don’t really have an economy and justice system that clamps down at all on arrogance, provided it’s tempered by other qualities like fair dealing and restraint.

    Some high self esteem and high social confidence groups may end up in prison a lot though, if they also have other issues.


  10. The Khoisan live at low latitudes in Africa, and in the Kalahari high altitude too. Very strong UV. They are not black. Neither are Tibetans who are massively exposed to UV because of the altitude at which they live. But then there is little polygyny among the Bushmen, and the Tibetans practiced polyandry.


  11. For Sisyphean,

    All the following is from the Polish Actor study

    In a recent study, the emotionality component of the HEXACO model was associated with lower prenatal testosterone exposure (Shaw, 2013). This led us to predict that actors’ eminence would be negatively associated with prenatal testosterone exposure.

    High levels of prenatal testosterone and low levels of prenatal oestrogens are associated with a low 2D:4D; men usually have a lower 2D:4D than women

    ten judges – five actors and five psychologists studying creativ- ity were asked to indicate which of the 98 actors could be de- scribed as eminent. The judges indicated that between 10 and 25 actors could be considered eminent. The inter-rater reliability of the assessment was high (a = .84), so the scores were summed to obtain one measure of eminence (see Table 1). Because this index was skewed, we used a log-transformed variable in the parametric analyses.

    Using the electronic Encyclopaedia of Polish Scientific Publishers (, we obtained the number of words devoted to each actor and used this as an index of fame.

    As predicted, the 2D:4D correlated positively with eminence (r = .23; p = .021) and with its log-transformed index (r = .22; p = .031), confirming our first hypothesis. At the same time, the 2D:4D was not associated with productivity or with fame.

    When we controlled for gender and age, the correlation be- tween 2D:4D and eminence was still significant and even higher than reported in Table 1 (r(94) = .26; p = .009)

    we found a positive association between digit ra- tio and eminence in male and female Polish actors. It suggests that in the creative domain of acting, higher creative achievement is associated with feminine rather than masculine behavioural style (see also Karwowski, Lebuda, Wis ́niewska, & Gralewski, 2013). Interestingly, although actors’ eminence was also associated with their productivity (the number of films they had acted in) and fame, digit ratio was associated with eminence, but not with productivity or fame. This finding – although preliminary and requiring confirmation and explanation in future theories and studies – suggests that the role played by biological factors in creativity is quite complex and cannot be reduced to its influence on productivity or fame. It suggests that instead, digit ratio is reflected in the quality of creative achievement in the acting pro- fession. It may be speculated that emotional sensitivity, caused by prenatal exposure to testosterone and associated with the amygdala, is an important contributor to actors’ eminence.


  12. What the hell, here is some more

    The impact of steroid hormones in prenatal development, as indicated by the 2D:4D is associated with certain behavioural pat- terns, personality traits and biologically based abilities. Exposure to androgens determines amongst other things, propensity to at- tack and dominate, and promotes risk-taking and competitive behaviour (Manning, 2002; Neave, Laing, Fink, & Manning, 2003; Wilson, Near, & Miller, 1996) and higher confidence (Boissy & Bouissou, 1994). In males, it has also been negatively associated with sensation seeking (Fink, Neave, Laughton, & Manning, 2006).
    Androgens and oestrogens also affect the intensity of certain personality traits. Women with high levels of testosterone perceive themselves to be self-directed, action-oriented and resourceful, whereas women with lower levels of testosterone view themselves as conventional and sociable (Collar & Hines, 1995). A study using Cattell’s 16 Personality Factors (16PF) questionnaire showed that women with a higher right-hand 2D:4D had lower emotional stability and social boldness and scored higher for ‘privateness’ (Lindová, Hrušková, Pivonˇková, Kubeˇna, & Flegr, 2008). Studies taking into account the relationship between Big Five personality traits and 2D:4D have not produced consistent findings. For women, these studies have found a significant, positive correlation between neuroticism and right-hand 2D:4D, but also, surprisingly, a negative relationship between the right-hand digit ratio and agreeableness (Fink, Manning, & Neave, 2004).
    Hormones determining 2D:4D also influence the development of abilities. Mrazik and Dombrowski (2010) suggested that high intelligence is linked to high prenatal testosterone levels through the latter’s influence on neuronal proliferation, migration, differen- tiation, and apoptosis. Prenatal testosterone exposure may directly influence intelligence by altering neuronal migration, leading to greater right hemisphere development (Geschwind & Behan, 1982), as well as greater coordination within and between the hemispheres (Alexander, O’Boyle, & Benbow, 1996; Anderson & Harvey, 1996).
    People who experienced high prenatal exposure to testosterone (low 2D:4D) also have a lower level of verbal skills (Manning, 2002), but better spatial skills (Csatho et al., 2003; Puts, McDaniel, Jordan, & Breedlove, 2008), visual, mathematical and musical skills (Luxen & Buunk, 2005; Sluming & Manning, 2000). High prenatal testosterone levels are associated with achievements in different domains: financial trading (Coates, Gurnell, & Rustichini, 2009) and sports disciplines including rugby, sprinting, running and sumo wrestling (Bennett, Manning, Cook, & Kilduff, 2010; Manning, Morris, & Caswell, 2007; Tamiya, Lee, & Ohtake, 2012).
    1.2. 2D:4D and creativity
    Studies on the relationship between 2D:4D and creativity are scarce. It has been shown however, that androgen exposure is associated with aesthetic preferences in childhood (Turgeon, 2008) and career interests (Weis, Firker, & Hennig, 2007). In a study of British Symphony Orchestra musicians, male musicians had lower mean 2D:4D in both left and right hands than controls and their 2D:4D was negatively correlated with their rank in the
    orchestra (Sluming & Manning, 2000). Another study (Karwowski & Lebuda, 2013) demonstrated that 2D:4D was correlated with appreciation of creativity (creative personal identity); the correla- tion was positive for men, but negative for women, in line with theories of the androgyny of creativity (Csikszentmihalyi, 1996).


  13. Harold, thanks a ton for this. There’s a lot of good stuff there that I’ll need to digest before I dig in deeper. I’m sure this will be fodder for several posts. One thing I’ll note though is that not all the high digit ratio men I’ve met are creative or are interested in doing creative things, there are some other required traits (such as higher openness to experience, less anxiety about sticking out of the crowd, etc.). And the theory about the ‘androgyny of creativity’ in my experience applies more to the males than the females. In my local theater world the men who aren’t gay are all high digit ratio men, every single one of 30 or so guys that I looked at. This is highly odd from an outsider’s perspective when you consider that less than ten percent of men have high digit ratios yet here they all were lined up to sing/act (though I really wonder how much it varies by population.) However the women were mostly also higher digit ratios (I don’t have the exact number, it was far far more than 50%, I’ll have to go check that out) but that makes sense if you think of theater as a people oriented discipline, which I do. In theater emotional expression through voice inflection, making exaggerated faces, using big gestures, essentially telegraphing your emotion in a big way is a hugely important skill and it’s very hard to teach. Some kids/adults get it, others just don’t. Where I’ve noticed a few lower digit ratio women in the arts is in photography/film making.



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