i have my OWN page @(ir)rational wiki now! i feel like i’ve really arrived (~_^):

“Hbdchick is a HBD blogger who attempts to give scientific racism credibility by presenting herself as an innocent bookworm fascinated with human variation.

“Like other bigots who now try to rebrand racialist and racist ideologies online through HBD or ‘race realism’ blogs and forums, Hbdchick describes herself a geek who became a ‘HBDer’ after reading books on ‘Eskimos and Indians, that sort of thing – and I was absolutely transfixed by them!’. Sounds innocent right? Somehow though books on Eskimos and Indians leads to the view there are racial differences in IQ, that black people have smaller brains and other 19th century pseudo-science which fills Hbdchick’s blog. Hbdchick also links to other ‘HBD’ sites including an assortment of neo-nazis, racists and internet-kooks (e.g. ‘Racial Reality’ the founder of Anthroscape, Bonesandbehaviours set up by a Holocaust-denier, Chris Brand, Steve Sailer and Forumbiodiversity).”

yes. ’cause posts on racial differences in iq and the fact that black people have smaller brains than other popuations (on average, btw) absolutely FILL my blog.

let’s look at the stats. i’ve posted a total of 1,672 posts. 199 of them have been “saturday star wars” posts, so they’re not hbd-related. that leaves a total of 1,473 serious posts (not that my saturday star wars posts aren’t serious!).

checking through my posts tagged with “iq” — there are 133 of them, btw — i find that there is a grand total of exactly 1 — o n e — which relates to racial differences in iq: andrew sullivan talks sense on iq.

yeah. my blog is absolutely LOADED with discussions on racial differences in iq! not that there’d be anything wrong with that. but SOMEbody over at rational wiki maybe ought to actually READ my blog!

guess they also missed my recent post: you and me and hbd.

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