finding hbd chick 2013

here’s a map of where this year’s visitors to the blog were located (unless you’re all using proxies!). still no visitors from turkmenistan! d*mn. gotta work on that…

visitors 2013 - map

and here are the top 20 countries in descending order. the difference between the u.s. and the u.k. is roughly an order of magnitude, so usa #1!:

– united states
– united kingdom
– canada
– australia
– sweden
– germany
– norway
– finland
– ireland
– france
– new zealand
– india
– brazil (hi gottlieb!)
– netherlands
– poland (hi szopeno!)
– greece
– spain
– belgium
– (uae – mostly proxies, i think)
– denmark
– czech republic

the top 10 referrers in order were…

– steve sailer
– chateau heartiste
– jayman
– mr. mangan, esq.
– foseti
– assistant village idiot
– vdare
– takimag (i think vdare & takimag are mostly john derbyshire)
– jewamongyou
– evoandproud

thanks, guys! (^_^)

and here are some totally relevant and/or…interesting…search engine searches via which people arrived on the blog:

– european tribes/tribes of europe (yes)
– hodor (hodor!)
– dark enlightenment (second entry here)
– black porn stars (don’t ask)
– hajnal line (yes)
– hajnal line in america (hmmmm…?)
– where does culture come from (good question!)
how to become a genius in physics
winter is coming
– human biodiversity (yay!)
– hbd chicks (there’s more than one?!)
– kessel run (oh, yeah)
– europe “hajnal line” (we got a professional here!)
– italians marry cousins (yes, they do)
– can i marry my father’s brother’s daughter in islam (yes, you can)
– girls without wearing any clothes (heh. no.)
– ax (ax?)
– where do clans come from (oh! oh! i know! i know!)
– game of thrones dragons (where are my DRAGONS?!)
– hungarian penis (??)
– can you marry your 7th cousin (sure!)
– dinosaur hat (hmmmm. will have to cover that next year.)

thanks everybody for all your thoughtful comments and input!

more next year! (^_^)


  1. You’re welcome!

    Thank you for your invaluable insight and research!

    I once did a similar post:

    The HBD of HBD realists – where I get my readers | JayMan’s Blog

    Essentially identical origins as yours.

    My top 11 referrers are (in order):

    Steve Sailer
    Disqus (mostly Takimag and The Atlantic)
    Chateau Heartiste
    Cochran & Harpending/West Hunter
    Lion of the Blogosphere
    Peter Frost/Evo and Proud
    Audacious Epigone
    M.G./Those Who Can See

    Top/interesting search engine terms:

    tau ceti (And its planetary system)
    don’t sleep on barry o (no, don’t ever sleep on barry o)
    detroit vs windsor (just what is different?)
    american nations (Read about them. buy the book too!)
    interesting facts about obesity (yes, there are many) …


  2. – girls without wearing any clothes (heh. no.) Do Slave Leia outfits count as clothes?
    – ax (ax?) Don’t ax.


  3. Are the countries listed by a total number of visitors/visits or by some more relevant metric like number of visitors per 100,000 people ;)?


  4. We have almost the same nationalities among our readers, top 5 are exactly the same except UK and Canada have switched places. We both have Sweden in fifth, a very small country. Does everyone have lots of Swedish readers? I thought I had them because I’m from Sweden.


  5. @krakonos – “Are the countries listed by a total number of visitors/visits or by some more relevant metric like number of visitors per 100,000 people ;)?”

    oh, it’s just the straight numbers — total number of “views per country” (according to the wordpress stats). nothing fancy. i guess i could work out the per capita numbers, but that sounds like too much…work! (~_^)


  6. @staffan – “Does everyone have lots of Swedish readers?”

    i dunno! i was a bit surprised that the nordic countries ranked so high in my stats, although i know there have been a lot of finns hanging around the hbd-o-sphere for quite some time.

    i’ve decided to revise my posting plans for january and to start looking at the history of mating patterns in scandinavia+finland sooner rather than later — as a way of saying thanks to all the nords reading the blog! (^_^)


  7. @staffan – “Let me know if there is anything I can dig up or translate.”

    thanks! (^_^)

    (be careful what you offer, though. you might regret it. (~_^) )


  8. In a nation with 200 million people I’m the only reader??
    Do not think it’s possible (if true) because I know virtually several colleagues who occasionally access your blog. But I must be more of those who visit your blog in my country.


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