really important announcement

blogging’s gonna be light (or maybe nonexistent) over the next couple of weeks because…SANTA’S COMING! (^_^) yay! (^_^)

i’ll be around, just not really blogging. will probably be passed out under the christmas tree thanks to too much eggnog…actually, that’ll most likely be the case, come to think of it….



  1. We’ll miss you, but I can leave my more offensive posts at Vdare instead.

    … oh! they’re down.

    Well Slate and Salon are probably a reliable source of HBD information. I can spend Christmas with them.


  2. Well, have a great Christmas, hbd*chick. We’ll miss ya, but go ahead and give your fingers a little time off from the keyboard.

    But not for *too* long! ;-)


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