save the tibetans!

’cause (according to reddit) they make stuff like this:

tibetan kapala

i was already really impressed by the tibetans and their sky burials, but now they’ve truly surpassed themselves! (^_^)


  1. It happens that I write a whole web site about such things :-)

    Sample pages:

    * About the Buddhakapala, a Buddhist scripture whose title means “the cup (kapala) made from the Buddha’s skull.”

    * How to make a kangling—a ritual trumpet formed from a human thigh-bone—with detailed instructions and photographs.

    * Several chapters of my Buddhist vampire romance novel take place in a charnel ground—where sky burials take place and the bodies are left lying around in various states of decay.

    These might possibly be NSFW, and will definitely not be to everyone’s taste! But perhaps to yours.


  2. Oh, and if you like vultures, you might enjoy a post by my girlfriend with a lot of geeky jokes about sky burial, its role in Tibetan Buddhism, and also some very serious information about vulture biology. They are in danger of extinction due to illegal use of a banned veterinary drug.


  3. The Tibetans certainly make a lot of great stuff from human bones. Did you know they have a musical instrument made from a human thighbone? It’s called the kangling.

    On my harddrive I have an mp3 file where the kangling is played, but I can’t recall where I found it.


  4. Man that picture just hits every one of the ‘this is cool’ buttons in my dark withered little artist heart.



  5. I cannot tell you how keenly I desire a Sky Burial. The “Ethician Church” in Texas (which appears to be one interesting fellow and a ton of his Web sites) has long argued for the custom and tried to establish one, and for the details go to or to

    My partner and I have agreements about use of each others’ bones. Should be interesting to see how that one plays out.

    Are you aware of the old line of argument that claims Finns and Tibetans have common racial and cultural roots?


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