ed west, former telegraph blogger and author of The Diversity Illusion, has got himself a new website! yay!

it’s right here: Ed West.

so, update your bookmarks and your rss feeds and what not. (^_^)

also, if you’ve never read The Diversity Illusion, i highly recommend it!:

the diversity illusion 02

here’s the amazon.co.uk link: The Diversity Illusion: What We Got Wrong About Immigration & How to Set It Right.

and, while i’m at it, here’s west from yesterday on the british website conservative home (THEY spell it with small letters! (^_^) )…

“And yet hostility to immigration does not mean hostility to immigrants – the PEW Research Centre’s findings showed that in most European and North American countries opposition to mass immigration was overwhelmingly strong, and yet most people had favourable opinions of people from the developing world. They don’t want their countries to be radically changed so that they no longer feel their neighbourhood is theirs – no one does – but, incredibly enough, they’re not just itching for their chance to get on the jackboots and start murdering their neighbours.”


“The strangest thing about the universalist take on immigration is that it’s built on a series of conflicting theories. Among these are the twin beliefs that (a) multi-ethnic societies are wonderful, harmonious places and (b) in multi-ethnic societies we can’t go near the subject of race or immigration because it will lead to pogroms by whites against non-whites. Either (a) is true or (b) is, but they can’t both be.”

good stuff!

btw, ed west has recently gone forth and multiplied, so do buy his book. presumably he could use the £££!