1. I came here ten minutes ago, saw this picture, and scrolled down to read the other posts. Only later do I realize I’ve been humming the Cantina song on a loop, and had to post here to let you know that you’re at fault for this.

    I N C E P T I O N


  2. “Capt. Kirk: You’re a traitor from a race of traitors. Disloyal to the core. Rotten! Like the rest of your subhuman race. And you’ve got the GALL… to make love to that girl!

    Spock: That’s enough.

    Capt. Kirk: Does she know what she’s getting, Spock? A carcass full of memory banks who should be squatting on a mushroom? Instead of passing himself off as a man? You belong in the circus, Spock, not a starship. Right next to the dog face boy!”


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