1. @puzzle pirate – “You don’t happen to be a real wiz with 23andMe data, do you?”

    no, not really. the snps in question seem to be listed here on snpedia. you’d have to figure out how to read the info about those snps — like here…

    Exon2 E24X 70G>T

    …presumably G>T means the g was changed to a t (?), but what the rest of that means, i’m not sure.

    then you’d have to match that info to the 23andme snps. dunno if all the relevant snps would be there or not. (?)


  2. @puzzle pirate – somewhere in this…

    Exon2 E24X 70G>T

    …is probably the “position” as 23andme calls it.

    “Exon2 E24X 70G>T” is just a sort-of map coordinate. unfortunately, i don’t know how to read it! there are prolly some instructions out there on the innerwebs somewhere.


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