1. So they’re making a robot awkwardly shaped like a people? A giant spider shape would be more practical and more scary.


  2. They’re so proud of their repulsive abominations…

    By the way, the response from asymmetric actors will probably escalate by the order of 10x. I mean: if you cannot technologically keep pace with terminators, stigmergic swarms of killer drones or bug-shaped toxin/virus-inyecting nanobots, what can you do?

    I’m sure they have their own “imaginative” guys. I won’t even write down what could be the desperation-fueled, asymmetric, and “highly-terroristic” response from those non-state actors.

    Scary scenarios.


  3. Robots are real and deadly. They appear to be racists in that they are going after blacks and Hispanics first. I’m serious.

    The recent book “Race with the Machines” paints an unattractive future for humans. But As Arnold said in “Commando” to one of the bad guys – “I’ll kill you last”. Whites and Asians get to watch as the machines take out the minorities first.

    The “Great Migration” began when Rust invented a cotton picking machine. That machine drove the blacks out of the deep South and into Northern cities like Detroit. Then in response to Japan’s auto assembly robots the Big Three brought in their own robots. It became possible for one man to do the work of 20. The least valuable workers went first.

    Detroit no longer had high paying jobs for semi-skilled blacks and soon Detroit went bankrupt. Lots of tax consumers and no tax payers. The headlines yesterday should have said, “Robots destroy Detroit”.

    Meanwhile we are still flooded with illegal aliens. I myself have two women who are probably not citizens who sweep and mop my floors and clean the toilet. I’m planning to send them back across the border with my robot.

    I bought a floor sweeping robot for $100. There are much more capable ones available but they cost more. I routinely send the little machine out to sweep the floors – and amuse my cat. It is much less capable than a person. It is a classic ‘one trick pony’. But it only has to supplement not replace the human maids. I now have the humans come in less often than before. They charge $150 a session. So by going to once every two weeks rather than once a week, the robot has already paid for itself.

    Robots are making blacks and Hispanics obsolete. I’ll hopey be gone by the time they come for me.



  4. One of my friends studies engineering at McMaster, and one studies engineering at Waterloo. I’m begging both of them to collaborate and build me Bender Bending Rodriguez, so we can “Cheese it!” when necessary.


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