linkfest – 07/16/13

not sure if this is a late linkfest from this past sunday or an early linkfest for next sunday…. (~_^)

Patterns of selection on Neanderthal alleles in modern humans“‘We identified Neandertal alleles that are at higher frequency than expected under a model of neutral evolution, and identify dozens of genomic locations in Europeans and East Asians at which the Neandertal alleles are the targets of positive selection. Interestingly, there is evidence for more extensive positive selection in East Asian than in European populations.'” – @race/history/evolution notes.

On the antiquity of language: the reinterpretation of Neandertal linguistic capacities and its consequences“[W]e argue here that recognizably modern language is likely an ancient feature of our genus pre-dating at least the common ancestor of modern humans and Neandertals about half a million years ago.” – via mr. mangan, esq.!

World’s Oldest Calendar Found in Scotland“British archaeologists have found what they say is the world’s oldest calendar, dating back to about 8,000 BC.”

Paternal age and fitness in pre-industrial Finland“‘Individuals whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers fathered their lineage at age of 20 were ~9% more likely to survive to adulthood than those with 40-year-old male ancestors.'” – @race/history/evolution notes.

Law alone?“People of northwestern European descent put the least emphasis on the blood bond of a nation’s population…. The paradox presented here for many like myself is that the places inspiring the warmest feelings and that I would like most to live in are the places that tend to put the least effort into maintaining what they have. It’s tragic.” – yup. =/ from the awesome epigone.

Ethnic background influences immune response to TB“Over the thousands of years that humans have been infected with TB, people of different ethnicities have evolved different immune mechanisms for handling the bacteria, a finding that could affect the outcome of planned trials for new TB drugs…. [D]ifferences in the way TB affects the body are also linked to ethnicity. For example, he found that most infections in Europeans are in the lungs, for example, while Asians and Africans get most TB infections in other organs.” – @new scientist. also: Scientists discover ethnic differences in immune response to TB bacterium.

Link between low vitamin D blood levels and heart disease varies by race“Low vitamin D blood levels are linked to greater risk of heart disease in whites and Chinese, but not in blacks and Hispanics.”

Early spatial reasoning predicts later creativity and innovation, especially in STEM fields“Exceptional spatial ability at age 13 predicts creative and scholarly achievements over 30 years later, according to results from a new longitudinal study published in Psychological Science.” – via futurepundit! see also steve sailer: Something intelligent and interesting in the news.

Nature, nurture, and expertise“More than half of the difference between expert and normal readers is genetic…. Less than a fifth of the expert-normal difference is due to shared environment.” – via mr. mangan, esq.! see also dr. james thompson.

‘Genes’ a reason poor kids struggle at school, says [an australian] government report“In a controversial new report released today, the Productivity Commission cites ‘parents’ cognitive abilities and inherited genes’ as one of five main reasons why kids from low-income families lag behind those from wealthy homes.” – surely heads must be rolling!

Who’s Having the Babies? – from jayman … who’s having a baby! (~_^)

Brain scans of inmates turn up possible link to risks of reoffending“Those with low ACC [anterior cingulate cortex] activity were about twice as likely to commit crimes within four years of being released as those with high ACC activity.” see also Born to Kill from jared taylor.

Chinese People May Be at Higher Risk for Stroke Than Caucasians“[T]he research found a slightly higher overall risk of stroke in Chinese people than in Caucasians, with a range of 205 to 584 strokes per 100,000 Chinese people age 45 to 74, compared to 170 to 335 strokes per 100,000 Caucasian people the same age. Chinese also had a higher risk of intracerebral hemorrhage, a type of stroke due to bleeding into the brain from a ruptured blood vessel, compared to Caucasian people, or 33 percent of all strokes compared to 12 percent of all strokes in community-based studies. Chinese people had a lower average age of stroke onset of 66 to 70 years-old, compared to 72 to 76 years-old for Caucasians.” – via hbd bibliography!

Study: Even with similar cancer treatment, African Americans don’t live as long as other patients“It’s likely ‘not related to the treatment,’ Ferrajoli speculated, ‘it’s probably a different biology.'” – via amren!

Child food neophobia is heritable, associated with less compliant eating, and moderates familial resemblance for BMI – via jayman!

Poles in the Tent“[I]f high-quality protein were the long pole in the tent, male provisioning of meat, which we see in chimpanzees, might matter quite a bit more than you would think from the number of calories alone.” – from greg cochran.

Dark Counsel From The Durants“‘Inequality is not only natural and inborn, it grows with the complexity of civilization. Hereditary inequalities breed social and artificial inequalities; every invention or discovery is made or seized by the exceptional individual, and makes the strong stronger, the weak relatively weaker, than before.'” – dark stuff, indeed! from malcolm pollack. here’s the durants’ The Lessons of History.

The Death of Enlightenment – or How Nebraska Beats California – from staffan.

‘Big Givers’ Get Punished for Being Nonconformists“People punish generous group members by rejecting them socially — even when the generosity benefits everyone — because the ‘big givers’ are nonconformists.” – you just can’t win with humans!

Genetic diversity, economic development and policy – from jason collins.

Emmanuel Todd’s Theory of Modernity from t.greer.

The other slave trade“Europe used to export slaves to the non-European world.” – from peter frost.

D.N.A. Backs Lore on Pre-Columbian Dogscarolina dogs! — or dixie dingos! woof! (^_^)

Dementia Rate Is Found to Drop Sharply, as Forecast

bonus: make sure to check out elijah armstrong’s new blog!

bonus bonus: Chinese Logographs vs. the Latin Alphabet“[C]ultural systems *do* matter when it comes to cultural advancement and enrichment.” – @habitable worlds.

bonus bonus bonus: Review of “Shots Fired” by Sam Francis – from foseti.

bonus bonus bonus bonus: The rise of identitarian thought… – @occam’s razor.

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Social Truth Vs Objective Truth and Social Truth II and Social Truth III – from the assistant village idiot.

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Dyslexia is Britain’s secret weapon in the spy war: Top codebreakers can crack complex problems because they suffer from the condition

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Isolated Afghans contemplate mass exodus“The 1,100 ethnic Kyrgyz living in this isolated sliver of Afghanistan wedged between Tajikistan, Pakistan and China have been spared the violence that has plagued the rest of their country. But they have also done without the burst of foreign aid that has helped reconstruct one of the world’s poorest nations.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: A Village Invents a Language All Its Own“The language, called Warlpiri rampaku, or Light Warlpiri, is spoken only by people under 35 in Lajamanu, an isolated village of about 700 people in Australia’s Northern Territory. In all, about 350 people speak the language as their native tongue.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Pictured: ‘Vampire’ graves in Poland where skeletons were buried with skulls between their legs – cool!

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Genetic Differences That Let Octopods Flourish – octopod biodiversity!

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  1. After reading those excerpts, I actually went out and bought _The Lessons of History_. While the chapter “Biology and History” certainly is pro-HBD, the next few chapters are not. The authors seem fine with variation between individuals, but deny between group differences. The very next chapter, “Race and History,” basically holds up paleoracism as incorrect (specifically the pro-Nordic/Germanic variants)–and to be very clear, I agree with them there–but they sort of use that to deny group differences in general (“Nevertheless, known history shows little alteration in the conduct of mankind. The Greeks of Plato’s time behaved very much like the French of modern centuries; and the Romans behaved like the English,” 3rd paragraph of chapter V) and the end of chapter IV prefers a Diamond-like explanation about geographical opportunity, and the old stand by, institutions.


  2. Regarding Law Alone, it’s like Bill Maher said recently, that America is built on ideas, not race. But when he discusses current events it’s more about race than about those ideas. It’s a little bit like liberals who read Harry Potter and like every conservative bit of it. There are some kind of firewalls in their brains.


  3. “Ethnic background influences immune response to TB..”

    HLA papers are informative in this particular area:-

    Human Leukocyte Antigen Class I Supertypes Influence Susceptibility and Severity of Tuberculosis

    Arumugam Balamurugan,1 Surendra K. Sharma,2 and Narinder K. Mehra1 Departments of 1 Transplant Immunology and Immunogenetics and 2 Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

    “Although both differential susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and disease pathogenesis depend on a multitude of factors, elucidation of specific host genetic markers, particularly those in the human major histocompatibilty complex, is important. The present study is an attempt to delineate human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I association in tuberculosis (TB) on the basis of a shared sequence motif in peptidebinding pockets of HLA molecules. In patients with pulmonary TB and miliary/disseminated TB, we observed significantly increased frequencies of A3-like supertypes and decreased frequencies of A1-like supertypes. These 2 positively and negatively associated supertypes (allele groups) share a similar peptide-binding motif, except for residues in pocket F of the HLA class I molecules. In addition, the HLA-Cw specificities that are major ligands for killer cell immunoglobulin-like (inhibitory) receptors (KIRs), particularly KIR2DL1 (Cw2, Cw4,and CW5) and KIR2DL2 (Cw1, Cw3, and Cw7), were found more frequently among patients with TB, which suggests a possible inhibition of natural killer cell activity against the infected target cells. The results of the present study suggest that the frequent occurrence of HLA class I specificities comprising an A3 like peptidebinding motif and the increased occurrence of ligands for KIR2DL in TB together may influence the outcome of TB.


  4. Vampires are actually part of very early Slavic folklore. Our native word for vampire is “wąpierz” an is believed to have the same root as “the bat” in “nietoperz” (netopyr), were the last part is believed to have something to do with flying.

    Of course that’s why I never understood why in English works people forget about cutting the head and putting it between the legs, not to mention using wrong kind of wood to make a stake (it has to be aspen). There is also running water thing (often forgotten by English filmmakers and writers) and the fact that vampire had to be invited into your house.


  5. “Ethnic background influences immune response to TB..”

    HLA A3- haplotypes appear to confer increased susceptibility or severity of TB.
    A1- haplotypes appear to confer reduced susceptibility or severity of TB.

    HLA A3 world peak frequency = Sami of Scandinavia, & also Russians
    HLA A1 world peak frequency = British Isles, & also Moroccan Jews [in Israel]

    The 3 highest death rates from TB in the world [per 100,000] are: 1. Sierra Leone (225.2); 2. Timor Leste (145.9); & 3. Mali (133.6).

    I don’t have HLA data for Sierra Leone or Timor Leste, but I do for Mali. And as it happens, Mali does have a quite high rate of A3 [4.4%], and also one of the lowest rates of A1 in Sub-Saharan Africa [1.8%], so it appears to be follow the findings of the paper I posted the link to.


  6. I have a question, not related to anything linked here, but I thought I’d shoot it by you anyway. Why are black Americans so ethnocentric? What’s the score with respect to inbreeding/outbreeding? I don’t think the explanation can lie there, as they come from ragtag West African groups, whites, and Native Americans. And maybe there’s nothing remarkable about them. White Americans are just freakishly individualistic and have the best propaganda in the world targeted against them. It’s still curious.


  7. Thanks for the links. The ancient language and Neanderthals study is interesting. I want it to be untrue, as I am one who subscribes to the few mutations/recent acceleration view, but they make some good points. Worth thinking about.

    As for criminals and the anterior cingulate gyrus, that area is also less responsive in schizophrenics. The theory is that it is important in holding a competing narrative in the side of one’s attention and comparing it to the general flow of present data. New theory, old theory, which works better, Chauncey? Schizophrenics can’t do that, and so have anosognosia, an inability to even contemplate aleternative explanations (which makes working with them very tiring, I can assure you.) Criminals are often unable to even contemplate alternative interpretations of events – unable to stand back and say “I shouldn’t even be here, it’s trespassing… I shouldn’t take this it’s not mine…if someone were doing this to me I wouldn’t like it.” The difference would be that in schizophrenics the rungs on that ladder simply aren’t there. In criminals they are shadowy, elusive, even invisible, but real and solid, and they can learn to use them Sort of. I’m not entirely convinced from my own experience, but some pretty cynical and smart people are claiming limited success there.


  8. @misophile – “What’s the score with respect to inbreeding/outbreeding? I don’t think the explanation can lie there, as they come from ragtag West African groups, whites, and Native Americans.”

    keep in mind that the effects of inbreeding on behaviors related to altruism (like ethnocentrism, maybe) that i’m talking about require rather long-term inbreeding (or outbreeding). just taking a handful of diverse populations and mixing them up for a few generations might not — probably won’t — affect how clannish they are, one way or the other, because natural selection has to come into play first, and that takes a little time.

    think of it like a two-stage rocket:

    – FIRST you have either inbreeding or outbreeding (or any range in between those), and these mating patterns either focus or disperse “genes for altruism” (or maybe “genes for ethnocentrism”) within extended family groups, which…

    – THEN sets the stage for creating different selection pressures in that different social environments are created (egs. nuclear families, extended families, clans, larger tribes). it’s HERE in this second stage where the behaviors — either clannish or not (or any range in between those!) — are selected for (or can be selected for).

    who are our african americans? i mean, i know they’re from west africa, and i have read a bit about which specific populations they came from, but we really need to know which populations to answer your question. and we need to reconstruct their history mating patterns/social structures to get an idea of what sorts of selection pressures might’ve been acting upon them. (tall order, eh?! (^_^) )


  9. re: ‘Genes’ a reason poor kids struggle at school, says [an australian] government report

    The third sentence from the end reads, “While inherited genes influence their development, the quality of family environments, and the availability of appropriate experiences at various stages of development, are crucial for building capabilities.”

    I amended that sentence by crossing out the last word, capabilities and inserting happiness, the most important thing of all in its place.

    I guess I buy into that old 18th century notion that the purpose of government is the happiness of its people.


  10. “‘Individuals whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers fathered their lineage at age of 20 were ~9% more likely to survive to adulthood than those with 40-year-old male ancestors.’”
    If we consider this along with Dr. Cochran’s theory concerning the affect of paternal age on genetic load in West Africa, could this perhaps partially explain the higher infant mortality among blacks in the US?


  11. @hbd chick

    Re: your bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus:

    Osteological examination has already returned extraordinary results: the eye sockets are much larger than average while the nasomaxillary area (the part between the nose and the upper jaw) is narrower than average. This would have given them a cat-like appearance, a genetic mutation that suggests the deceased are related and that might explain why this group of people were seen as dangerous by their community.


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