high-range iq test

ok, everybody. time to test yourselves!

our very own boy wonder, elijah armstrong, has developed a high-range crystallized test “intended to measure IQ into a very high range” (i am sooo gonna fail…).

if you’d like to participate in the norming of this test, please email elijah, and he will send you a copy of the test. he’ll send you your results, too, once it’s all over.

please, keep in mind that this is all being done on the HONOR SYSTEM, so no cheating! no looking anything up online! no sharing answers! follow the instructions to the letter, and please don’t post the questions anywhere! thanks. (^_^)

edit: please, see elijah’s comment below. (don’t download the OLD version of the test!)

(note: comments do not require an email. the boy wonder!)


  1. Thanks, hbdc. “Boy wonder” indeed!

    Please note, however, that on my website is an OBSOLETE VERSION of this test. I am taking the obsolete version down, but it still contains some identical items. Please do not download the obsolete version.




  2. guess i should’ve pointed out that elijah will need some iq info from you, too (since he’s trying to norm his test): sat/act scores, other iq test data.


  3. on the second thought, I am not native english speaker – most likely an obstacle for test intended, i guess, for english-speaking people.


  4. Had a go and a very quick response from Elijah. The test is biased towards US citizens I think (I live in another country), understandably so if Elijah is using SAT’s as part of the input. Some of the questions had strong US general knowledge component. But others required a fairly broad general knowledge. Very challenging!


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