hbd chick trading card

edit: collect all of the Heroes of the Dark Enlightenment trading cards @radish magazine! (^_^) (i’ve got two mangan cards and would be happy to trade one for a cochran & harpending card….)

in this month’s boxes of coco puffs (while supplies last). thanks, carlos! (^_^)

hbd chick trading card

see also steve sailer’s. (^_^)


  1. personal anecdote: my favorite toy when i was a kid — along with a purple plastic locomotive (long story) — was a wooden sword. (^_^) i was a BIG fan of errol flynn as robin hood. fought a lot of (imagined) battles with that sword! successfully, of course.

    one christmas, i think it was fourth or fifth grade, our school play (in which i always played mary, believe it or not) for some reason included st. george slaying the dragon (oh noes!), but the set of school props didn’t include a sword. me, being an idiot, volunteered my sword. i lent it to the kid playing st. george … and he BROKE IT!! =/

    i tell ya — that was probably the last time i ever volunteered myself or the use of any of my possessions for any stupid group project. (~_^)


  2. Nifty cards!
    Full disclosure: For several years, I was really into Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering; though I haven’t played either in years, there’s a nifty card creation tool for Magic/YGO and some other games that allows you to create your own cards.

    Seeing these cards piqued my interest a bit and took me back to some fun times – ah, those 16-person free-for-alls… ;-)


  3. @grey – “very cool :)”

    i like it! (^_^) (a LOT! (~_^) )

    although i think i laughed hardest at/got the most enjoyment out of the cochran & harpending card. (^_^)


  4. I’m telling you, they breed AMAZINGLY fast! like lightning… sexy lightning… o_O

    don’t even get me started on group projects… sword or no sword, I did not play well with others


  5. After seeing your card, reading your blogs makes me feel like I’m one of Boudica’s followers.


  6. @thales – “I’m seeing hbd chick foils going for 11.38 BTC over on MTGOX…”

    heh! (^_^) (hmmmm. there must be some way i could corner that market…!)


  7. “Hermione Boudica Daenerys”…a true warrior princess, then! ;o)

    Boudica, by the way, might have had a chariot. The Celts in Britannia still used war chariots in Roman times, although the war chariot was generally considered outdated at the time. Their chariots caused the Roman legionaries some trouble, however, because the legionairies weren’t used to fight chariot mounted enemies.


  8. I just stumbled on this by accident. Your card and Sunshine Mary’s kind of remind me of the anime Claymore.

    Cochran and Harpending share a blog, so they’d have to be all yaoi. “They do breed amazingly fast…”

    (I lost access to Twitter and the forum, BTW.)


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