where are my DRAGONS?!


i am daenerys targaryen

i really want some dragons. (^_^)

game of thrones personality quiz.


  1. btw, in Mary Roach’s book “Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal” she posits that dragon legends originated from humans catching large snakes such as pythons that had partially digested a large mammal & had been dragged near the fire, perhaps stepped on, & the offending gases emitted from the mouth were flammable. which eventually led to “Godzilla” movies & such :)


  2. I have no idea what ‘game of thrones’ is, but I took the test & it said I’m Arya Stark. Is that good or bad? [Going off to Google this now]


  3. @chris – ” it said I’m Arya Stark. Is that good or bad?”

    oh, that’s a good thing, imho! means you’re brave and not afraid of a sword fight. ‘course, it also means you’re a ten year-old girl…. (~_^)


  4. […] no.) – ax (ax?) – where do clans come from (oh! oh! i know! i know!) – game of thrones dragons (where are my DRAGONS?!) – hungarian penis (??) – can you marry your 7th cousin (sure!) – dinosaur hat (hmmmm. will have to […]


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