andrew sullivan talks sense on iq

re. the richwine affair:

“Race And IQ. Again.”

“We [humans] remain the same species, just as a poodle and a beagle are of the same species. But poodles, in general, are smarter than beagles, and beagles have a much better sense of smell. We bred those traits into them, of course, fast-forwarding evolution. But the idea that natural selection and environmental adaptation stopped among human beings the minute we emerged in the planet 200,000 years ago – and that there are no genetic markers for geographical origin or destination – is bizarre. It would be deeply strange if Homo sapiens were the only species on earth that did not adapt to different climates, diseases, landscapes, and experiences over hundreds of millennia. We see such adaptation happening very quickly in the animal kingdom. Our skin color alone – clearly a genetic adaptation to climate – is, well, right in front of one’s nose.”

gee. i wish i’d thought of saying something like that (in the context of the richwine affair)!

oh, wait. (~_^)

previously: why human biodiversity is true…and why jason richwine is right and “to disbelieve in witchcraft is the greatest of heresies”

(note: comments do not require an email. multi-racial poodle-beagle! (^_^) )


  1. Hehehe. It’s fun to just drop links to these shrill left-wing blogs, because they usually find out pretty quickly that somebody EEEVIL is linking to them, and it really pisses them off. ;)


  2. @angus – “Engagement would be preferable, of course, but why would I be upset about a link?”

    some people are. i’ve actually had a couple of people ask me to de-link from them. -?- go figure!


  3. @angus – “Engagement would be preferable….”

    btw, angus, we — those who study and/or are interested in sociobiology and human biodiversity — have been trying to “engage” you guys for decades, but when we just get shouted down as “racists” (see jason richwine) and have our careers destroyed, it’s kind-of off-putting, know what i mean?


  4. First David Frum says something reasonable, then Andrew Sullivan does likewise, and now a leftist wants to “engage” with us HBD types. This has GOT to be a sign of the zombie apaocalypse – dogs and cats living together, I tell you!


  5. @toddy cat – “This has GOT to be a sign of the zombie apaocalypse – dogs and cats living together, I tell you!”

    (^_^) (^_^) (^_^)



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