why human biodiversity is true…and why jason richwine is right

human biodiversity — the set of biological and genetic differences between (and within) groups — is true because The Theory of Evolution is true, and since The Theory of Evolution is true, human biodiversity must be the case. (of course, The Theory of Evolution might be wrong. if so, everyone will have to head back to the drawing boards. but all the scientific indications are that The Theory is correct, so now it’s simply a matter of working out all the details.)

most of the hysteria surrounding jason richwine’s crimethink (i.e. that hispanics have a lower average iq than whites) is coming from the politically correct chattering classes — most of them on the left of course, but there are plenty of examples to be found on the right as well. these are people who probably claim to be smart (and most of them are probably pretty smart, actually), modern, and well-read. many of them are likely skeptics and atheists, too. most all of them no doubt “believe” in evolution. the problem is that they don’t understand evolution.

if they did understand evolution, they would know that, thanks to natural selection, genetic differences between populations having had long histories of developing in different types of environments are inevitable. and if they understood anything at all about biology (perhaps i’m asking too much), they would know that dna contributes to (not determines) variance in all sorts of traits in humans and other animals like personality, physique, and yes … intelligence. frankly, we’d be one really WEIRD species if there were NO differences between us all! (the pc-crowd would all probably be horrified to learn that this evolution in humans has sped up in the past 10,000 or so years thanks to the hugely increasing sizes of our populations — i.e. the more individuals you have, the more mutations there’s gonna be, and the more on which natural selection can work.)

so, the fact that the average iq of hispanics has been found, by many psychometricians btw, to be lower than the average iq of whites — and, i’ll note, that the average iq of whites has been found to be lower than the average iq of east asians — should not be surprising. that is, that there are differences between the average iqs of these different groups should not be surprising. those are the sorts of differences you’re gonna get with EVOLUTION.

do these differences mean that some peoples should be considered superior or inferior to others? no. do these differences mean that some peoples should be treated differently before the law (or in our daily lives for that matter)? of course not. do these differences mean that we should give pause for thought when considering which groups — and, perhaps more importantly, how many of any one group — to allow to immigrate to our country? absolutely!

jason richwine was right in his ph.d. thesis to suggest that we ought to consider the natures of the peoples we allow to immigrate to the u.s. if we want america to remain american in nature, since different peoples are different by nature. the addition of large numbers of foreigners to any country changes the culture and the workings of that country. jason has apparently said that immigrants to the u.s. in the past — the irish and the italians, for instance — successfully assimilated, while hispanics will not. i would suggest that what, in fact, happened was that the irish and the italians, et al., while assimilating to a certain degree also changed the nature of the country. perhaps less so than tens of millions of hispanics will do, but they altered it from a mostly anglo-saxon nation into a more generic western european nation.

all mass immigration serves to alter recipient nations to some degree or another. even the slightest bit of rational thinking based upon an understanding of evolution would lead anyone to realize that is an inevitable consequence of human biodiversity.

sadly, we live in irrational times.

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further reading on human biodiversity:
– jayman’s hbd fundamentals
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update: see also “to disbelieve in witchcraft is the greatest of heresies”

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  1. Tweet of the week:


  2. Hispanics score lower on IQ tests. IQ test performance correlates with job performance (at the moment, anyway) and a bunch of other stuff that a country should be interested in maintaining in its citizenry. I get it. But this conversation is not going to be able to happen on a national scale. If you want HBD to be relevant, you should keep a candle going here in the outer rim and hope that people make their way over after becoming bored with what’s left of old media. Since that’s exactly what you’re doing, I guess I’m just stating the obvious for no reason. Good day.

    [edit: do NOT use other people’s real names. i wasn’t going to ask you this, but since you insist on being a pain in the … pick ONE nickname and STICK to it. no more sock puppetry — or you will go back into moderation and stay there for. ever. – h.chick]


  3. This whole episode is pathetic, really. Media and other groups omit one word from Richwine’s thesis (funny how removing the word average increases “shock” value), set up straw man, get masses to believe said straw man, and the rest is history.

    This is why I tweetedabout my disdain with politics in general; there’s no respect for honest discourse/debate anymore. It’s sad how cats paint any opposition to amnesty as the product of “racism,” “bigotry,” or “hate” w/o understanding the perfectly valid, non-pejorative reasons why the Gang of Eight bill is badly flawed.

    Notwithstanding, yours is an excellent post which highlights points I agree with – namely, that studying bio/genetic differences and their implications doesn’t mean (or even justify) treating individuals of different races/ethnic groups in a condescending or hateful manner. Shame that many cats lack understanding in this matter…


  4. “Shame that many cats lack understanding in this matter…”

    That’s actually the reason media has so much trouble addressing this stuff openly. Have you noticed there hasn’t been a Spanish empire since the inquisition? Different people don’t behave rationally, especially when it’s about differences between people, and they often end up booting precisely the group they need to survive.


  5. “do NOT use other people’s real names”…

    I hope it is acceptable to use someone else’s name if the guy’s been dead for 2066 years! ;o)


  6. An hbd-aware acquaintance of mine was shocked, simply shocked, that the media would deny that average Hispanic IQ is lower than average white IQ. Given that most of his experience is in debating more intelligent/informed leftists, he thought that the overwhelming response would be to claim that Hispanics only have lower IQs because of environmental factors, rather than to deny a well-established statistical fact. I told him never to underestimate the stupidity that the mainstream media will push.


  7. @hbd chick “sadly, we live in irrational times.” Well said. I have one little question. Why in the world would a free country ever allow any immigration at all? Now I understand if the public are helpless sheep and the leaders have some nasty idea like maybe immigrants will be more tractable.
    I consider what country I live in to be very important. My house is happenstance, easily replaced. Yet I would no more let a non family member move in for keeps rent free than I would hand over my income. I can’t conveneintly change countries. There will never be a candidate for immigration that everybody likes, and everybody deserves protection. The only solution is no immigration at all.
    And that is before you take into account the devastating biological impact of violating your mating pools.
    You are right. If we must let in a trickle make it only the best of the best.


  8. Personally, I think the whole episode results from most people not understanding statistics. The fact that a particular group has a lower average IQ doesn’t mean that every member of that group has a low IQ. I’m sure there are many Hispanics who are extremely intelligent, but they’re not the ones immigrating to the US. Maybe they’re improving their gene pool by encouraging emigration from their countries. ;)


  9. @jayman – “Most people are much too dumb to have even a rudimentary understanding of statistics.”

    i don’t think that, strictly speaking, that’s true. i think most people actually have a basic, intuitive understanding of “folk statistics,” they just don’t realize that they’re thinking in a statistical way.

    for instance, most people — even the dumbest — react to the extraordinary height of yao ming because everybody knows that, on average, chinese people are not very tall. yao is one of those exceptions that prove the rule.

    of course, the majority is never going to understand any advanced statistics (i don’t), but most people understand average. they’ve just been indoctrinated NOT to think that way about anything important. =/


  10. I think they understand evolution very well, it is just that it suits their political agenda to claim that the low social and economic status of blacks and Hispanics is entirely due to discrimination by white gentile racists.


  11. why human biodiversity is true…and why jason richwine is right

    And why the best way to win the immigration debate is to go for a temporary time-out or pause until we can figure out what to do with the ones we already have.

    All other proposals fall prey to the hordes of political correctness. At leas that is the conclusion I am coming to. Let’s push for a general moratorium until we can integrate and assimilate the 50 million foreign born minorities who already here. Only a racist would claim it can’t be done, no?


  12. Unfortunately, face book and twitter have taken over. The only recourse is to use them, particularly twitter, in this instance, to fight back.

    I suggest that the lefties and righties who are mocking Richwine’s words get them thrown right back in their faces on twitter. It would be most effective if people who are quite educated in evolutionary science, like HBD chick, would post on their twitter accounts simple statements like “And haven’t you kept up with science?” or “Are you telling me you don’t understand the concept of selective pressures.” “Do you know NOTHING of population genetics?” “When’s the last time you studied anything in this area?”

    Mock them for their lack of education. Nothing hurts a member of the chattering class more than being accused of lacking education in ANYTHING. They wear the schools from which they graduated as badges, thinking such names inoculate them against charges of ignorance on almost every subject except things like physics and higher math. The way to knock them down is to call them out about their ignorance on subjects about which they know ZIP. They hate being called ignorant, which is what they are concerning this topic.

    A short and quick effective quip is, “Oh, you’re a flat earther?” (Oh, I used that one on a silly little fool last week. He sputtered a great deal as I walked away.)


  13. The age of immigration needs to come to an end. It doesn’t solve anything.

    Worse than that it actually creates problems such as lowering wages and increasing public spending and debt.


  14. Mock and disengage. Stick and move. Repeat as necessary. Never get involved in an long argument, the success of sophistry increases exponentially with the length of debate.


  15. @luke – “Let’s push for a general moratorium until we can integrate and assimilate the 50 million foreign born minorities who already here.”

    i say immigration has to stop. completely. no more immigrants — low-skilled, high-skilled, low-iq, high-iq — all stopped. now. there are too many immigrants right now and, no, it’s not possible to assimilate (as far as that goes) them at this rate.

    i also say all illegal immigrants out. immediately. and don’t come back!

    furthermore, i think that we should strongly encourage all sorts of other immigrants to just go home (yes, i’m mostly thinking of mexicans and other central americans ’cause there are just too many of them in the u.s. right now.) cut off the “pulls” — welfare, free medical treatment, free education. tax recent immigrants higher than natives. PAY peope to go home.

    most immigrants to the u.s. today come here because they want a better personal economy, NOT because they love america. most of them would rather have stayed at home if they could’ve had that better economy there. make it so that they DON’T have a better economy here — then they’ll self-deport. and be happy about it:

    “Harsh Economic Realities in the US Force Many Mexican Immigrants to Self-Deport”

    “After living undocumented in the U.S. for nine years, Felix decided to move home to El Cargadero.

    “‘I heard some people say we’re even better here in Mexico, and I think so, too,’ she said.

    “‘You have more rights, more freedom,’ she added. ‘You know you’re not hiding. You can work and everything…..'”


    1. @hbd chick “PAY peope to go home.” Yup. Tally the social services they’re getting. Deduct some but give them the rest when they go and keep on sending it. They’ll be rich and happy. We improve our export prospects. Labor costs there will rise which will futher add to our export advantage. And we have a better, if slim, chance of holding our own society together. More jobs. Much to be said for that.

      If anybody objects call ’em a closet racist.

      Capitals. Gee, you are pumped.


  16. ” Have you noticed there hasn’t been a Spanish empire since the inquisition? ”

    The Spanish Empire began after the Inquisition.


  17. hbd chk – “i also say all illegal immigrants out. immediately. and don’t come back!

    I would be willing to trade that for a moratorium.


    1. @ hbd chick and Luke Lea :I”would be willing to trade that for a moratorium.” Then let’s hear it for hbd chick for president. We have a couple or three yeats. We can do it.


  18. Wouldn’t it be much cheaper and easier to cede southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico back to old Mexico?


  19. @survivingbabel – “Wouldn’t it be much cheaper and easier to cede southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico back to old Mexico?”

    no. way too valuable. much cheaper just to pay people to go home.


  20. Way too valuable? How much does it cost to make that desert livable? If resource scarcity/competition comes, it seems unwise to retain the land. Repatriate the right people, leave the rest to the world of La Reconquista.


  21. Perhaps you can’t stop immigration. According to Gallup only 35 percent of Americans want less immigration while 42 percent are ok with the current level and 21 percent actually want more immigration. The trend, no doubt driven by changing demographics, is towards more immigration. (Although the Center for Immigration found that most people of all groups wanted less immigration.) But in reality, it seems to me that this has already happened, multiculturalism is a fact.

    I think either you accept the new order of things (or lack thereof), split up by secession or some other arrangement, or you emigrate to perhaps Australia or New Zealand.


    1. @steffan “or you emigrate to perhaps Australia or New Zealand.” Too late. Our esteemed leaders have already forced them into an immigration frenzy but of course not from here.


  22. @staffan – “According to Gallup only 35 percent of Americans want less immigration while 42 percent are ok with the current level and 21 percent actually want more immigration.”

    depends on the poll. pew recently found that 49% of respondents think that immigrants are a plus, but 41% think they’re a burden. the public is woefully uninformed on the matter, too (i use my own family as an indicator of “average americans,” and i can tell you — they are clueless!). if they only knew the truth….

    @staffan – “I think either you accept the new order of things (or lack thereof), split up by secession or some other arrangement, or you emigrate to perhaps Australia or New Zealand.”

    never! (<< and now my clannish spirit comes out. (~_^) )

    look — in 1220, frederick ii moved 20,000 muslims from sicily to lucera on the mainland. 1220. without airplanes. without buses. without mobile phones. without email.

    it’s completely possible to relocate people. better yet, to have them relocate themselves — in a civilized way, of course, with even some repatriation money to take home with them. it’s only a question of political will.


  23. @ Stephan – Perhaps you can’t stop immigration. According to Gallup only 35 percent of Americans want less immigration while 42 percent are ok with the current level and 21 percent actually want more immigration.

    In the British version of House of Cards a political consultant cynically observes to her boss, the Prime Minister, that she can produce public opinion polls supporting any position he prefers. It’s all about the way the issue is framed and the questions are worded. And so it is here in the US also. Gallup and Pew are in many instances just tools in the hands of our governing elites which they use to produce what has aptly been described as manufacture consent.

    Thus when you look at the surveys commissioned by the non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies you see quite a different picture. When told how many immigrants are already in the country two-thirds of Americans (including a majority of immigrants themselves!) favor a reduction in legal immigration.

    I would imagine that if they were additionally informed of the impact that massive low-skilled immigration is having on the wages, unemployment rate, and welfare needs of American working families, the poorest and most vulnerable especially, those figures would be even higher. I’ve seen figures up in the mid-80 percent range.

    One can only wonder what the figures might be if the people interviewed, in addition to being supplied with all the information described above, were also made aware of the fact that seven out of eight of the 40 million foreign born persons now present in belong to racial minorities who grew up on continents with weak or non-existent democratic institutions, where loyalty to family and clan took precedence over loyalty to country, and for whom the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a Western-style democracy is therefore an alien concept.

    If framed in this way I would be curious to know what percentage of the voting public would favor a temporary, across-the-board moratorium on further immigration into this country, legal and illegal alike, until we have had a chance — and can actually demonstrate that we still know how — to assimilate and integrate the fifty to sixty million foreign born immigrants and their children into our economy and culture as responsible, law-abiding, self-supporting, loyal and patriotic citizens.


  24. @Luke Lea – I hope you’re right but I have my doubts. Also, the fact that so many have already arrived makes the situation a bit irreversible. Some claim California now has an IQ of 95, like in the South. But time will tell…


  25. 2 JayMan Here you go:

    American Nations map

    Woodard is quite right on where we’re at.

    Thanks for that link, JayMan. Woodard gives us a whole new way to think about America. I started reading his book and I feel better already. All this immigration will fit in quite nicely to one or the other of those eleven nations — Latin Americans into El Norte, East Asians into the Left Coast, and so on. It also gives me a different perspective on what is ailing us right now: that tiny nation of New Netherlands (aka NYC) is trying to conquer the other ten and turn them into provinces of its new multi-national, multi-racial Yorkian Empire ruled by a moneyed neo-aristocracy with its headquarters on Wall Street. That’s what globalism, free trade, multicultrualism, etc., are all about: an attempt to subordinate the regional elites the way Rome did, meanwhile reducing the general population into a new proletarian state of wage slavery. But instead of bread and circuses they distract the masses with food stamps and video games to make them forget they are no longer a free self-governing citizenry.

    How does that analysis strike you? Maybe its time for other ten nations get together and stage a new American Revolution? You’re in Yankeedom right? I presume hbd chick is a Midlandian. I’m a Greater Appalachian. Should we hold a new Continental Congress somewhere? Maybe Chicago? :)


  26. @hbd chick “sadly, we live in irrational times.” Well see what you think about this: Every war we have been in this century has basically been explained as being fought to keep Americans safe from foreign terrorism. Local tragedies are not on the agenda, just those perpetrated by foreigners. Doesn’t that mean the logic of every war has been we have to clean up their mess so we can reassure people that it’s safe to bring them here? I dunno. Is that rational?


  27. I was astonished by the greed of CEO of Hewlett-Packard Meg Whitman (CEO of bBay at the time), who is $ billionaire (with B), and still felt the need to hire a housekeeper — illegal Latina immigrant, see

    See also Sailer’s post
    From there:
    “If you are wondering why America’s white elites aren’t more worried about their kids facing competition from the huge number of Mexican immigrants they’ve let in, this educational indolence is one answer—at the highest levels of American society, Mexican-Americans just aren’t much competition.”
    And Sailer references his 2009 article
    With most respectful greetings to hbdchick,


  28. […] I’m tired of writing about immigration, but if you want more: see hbdchick’s explanation of why Richwine was right, the comparative advantage of Puerto Rico, some thoughts on IQ and race, some real-world experience […]


  29. hhhmmmmm many hispanics ARE ACTUALLY WHITE!!!

    The whitest country in the Americas (Uruguay) it’s actually a hispanic country and 90% of the inhabitants of Uruguay are European descendants…..

    Then you have Dominican republic, where most of the population descend from African slaves and the mixtures of such with their white colonial masters (the spaniards and the french)

    Then you have vastly indigenous nations like Mexico (Aztecs, mayans and more)

    SO WHO EXACTLY ARE THESE HISPANICS MENTIONED IN HIS STUDY? is he even aware that there is not such thing as a hispanic race? Hispanic simply means your ancestors come from a country where Spanish is spoken.


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