happy easter, 2013!




  1. Happy easter :-) Do the bunny also comes to you with the sweets? Interesting :)

    But the egg should be painted :)


  2. @szopen – “Do the bunny also comes to you with the sweets?”

    he’d better! (just gonna go check outside under the bushes for some chocolate eggs…. brb.) (^_^)


  3. Interesting. I used to think that this is slavic tradition, but then I met people from eastern poland who are not visited by the bunny (the hare, actually) so this may be influence of German settlers…

    But you don’t paint you eggs, do you?


  4. speaking of painting eggs: I had intended, this easter, to replicate the markings on that white bowl you posted earlier (as I had indicated in the post about said bowl), however, there has been a white egg genocide in these here parts, or so it seems, as the only eggs I could find were eggs of colour. : (
    maybe I’ll do it whenever I do find some white eggs.
    I hope you had a happy easter.


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