twitter feed

i’ve added a feed from my twitter account to the ol’ blog here — center column below (↓) towards the bottom.

been retweeting a lot of interesting stuff (like this article!) lately that doesn’t necessarily make it into my sunday(-ish) linkfests, and i thought that those of you not on twitter might like to see some of them.

that is all. (^_^)


  1. from heariste;

    “Multiculturalism. Who pushes this shit? The descendants of Viking berserkers? No. Just look at the advocates of masochistic, self-annihilating ideologies and you will see a blubberers’ row of pudgy, chipmunk-cheeked herblings, snarky hunchbacks, watery eyed dweebs, space cadet neohippies, formless male feminists and, on the other side of the gender bender ledger, manjawed clitdicks, bullheaded warboars, jet-fueled rationalization hamsters, mustachioed grievance whores and shameless status seekers.”

    That guy can coin some phrases.


  2. My personal opinion of heartiste, by the way, is that he is a misogynist on the outside, crying on the inside. He has some real insights but I can take him only in real small doses. I warned my daughter against the machinations of game. She’d never heard of it.


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