linkfest – 02/12/13

(sorry. the dog ate my sunday linkfest….)

And Yet Another Tale of Two Maps – from jayman.

Why are girls and boys maturing earlier? – from peter frost.

When Did Humans Come to the Americas?

Large study shows substance abuse rates higher in teenagers with ADHD“When the adolescents were an average of 15 years old, 35 percent of those with ADHD histories reported using one or more substances, as compared to only 20 percent of teens without ADHD histories.”

Tribal societies and war – from mangan.

Crime and Twins – from dienekes.

HVGIQ: Cayman Islands – from jason malloy.

Evil Genes and the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul – @bad data, bad!

Digging Deep in the DNA“‘I think I’m one of the few people,’ she said, ‘who have taken the rectal temperature of a grizzly bear.'”

Men are from Mars Earth, women are from Venus Earth“That men and women approach their social world similarly does not imply that there are no differences in average scores between the sexes. Average differences do exist, write the authors.” – yes, average differences do exist.

Exercise linked with reduced prostate cancer risk in Caucasians but not African-Americans“Studies have also revealed that African-American men have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer and of dying from the disease compared with Caucasians.”

Gene today, gone tomorrow: Genes for autism and schizophrenia only active in developing brains“Genes linked to autism and schizophrenia are only switched on during the early stages of brain development, according to a study in mice led by researchers at the University of Oxford.” – curioser and curioser….

The Lab Accident That Led to the Discovery of Supertasters“A cloud of chemicals. One researcher detects a smell. The other does not. What happens next? Science.”

So THAT’s why women’s feet and hands are always cold! Why they are slaves to their hormones

On Genteels – @bloody shovel.

Oral Mystery: Are Agriculture and Rats Responsible for Tooth Decay?“Tooth decay is a relatively modern problem. The bacteria feasting on your teeth might have originated in the mouth of a rodent, and found their way to our teeth, thanks to agriculture.”

bonus: ‘Google for spies’ draws ire from rights groups

bonus bonus: ‘It’s a boy!’ Monkey midwife delivers baby

bonus bonus bonus: What Are Dogs Saying When They Bark? [Excerpt]“Experiments have now shown that dogs use different barks and growls to communicate different things.” – see also: Your dog really does understand you… They’re more likely to steal food if they think you can’t see, research reveals.

bonus bonus bonus bonus: Pigeons Get a New Look“Pigeons, a Darwin favorite, carry new clues to evolution.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Do plants ‘veto’ bad genes?“Latest evidence fails to quell doubt about whether plants can access “ancestral” genes outside their parents'”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Face-to-face with the earliest ancestor of all placental mammals

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Penicillin Mold Can Reproduce Sexually, Which Could Lead to Better Antibiotics“Penicillin-producing fungus, previously thought to be asexual, has a sexual side. The finding is the latest in a kind of sexual revolution in fungal genetics.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Fast Food Robot Builds the Perfect Burger – won’t need mexicans for flipping burgers anymore.

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  1. Thanks (๑╹ڡ╹๑)

    Hey what’s the cut-off between normal links and bonus links? Never understood how you do it.


  2. @spandrell – “Hey what’s the cut-off between normal links and bonus links? Never understood how you do it.”

    oh, it’s something like hbd topics=normal links, other interesting stuff=bonus links, but it’s kinda floating. sometimes i put particularly interesting science stuff in normal links, too — like today i threw in the article about agriculture and tooth decay ’cause i thought that was kinda cool/gross. (~_^)


  3. @big nose kate – “Do you have a team of people working for you? Just how fast is your reading speed?!!!”

    heh. (^_^) well, first of all, i (we) have no television machine. which is a good thing ’cause i’d just be glued to it watching all those nature/wildlife documentaries (we just buy the dvd sets instead). so, lots of time to spare to be online. (~_^) also, i will admit to sometimes, occasionally, perhaps, maaaaaybe … only skimming over some of the things i include in the linkfests. (shhhhhhhhhhh! don’t tell anyone!)



    “as gender roles are liberalized, the authors speculate that new studies may show even less divergence between men and women in the United States. The opposite may be the case in cultures that are far more prescriptive of male and female roles, such as Saudi Arabia, Reis and Carothers predict.”

    Such studies were already carried out and what they find out is that the more liberal society, the larger the differences. I mean, authors do not have to speculate, they could just check the literature for the God’s sake.
    E.g. schmitt, realo, volacek 2008 “why can’t a man be more like a woman? sex differences in big five personality traits across 55 cultures”:

    “Overall, higher levels of human development—including long and healthy life,
    equal access to knowledge and education, and economic wealth—were the main nation-level predictors
    of larger sex differences in personality. Changes in men’s personality traits appeared to be the primary
    cause of sex difference variation across cultures. It is proposed that heightened levels of sexual
    dimorphism result from personality traits of men and women being less constrained and more able to
    naturally diverge in developed nations. In less fortunate social and economic conditions, innate personality
    differences between men and women may be attenuated.”


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