ibd rates for europe and the hajnal line

*update below*

remember this map from ralph & coop [pdf]?:

coop et al - mean within-country ibd rates

those are the mean ibd (identity by descent) rates for various populations in europe. the bigger the circle, the greater the number of ibd blocks larger than 1cM in length shared in common between each populations’ members. so, the larger the circles, the more segments of dna the individuals within those population share in common — i.e. the more alike they are genetically.

well, i never added the hajnal line to that map like i usually like to do for any map of europe that lands on my desktop (see here and here for examples). how remiss of me! (recall that populations within the hajnal line have had a historic tendency to marry late.)

i thought i’d better rectify this situation … so, here it is! mean ibd rates for europe PLUS the hajnal line. enjoy!:

coop et al - mean within-country ibd rates + hajnal line

update: see also jayman’s More on Farming and Inheritance Systems – Part I: IQ.

previously: ibd and historic mating patterns in europe and behind the hajnal line and todd’s family systems and the hajnal line

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  1. @jayman – “I kinda beat you to it…”

    oh, yes, so you did! (^_^) (don’t mind me — i’m getting forgetful in my old age…. (~_^) )

    @jayman – “…except that I followed the line of historic inbreeders vs outbreeders as opposed to the Hajnal line specifically.”

    pretty much the same line, isn’t it?


  2. The Hajnal Line (or Hajnal-Mitterauer Line), Illustration from Livi Bacci, Massimo, ‘The population of Europe: a history’, Wiley-Blackwell, 2000.

    There ya go! Vindicated! But the line should actually go south from Warsaw and west from Budapest. Crows should be shot! :)


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