remember this show?

anybody else remember/enjoy watching this show? for my fellow americans, they ran it at least a couple of times on pbs:

hint: my favorite character on the show once said – “I am not expendable, I’m not stupid, and I’m not going.” (no googling!) (~_^)

(they kinda stole that symbol from star trek, didn’t they? just flipped it on its side!)

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  1. @post
    stole that symbol from star trek

    And the government is called the “Federation”.

    And they took an Enterprise, added a third warp engine, and removed the saucer part. There’s even a warp engine glowing dome thing on the back. Which to be fair, this design has better balance than the Enterprise.

    Battlestar Galactica (1978) used X-Wings with three wings, including the red stripe. “death base stars” that are round if you look from the top. They also look like a sideways tie fighter. And robots dressed in Darth Vader suits with electronic voices. And the impossible-to-buckle jackets look like Han Solo’s vest. But they got sued.

    “Why deal if you can steal?”


  2. @sNoOOPy – “Which to be fair, this design has better balance than the Enterprise.”

    yeah. the liberator was a nice ship. (^_^) not as nice as the millennium falcon, of course, but still … very nice. hey — teleportation equipment and everything!

    @sNoOOPy – “But they got sued.”

    oh, did they?! i didn’t know that.

    @sNoOOPy – “Battlestar Galactica (1978)….”

    just like when people refer to those imaginary “star wars prequels” (some sort of mass-hysteria, i guess…), i never understand it when someone feels that they have to specifiy “battlestar galactica (1978).” i mean, THERE WAS ONLY EVER JUST ONE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SERIES! (~_^)


  3. I remember that show on PBS in the mid 80’s. I thought Avon was a great anti-hero, I also liked the computer Orac, sort of a super intelligent computer.


  4. @five daarstens – “I thought Avon was a great anti-hero….”

    oh, my teenage self thought that avon was really hot. ha! what a nerd i was (okay, okay — am)! why was that when he was such a jerk? i’m sure roissy could tell me…. (~_^)

    [edit: he did have a squishy, vulnerable side, though, which we saw in one or two episodes like “countdown.” that just made him all the more appealing! (~_^)]


  5. I’ve always seen the B7 Federation symbol to be a metaphor on its very different politics from its Star Trek counterpart i.e. the Terran Federation is the Federation of Planets ‘twisted to the Far Right’.


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