linkfest – 11/04/12

Racial differences in narcissistic tendencies“Study 1 (N = 367) found that Black individuals reported higher levels of narcissism than White individuals even when controlling for gender, self-esteem level, and socially desirable response tendencies.” – @steve sailer’s.

Genomics: The single life“‘In recent years we’ve learned that there is considerable variation in the recombination rate between different populations, between the sexes and even between individuals.'”

Moment Magazine’s great (Jewish) DNA experiment“Moment Magazine … wrote about their Great DNA Experiment, in which they look at the 23andMe results of 15 notable Americans of Jewish ancestry and make some interesting genetic connections…. The piece shows it’s not ‘six degrees’ that separates these individuals from each other, but, in all but one case, no degrees of separation.” – @race/history/evolution notes.

Are the cads outbreeding the dads?“Is natural selection now favoring the ‘cads’ over the ‘dads’?” – god, i hope not! – from peter frost.

Is there an upside to anxiety?“[S]ocial anxiety – the fear of interactions with strangers – may have evolved to enable a natural social ranking system in which some people feel most comfortable towards the bottom of the totem pole. This natural shuffling would have made for a less aggressive, more survivable living situation and reduced fighting for leadership.”

Young Children Are More Generous When Others Are Aware of Their Actions“Adults frequently employ reputation-enhancing strategies when engaging in prosocial acts, behaving more generously when their actions are likely to be witnessed by others and even more so when the extent of their generosity is made public…. Children were consistently generous only when the recipient was fully aware of the donation options; in all cases in which the recipient was not aware of the donation options, children were strikingly ungenerous…. These findings suggest that long before they develop a rich understanding of the social significance of reputation or are conscious of complex strategic reasoning, children behave more generously when the details of their prosocial actions are available to others.”

Evidence of Viking Outpost Found in Canada“Sharpeners may be smoking guns in quest for New World’s second Viking site.”

Archaeologists unearth 1,300-year-old Anglo Saxon feasting hall inches below village green in first major find of its kind in 30 years

bonus: NYU loses years of scientific research and thousands of mice to Hurricane Sandy – well that s*cks.

bonus bonus: darwin award winners – Celebratory gunfire at Saudi wedding cuts cable, 23 electrocuted – =/

bonus bonus bonus: Where Dragons Come From“The villains of countless stories, the mythical beasts have roots in Rome’s Pliny — and nature.”

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  1. > “Is natural selection now favoring the ‘cads’ over the ‘dads’?” – god, i hope not!

    Pretty sure Inductivist found the opposite. Like men with one lifetime lay are common in the pop and have the highest fecundity. I actually may disagree with you, I don’t think this is necessarily salubrious on the social level. Anyway it’s no overwhelming effect, quantitatively.


  2. Those are my peeps! It’s kind of unsurprising that major Eurasian diseases wouldn’t have spread on Baffin Island. That shit is up /north/. But it’s kind of amazing the Newfoundland presence didn’t spread any of the major diseases. If they had caught on at that time, the whole fate of the New World would be really different.

    I assume(?) there were probably multiple crossings of the Bering/Aleutians, but that doesn’t seem to have conveyed much disease either.

    Also none of that got syphilis into Europe, whereas I think(?) it is now pretty agreed that the Columbian contact did.


  3. What I’d really enjoy is the discovery of Viking evidence south of Newfoudland – in Vinland. The Vikings are bound to have explored south as well as north along the North American shore, but did they leave evidence that will ever be found?


  4. @rs-prime – “Pretty sure Inductivist found the opposite.”

    ah! thnx. i’ll have to poke around on his site to see if i can find his results.

    @rs-prime – “Anyway it’s no overwhelming effect, quantitatively.”

    good! i want my descendants to live on mars, so we need dorky geeks to reproduce A LOT, not cads! (~_^)


  5. @dearime – “What I’d really enjoy is the discovery of Viking evidence south of Newfoudland – in Vinland.”

    if only someone would find a hoard of these….


  6. @ihtg – “Some interesting notes about kinship terms in the second-to-last section of this article.”

    very interesting! thanks! black palestinians … i had no idea.


  7. lol i thought it was further north than it is, cause i thought it was just that one little piece. still, no mild place im sure.


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