distributions of wordsum scores

i know, i know. they’re just wordsum scores. i agree. but just for the fun of it…

…here are the distributions of the gss wordsum scores for german-americans, protestant irish-american (i.e. scots irish) and roman catholic irish-americans (“native” irish). recall that the mean scores are:

german-americans = 6.25
protestant irish-americans = 6.08
roman catholic irish-americans = 6.99

x-axis=number of wordsum words right (0 through 10). y-axis=percent of each group who got x-many words right. see what you make of it (click on chart for LARGER view):

the german-american (yellow) and protestant irish-american (blue) distributions look normal-ish, while the roman catholic irish-american (red-orange) distribution has got a weird(?) bump at nine words. dunno what that might mean, if anything. -?-

oh yeah:

german-americans – n=3316
protestant irish-americans – n=7278
roman catholic irish-americans – n=6351

previously: irish-american iqs

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