watsoning martin sewell

sewell’s obviously a warlock who must be burnt at the stake. h/t jayman!:

“Martin Sewell, Cambridge Don, Urged To Resign Over ‘Racist And Sexist’ Views”

“A Cambridge academic responsible for mentoring students has come under pressure to resign over his controversial views which have been dubbed by some as racist, sexist and pro-Hitler….”

i like his response – a LOT:

“Sewell told HuffPost in an email: ‘I am neither sexist nor racist, nor am I pro-Hitler.

“‘The real fascism lies with attempting to compromise an academic’s career on the basis of his synthesis of peer-reviewed scientific research. The university has a long tradition of ground-breaking science and freedom of speech, which Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) would do well to respect….'”

i guess the story of this evil, evil man was first brought to light by cambridge university’s student newspaper:

Cambridge Economics supervisor criticised for racist and sexist views

“Exclusive: Students have raised concerns about articles written by Martin Sewell, supervisor in Economics and research associate in Land Economy.

“Though Sewell clearly and frequently references the work of other academics, some of his statements have been considered as contentious, offensive or explicitly racist.

“For example, when writing on the significance of race in conjunction with crime, Sewell states, without reference to academic sources:

“‘The most likely reason for the high incidence of black crime is blacks’ lower intelligence and greater impulsivity, which themselves are probably biological in origin….'”

first they say he gives references and then they say he does not. i’m confused. afaics, he’s got plenty of references on his website’s race page — most of the pages seem to have biblographies, in fact. plus, it’s not as though we’re talking about an academic publication here. it’s his private website. and if someone were to have a question about a specific statement on his website, they could just email him for more details.

i hope sewell sticks to his guns! (figuratively, of course.)

here’s his website.

(note: comments do not require an email. watsoning.)



  1. “In the text, Sewell states: “Feminism not only harms men, but harms women. Indeed, women are less happy today than they.”

    And despite all the shit feminism puts men through, men are happier. I think that makes it pretty clear who was actually being hurt by the “traditional” roles. The quotations are there because in actual tradition men had time with their kids (sons especially), and mothers would work to help out.


    @hbd chick

    Have you seen this paper (pdf)?


    It’s just awesome for plain old ancient ancestory, but, it also has the portions of cousin marriage (?) based on DNA. It’s on pg 21. Also, if you simply make the circles in the north smaller, then the iq of Europe is inversely proportional to the circles!


  2. Here is my off-the-cuff email to the Cambridge University Students’ Union:

    Subject: political correctness

    To the editor:

    I loathe political correctness — the idea that certain people should not have a right to express an opinion because some people find it offensive. The answer is not to try to get the speaker fired but to either ignore or try to refute the opinion. Anything else is bullying, totalitarian, thought-control. It is killing the West.

    signed Luke Lea

    [actually I mis-spelled loathe — left off the e — but, hey, that’s me!]


  3. @luke – “The answer is not to try to get the speaker fired but to either ignore or try to refute the opinion.”

    exactly! which would just be a good thing ’cause then we’d get more data on all this hbd stuff (or whatever discipline we happen to be talking about) and be able to work it out one way or another.


  4. Well, it worked. Cambridge did not renew his contract. Chalk up yet another win for the forces of evil.


  5. very good article: Free speech for dodgy dons, too

    “Universities should be a place where no idea is sacred, where even the most widely-accepted ideas are subjected to intense scrutiny. Academic institutions such as Cambridge should be a place where all controversial viewpoints can be uttered and debated. Without the unrestrained ability to think the unthinkable, and argue the unarguable, academic freedom simply doesn’t exist. This freedom, after all, is how the boundaries of knowledge are pushed forward. Without the ability to slaughter intellectual sacred cows, no advance in ideas or thinking would have ever been possible.”


  6. Thanks for your support. Fear not, I shall stick to my (academic) guns!

    Thus far, perhaps surprisingly, I’ve still not heard anything from either the University of Cambridge or Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU), despite making a formal grievance to the former about the latter. Although I’ve neither resigned nor been dismissed, CUSU’s widely-reported false accusations of racism, sexism and endorsing National Socialism have likely compromised my career prospects for the foreseeable future. On that basis, I’ve sent a letter before claim in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Defamation to CUSU. Science must prevail. :-)

    Great blog!


  7. @martin – “On that basis, I’ve sent a letter before claim in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Defamation to CUSU. Science must prevail. :-)”

    good for you! go on the offensive! (but don’t be offensive. (~_^) )

    i sincerely hope tptb there at cambridge realize how in the wrong the student newspaper was. (don’t these students have anything better to do — like study?) this business of calling people neo-nazis just to shut them up needs to stop.

    i very much appreciated this cambridge undergrad’s opinion piece: Free speech for dodgy dons, too. at least somebody there gets it! (although i’m sure you’re not dodgy. (^_^) )

    let us know how you get on.

    all the best!
    h. chick (^_^)


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