so i saw prometheus and i just have to say that … i really want to like hollywood sci-fi movies (and tv shows) … i really, really do … but they are sooo irritating, and not (just) because of the pc stuff in ’em.

i can’t fully like hollywood sci-fi movies ’cause they’re ANTI-science/technology/curiosity about the universe! (maybe that’s all part of the pc package, too.) i don’t know how they manage to combine that with science-fiction, but they do — and it’s so annoying!

take one of my favorite sci-fi movies: alien. terrific movie, of course, even if the hero was a heroine. (that’s a whole ‘nother discussion — ripley’s great, of course, but there are way too many heroines nowadays.) but why was it that kane — the guy who was the most curious about the alien signal and volunteered to investigate and went first into the alien spacecraft — why was it that he had to be the one to get killed first by the alien? curiosity killed the cat? is that what we’re supposed to learn from that? that’s just irritating!

also the android, ash — probably the most advanced example of human technology in 2122 — and he’s baaaad, of course. ’cause technology is baaaad? bladerunner, too. what? are we not supposed to make robots? *facepalm* i’m ok with the all stuff about evil corporations in both movies, but the anti-science/technology/curiosity themes really turn me off.

even my favorite sci-fi flick — star wars. fanstatic tale of heroes and friendships! but then all that nonsense about “the force” and turning off the targeting computer?! han solo was the only sensible guy there.

and now in prometheus … SPOILER ALERT … i guess genetic engineering must be baaad. that’s the take away message i got anyway.


sadly television sci-fi is no better. they may as well call it all “syfy” ’cause it’s all so gay. (no offense to homosexual people.)

p.s. – i guessed right about the origin of the xenomorphs, though. (^_^) not precisely, but generally speaking.

p.p.s. – oh, and one other thing … SPOILER ALERT … there is no way — NO WAY — that the female protagonist in prometheus, dr. shaw , would’ve been able to run around like that after her *surgery* — NO WAY. those surgical staples would not have held up under all of that activity. couldn’t suspend my disbelief at those points in the movie.

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