swedish gal wins eurovision!

if you think she looks more berber than swedish, that’s ’cause she is. (don’t even ask me about the lipstick(?). as a woman of the female persuasion, i got a lot of thoughts on that but … no comment.)

(note: comments do not require an email. here are some actual SWEDES who won the eurovision! oh wait … i think at least one of them is norwegian. same difference! (~_^) )


  1. Apparently, being “Swedish is just cultural now. And, of course, there’s even less than that: You can be culturally anything else and still be a Swede.

    There is no more Swedish ethnicity, apparently.


  2. @ hbd chick. Not to worry. The Berbers are very Rh negative and are at the heart of a corridor of Rh negativity that extends from the Sudan up across the north of Africa, up the east coast of Europe, across the north of Ireland and Great Britain and ends in Bergen, Norway. There’s also the Kurds, who just might have started the ancient Egyptian culture. It is also along the corridor of megalithic archetecture from Sudan through Egypt, Malta, west coast Europe, north Britian, to the Faroe islands. A lot of us supect there is more than a conicindence here. The same culture quite arguably (but not respectably so) exteded to the Mound Buiders, Aztecs and Mayans. Roughly they followed the great circle that joins the pyramids of Cairo with the pyramids of Mexico City along which you can tick off cities like Athens, Rome, Naples, Rennes le Chateau, Stonehenge, Oak Island, Boston, NY, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta and New Orleans and in the other direction Mecca. So you see Berber is not all that different from Scandanavian.

    Sorry about the lipstick.


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