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here are the results as they stand today for the egyptian presidential election, but i do believe there are some disputes in the air so these may not be the final results (click on map for LARGER view).

mursi = the muslim brotherhood guy
shafiq = former member of mubarak’s government – secularist military guy
sabbahi – secularist, socialist, nasserist guy.
– i dunno who the other two candidates are.

so the muslim brotherhood candidate did best in the upper egypt governorates (blue); the military candidate (former member of mubarak’s government) did best in lower egypt – in the delta governorates – and luxor (red); and the socialist guy did best in urban areas (cairo, alexandria, port said) and the red sea governorate (purple).

check out the mating patterns for egypt (see previous post for the numbers on the inbreeding levels.):

– upper egypt (medium gray) = muslim brotherhood = most inbreeding. mursi carried all of the upper egypt governorates.

– lower egypt (light gray) = secular military mubarak guy = middle amount of inbreeding. shafiq carried five of the nine lower egypt governorates. two of the remaining ones went for the muslim brotherhood guy, one (kafr al sheikh) went for the nasserist guy, and one for one of the other candidates.

– urban areas (lightest gray) = secular socialist guy = least amount of inbreeding. sabbahi carried three of the four urban governorates (cairo, alexandria and port said).

i’m not saying there’s a direct connection between the mating patterns and the election results, but there’s clearly some sort of relationship.

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update: see also Egyptian tribal leaders no longer command the votes of their clans

interesting! i wonder: 1) if this is true; 2) if it is, how prevelent it is; 3) if it will stick.

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